[How many calories in a cup of milk tea]_Energy_Transformation

[How many calories in a cup of milk tea]_Energy_Transformation

Many friends like milk tea very much, and they do not know that a series of changes in milk tea are very high.

The speed of a cup of milk tea is as high as 550 kcal, which is equivalent to drinking 61 grams of salad oil.

For those who lose weight, want to consume the conversion of this cup of milk tea, you need to ride a bicycle for 3 hours.

It can be said to be terrible.

Seeing this, do you still want to drink milk tea?

A cup of tea with traces of 1/4 cup of pearl milk tea contains 136 kcal transfers, the data comes from the USDA National Nutrition Database.

Although cassava flour contains no sugar or only a small amount of sugar, every 1/4 cup of pearl milk tea contains 1g of sugar, and the pearl itself can be ingested in large amounts, and basically has no other nutrients.

88% of 100g of pearls come from polysaccharides, but the content of digested cellulose and protein is only 1g.

If milk tea is made from milk, instead of skimmed milk, it will be converted into 35 calories per 100g of milk, and calories per 100g of tea water without sugar will be 1 calorie.

Although the transient state of fruit granules is high, it can provide vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

If you extract butter, whole milk and fruity syrup, you’ll add another 300 calories per serving.

From this we clearly grind, the conversion of a cup of milk tea is very high, friends who want to lose weight must think carefully.

Supplement: Milk tea is also called Mongolian tea, which is an indispensable drink for Mongolian herders in daily life.

The tea used in milk tea is green brick tea.

Brick tea is rich in vitamin C, tannins, proteins, acids, aromatic oils and other essential nutrients for the human body.

Milk tea includes the popular Hong Kong-style milk tea / desktop milk tea / stocking milk tea / scented milk tea, fruit juice, snow bubble, iced black tea / green tea, foamed black tea / green tea, flavored tea, cool music jelly, Yogurt eight series of 200 varieties.

Time, according to the season, milk tea is divided into hot and cold, can be described as warm in winter and cool in summer.

Judging from the current trend, there are more and more innovative types of milk tea, and the tastes are more and more complete. They are consistently loved by young people.

In summer, there are endless milk tea shops along the road. Many people like to drink milk tea. One is because the texture of milk tea is smooth, and the other is the fragrance of tea in milk tea.

Milk tea comes from the UK, and many female friends like to drink milk tea as afternoon tea in the afternoon.

However, the milk tea we buy now is not real milk tea, but blended with some spices and creamer.

The taste is there, but it is relatively high for an instant, it is easy to gain weight when drinking often, and it is very bad for health.

So how much is the transition of a cup of milk tea?

Today I will introduce to you the extent of a cup of milk tea on the surface of the market, and the dangers of drinking milk tea to the human body.

Milk tea is a beverage invented in Taiwan in the 1980s. There are many types of milk tea, and the conversion of different types of milk tea is different.

Today, Xiaobian takes pearl milk tea as an example. Let’s talk about how much a cup of pearl milk tea is transformed.

Pearl milk tea is called pearl milk tea because it contains very chewy cassava flour.

The main ingredients of pearl milk tea are tea, fruity syrup, and milk.

We all know that the conversion of fructose foods is relatively high, but it is even higher when mixed with other spices and creamers.

How much is a cup of tea with milk?

Then look down.

[Can babies eat rice noodles before going to bed]_Baby_Benefits

[Can babies eat rice noodles before going to bed]_Baby_Benefits

Babies can eat rice noodles before going to bed, but ca n’t eat too much, it will affect the baby ‘s gastrointestinal digestion, and it is best not to eat before going to bed, it is best to drink water, because you need more water for metabolism while sleepingTherefore, if you want to reduce the burden on your stomach, you should avoid eating rice noodles, which are more difficult to digest.

For the baby’s conditioning before going to bed and when the baby can eat rice noodles, everyone can come to understand.

Can babies eat baby rice noodles before bed?
Is it OK for babies to eat baby rice noodles before going to bed? The answer is yes, but rice noodles are not as hungry as breast milk because the ingredient is starch and digestion time in the stomach will be faster than milk.
It is recommended that rice noodles can be added in the morning and afternoon, but let the baby eat enough milk before going to bed. This kind of baby grows and develops fast and has a large demand for milk. Try to let the baby eat as much as possible.If you eat milk powder once, it will be more hungry than breast milk.

There is a saying that when you first add complementary food to your baby, add some rice noodles to your milk before going to bed, which will make your baby fuller and sleep longer.

However, there is no doubt that adding rice noodles to milk powder before going to bed is one of the first causes of constipation in babies. Experts recommend adding at most one spoonful of rice noodles to a bottle of milk.

It is normal for a four-month-old baby to find milk to eat at night. Do n’t hurt your baby ‘s health by saving trouble. Therefore, parents are advised not to add rice flour to their milk.

During the day, you can give your baby more juice, vegetable water or some fruit puree for the baby to achieve balanced nutrition.

In fact, the baby drinks milk before going to bed at night to help sleep.

If you add more meals to your baby’s food, it will increase your baby’s stomach and burden, which will cause indigestion in the long term.

Therefore, it is better to drink milk powder. Milk can help sleep.

For the health of the baby, mothers work hard at night.

Precautions for babies to eat rice noodles In the first stage of babies, the baby needs protein most. The protein content in rice noodles is sufficient to meet all the needs of the baby’s growth and development. Therefore, infants under the age of 1 should still be mainly formula.

If only rice flour is used instead of milk, protein deficiency will occur.

Specific manifestations are: delayed growth and development, affecting infants’ nervous system, blood system and muscle growth, and low resistance, insufficient immunoglobulin, and easy to get sick.

At the same time, the phosphoamylase needs to reach the adult level in about 6 months, so infants with fat and rice noodles within 6 months will easily cause indigestion.

After 6 months, some rice noodles should be fed properly, but rice noodles cannot be used instead. Even if mixed with milk, milk noodles should be used as the main supplement.

In addition, as the baby grows up, different flavors of rice noodles can be applied at each stage.

For example, in the early stage of adding rice noodles, a single cereal that is delicate, smooth, and easily digested can help your baby successfully take the first step in turning milk.

And through the growth of the baby, you can choose to try new tastes for the baby, so that the baby can experience the fun of growing up with various tastes.

[Dry Fried Pleurotus ostreatus]_how to do_how to do

[Dry Fried Pleurotus ostreatus]_how to do_how to do

Pleurotus ostreatus is arguably the most common kind of mushroom in life. Because of the ability of Pleurotus ostreatus to adapt to the environment and the artificial breeding technology of Pleurotus ostreatus, it has been widely used. Therefore, Pleurotus ostreatus is cultivated in many places.

There are also many ways to make oyster mushrooms, but one way that many children like to eat is fried oyster mushrooms.

So what is the specific method of fried oyster mushrooms?

Cooking method: Wash and remove the oyster mushrooms and tear them into strips; 2.

2. Pleurotus ostreatus marinated with refined salt and MSG; 3.

Mix flour, starch, baking powder with water to make a paste; 4.

4. Add vegetable oil to a spoon and heat for 60%. Hang the mushrooms one by one.

Fry it into the oil and remove it.

Production Tips This product has a frying process, about 500 grams of vegetable oil is required.

Suitable for the crowd Pleurotus ostreatus is suitable for the general population: people who eat, frail, menopausal women, hepatitis, digestive diseases, myelopathy, cardiovascular disease patients, urethral stones and cancer patients are particularly suitable.

Wheat flour is suitable for people: it can be eaten by ordinary people, especially for partial eaters.

Starch (corn) is suitable for the crowd: the general population.

Patients with arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, acute liver, obesity, etc. can eat properly.

Practice guidance: Wheat flour practice guidance: Pleurotus ostreatus can be fried, braised, and burned; Pleurotus ostreatus has good taste, high nutrition, and does not grab the taste, but fresh products can be effluent, easily fried, and you must master the heat.


Buns, dumplings, and ravioli are special foods made of flour and supplemented with various fillings.

The outer skin of the buns is soft and flexible, and the taste is delicious; the dumplings contain almost all the nutrients needed by the human body;

The three have very different nutrition due to different fillings and cooking methods, but in general, the overall nutritional content of this food is reasonable and they all belong to the “perfect pyramid food”.


Flour that has been kept for a longer period of time is better than freshly milled flour. There is a folk expression of “wheat eats old and rice eats new”; flour and rice are best paired with rice.

Starch (corn) practice guide: In life, we mainly use it to taste sizing. It is processed into small pieces of raw materials such as slices, strips, silk, dices, etc., and added salt, cooking wine, chicken essence, starch, ginger slices, onionsSegment (some add onion ginger water) and egg liquid together (some still need to stir vigorously), so that each piece (strip) of raw material is evenly coated with a thin layer of slurry, mainly used for stir-fry, slippery, Spoiled, vinegar, coriander, burst and other techniques into the cooking seasoning before cooking.

This method is suitable for fine-grained, or “three birds” such as chicken, duck, goose and pigs, cattle, and sheep, as well as fresh raw materials such as fish, shrimp, and crab.

The coded taste sizing has the function of removing the raw materials and fragrant ingredients, the dishes have a base taste, and keeping the taste delicate and crisp.

Yijiahe (603666) Research Briefing: The future prospects of the power inspection robot leader are promising

Yijiahe (603666) Research Briefing: The future prospects of the power inspection robot leader are promising

Key points of investment: Leading power inspection robot companies, and smart grid construction to boost the company’s development.

The company mainly provides intelligent inspection robot products and intelligent services with data collection and processing as the core for the power system. The main products include power grid inspection robots, indoor inspection robots, broadband live working robots, tunnel inspection robots, fire fighting and fire fighting robots,Logistics robots, etc.

At present, the company’s electric inspection robot city accounts for about 20%, and further improvement is expected in the future.

In 2019, State Grid plans to invest 5126 ppm, the highest level in each year since the 13th 杭州桑拿 Five-Year Plan.

The State Grid Corporation of China has set 2019 as the breakthrough period, and it is important to build and operate the “two networks” (Strong Smart Grid + Ubiquitous Electricity Internet of Things); if coupled with China Southern Power Grid investment, future smart grid investment existsContradictory growth space.

The company’s electric power intelligent products and services are an important part of the development of conventional smart grids, and future development prospects are expected.

  Operating performance has grown rapidly, profitability has increased, and R & D expansion has continued to grow.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved revenue3.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 31 in ten years.

9%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten 无锡夜网论坛 years.

1%. In recent years, the company’s operating performance has maintained rapid growth, and the company’s revenue has been replaced by a substitute factor. Generally, the fourth quarter revenue is confirmed and confirmed. It is expected that the company’s performance in 2019 will continue to maintain rapid growth.

In the first three quarters, the company’s gross profit margin reached 64.

6%, increase by 1 every year.

7pct; net interest rate is 33.

5%, increase by 1 every year.

5pct; ROE up to 11.

4%, increase by 1 every year.


  The company’s gross profit margin, net profit margin, and ROE level have continued to increase, and far exceed other companies, and the company’s profitability has shifted.

In addition, the company specializes in research and development investment, the first three quarters of research and development expenditures 3945.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.

1%, accounting for up to 10% of revenue.

At 7%, the company’s R & D investment continued to increase, and its product technology advantages were obvious.

  Established a joint venture with Guodian Nanrui and Sanyuan Power, which are expected to gradually increase the volume of live-working robots.

  State Grid Ruijia (Tianjin) Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. Registered Capital 2.

500 million, Yijiahe, Guodian Nari, and Sanyuan Power contributed 40%, 40% and 20% respectively.

This foreign investment will help the company integrate the resources of all parties, make full use of the advantages of the parties to cooperation, further expand the business of the field of live working robots, accelerate the development and industrialization of live working robot products, and help further improve the company’s economic efficiency andComprehensive competitive strength.

The company’s spindle live working robot is a built-in domestic blank spindle live operating solution. It is still in a transition period. With the establishment of a joint venture company, it is expected to gradually increase its volume in the future.

  Investment suggestion: The company is a leading enterprise of national power inspection robots.

We expect the company’s expected earnings for 2019/2020 to be 2 respectively.


32 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 26.


1x, giving the company a “Recommended” rating.

  Risk reminders: macroeconomic growth rate; decline in industry prosperity; higher concentration of business areas; higher customer concentration; new product promotion is less than expected; market competition is intensified; performance is less than expected.

Petrochemical Machinery (000852): R & D Expenditure Leads to Performance Growth and Long-term Upward Performance

Petrochemical Machinery (000852): R & D Expenditure Leads to Performance Growth and Long-term Upward Performance
Event: On the evening of October 30, Sinopec announced the third quarter results announcement, saying that the first three quarters had a net profit of 3465.730,000 yuan, last year last year 3651.770,000 yuan; operating income 49.20,000 yuan, an increase of 55 in ten years.78%; basic profit income is 0.04 yuan, the same period last year can basically be expected to 0.06 yuan. Highlights of the report: 49 trillion in the first three quarters of revenue, an annual growth of 56%, revenue hit a new quarterly record high in Q3. The company’s operating income in the first three quarters of 2019 was 490,000 yuan, an increase of 56% year-on-year. The operating income of the third quarter of 2019 was 1.6 billion yuan, a record high for the quarterly revenue in the third quarter of history.$ 8,13,1.6 billion.The reason for the increase in revenue is that domestic oil companies have increased capital expenditures for oil and gas exploration and development since this year, the oil and gas service market continues to recover, demand for petroleum machinery and equipment is strong, company orders have increased, and sales revenue has increased. The increase in R & D expenses and changes in product structure in the third quarter of 2019 led to changes in net profit in the single quarter. The net profit attributable to mothers in 2019Q3 was 13 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 33.37 million yuan. Initially, the research and development expenses increased further by 44.41 million yuan.In the third quarter of 2019, R & D expenses accounted for 5 of the revenue.41%, an increase of one year.97 points.In the third quarter of 2019, operating costs accounted for 81 of revenue.71%, an increase of 1 each year.15pct, first of all, the proportion of oil and gas pipeline business with low gross profit margin increased its operating income. Benefiting from the upward prosperity of the industry, there is room for improvement in performance. During the implementation 杭州桑拿网 of the national energy security strategy, domestic oil companies actively formulated a seven-year action plan for 2019-2025, and it is expected that the power plant equipment and service industry will usher in a boom period of shortening time.This is the first year of the seven-year action plan, which is in the early stages of the cycle. In the future, domestic crude oil production and the number of boreholes will increase significantly, driving equipment demand.The company’s revenue will increase in the long run, and there is room for improvement in the profit margin relative to the industry average. Investment advice and profit forecasting assume that as the industry’s prosperity improves, revenue will continue to grow, but profit margin improvement will take some time. We adjust the profit forecast and expect the company’s 杭州夜网 net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/2020/2021 to be 0.50/1.12/1.6.7 billion (0.77/1.63/2.540,000 yuan), an increase of 271% / 123% / 50% over the same period, corresponding EPS is 0.06/0.14/0.22 yuan (0.10/0.21/0.33 yuan), corresponding to the current sustainable PE is 100/45/30 times, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risks suggest that the industry’s prosperity is lower than expected, the company’s profit margins have improved less than expected, and oil prices have fallen sharply.

Drink hot soy milk in ICU?

Hot food can easily cause mouth ulcers

Drink hot soy milk in ICU?
Hot food can easily cause mouth ulcers

What causes oral ulcers?

Many people like hot food in their lives. For them, hot food is good, and some people think that hot food can sterilize.

However, a man from Zhejiang Yongkang was recently sent to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a bite of hot soy milk.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should not eat too fast in their daily diet, and try to eat less hot and spicy irritating foods, and freshly cooked foods should be cooled before entering.

  Hot soy milk burns the mouth and throat. Mr. Shi, 30, went to the hospital for a leg injury. At breakfast, his brother bought him a cup of hot salty soy milk. He immediately resisted the straw on the soybean milk under his tongueAnd took a sip.

At that time, he only felt that his tongue was hot, and because he liked to eat hot food, he didn’t pay much attention.

However, during the hospitalization, he suddenly developed anorexia. He just wanted to drink some liquid food to fill his stomach. It didn’t take long for his condition to worsen. First, he felt pain at the bottom of his tongue, and even his throat began to swell.

  After the doctor’s examination, Mr. Shi’s mouth was burned and infected, and his throat was also severely edema, and he had difficulty breathing. Fortunately, he was treated in time, otherwise there might be suffocation.

  Although the weather turns cold, eating hot food is prone to oral ulcers. Although Mr. Shi’s case is a case, the weather is getting colder now, and the number of people eating hot food is gradually increasing.

But it should be noted that eating hot food can easily cause oral blood bubbles and oral ulcers.

  Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the human mouth and esophagus is between 36.

5 ℃?

2 ℃, when hot pot soup pot, food temperature is generally 60 ℃?
Between 70 ° C, and this temperature will burn the mouth, cause complications such as oral ulcers, and may burn the esophageal mucosa, which will form chronic inflammation long ago.

  If the mucosa is not repaired and suffered repeated burns, it may easily cause superficial mucosal ulcers, cause oral diseases such as chronic oral mucosal lesions, and even cause cancer.

The argument that hot food can sterilize is even more nonsense. Sterilization can cook the food and eat it when the food is at a more suitable temperature.

  It is still feasible to occasionally eat a bit of hot food to keep warm in the cold, because the esophagus itself has a certain ability to repair itself, but it is not recommended to do so for a long time to develop such eating habits.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should not eat too fast in their daily diet. Try to eat less hot and spicy irritating foods. Freshly cooked foods should be cooled and then imported. Do not use hot straws to suck them.

Love baby-please take care of him and control him

Love baby-please take care of him and control him

The Spring Festival is approaching. In addition to the celebration worth looking forward to, the biggest wish in our hearts is a healthy and healthy family and a smooth year.
However, the excitement of the Spring Festival will always cause trouble to the health, intentionally or unintentionally. In order to reduce the “negative information” under the name of the Spring Festival, do your homework in advance and enjoy away from harm.
  Characters in the photo: Obedient tiger — Infants and young children: “Be obedient tiger” stay away from “harassment” for a good number of years. “Little tiger” just caught up with the lively New Year, and it was indeed a joy.
But it would be terrible for the “good tigers” to face the overwhelming firecrackers, noise, flashing lights, and the intimacy of the seven aunts and eight aunts.
For newborns, their body functions are not fully developed. If they are frequently frightened, they will affect the healthy growth of the baby.
  Use natural light to protect your baby’s small eyes and “Little Tiger” coming. In order to leave the original commemoration and to enhance the New Year’s atmosphere, take pictures of your baby.
Turn on the flash, shoot the baby wildly, but hurt the baby virtually.
  Liu Minna, chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics, Shaanxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that the newborn’s visual development is incomplete and cannot be adjusted when stimulated by strong light. This will harm the baby’s retina and the light will scare the baby.
In addition, driving a bath in the bathroom to bathe the child, if the light is directly exposed to the child, it will also seriously affect the child’s visual development.
  Mom’s love: When taking pictures with a digital camera, it is best to use natural light. If you want to turn on the flash, it is best not to face the child’s small face.
If the baby is scared to cry by the flashlight, it is better for the mother to touch it gently so as to soothe the baby.
At the same time, Liu Minna reminded that it is best not to let the baby hold his face while bathing in a room with a bath baton, so as not to hurt the baby’s fragile optic nerve.
Secondly, when going out with your baby, even in winter, you should pay attention to shade and avoid direct sunlight.
  The environment is too noisy. Although the crackling firecrackers with earmuffs are a symbol of joy, for newborn babies, the firecrackers and TV noise can make the baby cry.
Because they already have more sensitive hearing and are more sensitive to the surrounding noise, the deafening sound can hurt the baby’s hearing.
The sound of firecrackers, the noise of family and friends, and the constant noise of TV all day during the festival will affect infants’ delicate eardrums, middle ears, and inner ears, and damage their hearing.
At the same time, noise will affect the baby’s mood and affect the baby’s sleep quality.
  Mother’s love: On the Spring Festival, it is best for the mother to do a good job of sound insulation at home, such as installing double glass. If the sound insulation at home is too poor, you may wish to prepare a small earmuff or ear hat for the baby, but timeShould not be too long.
  守住“小面子”避免捏、亲等行为  刚刚出生的“小虎”,粉嘟嘟、滑嫩嫩的小脸蛋确实诱人,亲朋好友见了总忍不住狂亲两口,或干脆揉捏几下.
  In addition, many relatives and friends are not used to washing their hands when visiting their babies. Zhang Jie, chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital, said that adults have the most bacteria and viruses.
For a newborn baby, resistance and immunity are the worst.
If you frequently use dirty hands to tease or kiss your baby, not only will the bacteria be directly transmitted to the baby, but at the same time, some people will not care about the weight of the baby, will also hurt the baby’s small face, and unconsciously squeeze the baby’s parotid glands and parotid glands.Violations.
  Mother’s love: For the health of the baby, it should be prevented in advance by the relatives and friends.
It is best to remind yourself to wash your hands or face before approaching your baby.
May suggest friends to gently pull the baby’s little hand or touch the little feet and other methods instead of kissing and pinching.
If you want to kiss your child, it is best for adults to wash their faces and kiss their cheeks, and not to kiss their baby’s mouth.
  Appearance: Xiaoshuaihu—adolescent “Little Shuaihu” holds his mouth, stomach, and stomach worry-free. Every spring festival, the emergency rooms of major hospitals will treat some minor illnesses.
Although every parent does not want their children to get sick during the Spring Festival, most children are injured because of uncontrolled eating and playing dangerous games.
  Eating: It is best to stew deep-fried foods and eat stewed meat, and to extend the holidays and New Years. It is undoubtedly the happiest thing for children who usually sit in classrooms.
So let go of the belly and eat, what you want to eat, as long as the child is happy, parents are naturally happy.
However, on the occasion of the New Year, the child has a high incidence of stomach trouble, gastrointestinal upset, and acute abdominal pain. Therefore, parents are reminded that the child’s mouth should be controlled during the holiday season.
  Lu Yangmei, director of the Nutrition Department of the Xi’an Central Hospital, said that during the Chinese New Year, most children are prone to symptoms such as accumulation of food, fire, and diarrhea, and these symptoms are directly related to diet.
For example, cold drinks and hot dishes with the same food will cause gastrointestinal upset, and uncontrolled eating can easily cause abdominal pain.
  Lu Yangmei reminded that today’s children like to eat meat and vegetables, especially during the Spring Festival, this phenomenon is even more serious.
Generally, this overeating will disrupt the normal rhythm of digestion and absorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract, and cause accumulation of food. In severe cases, diarrhea or constipation will occur and acute gastroenteritis will be caused.
Therefore, parents are advised to restrict their children from eating fried foods during the festival. It is best to eat stewed meats. Do not choose processed meats such as sausages and sausages. These meats usually contain nitrosamines and additives, which will damageKidney liver and kidney.
At the same time, try to arrange a few meals for a light diet.
  Drink: Drink less carbonated beverages for the New Year. At the party table, children will not drink too much carbonated beverages.For children who are growing up, drinking a lot of carbonated beverages will affect their health.

Lu Yangmei said that carbonated beverages contain carbon dioxide. If they are too much, they will inhibit the beneficial bacteria in the body, and the beverages contain a lot of sugars, which will easily cause elevation, and will affect calcium absorption. In severe cases, it will lead to calcium deficiency and affectChild’s bone development.

  Eat small snacks too. Eating too many snacks affects your meal size.

At the same time, some puffed foods contain a lot of flavors and additives to affect the child’s physical development.

  Injury: Children are injured. It is very dangerous to rub. Many children like to play with their friends during the Chinese New Year. Especially for young boys, setting off firecrackers and jumping up and down is inevitable, and injuries often occur.

  Gong Sihai, director of the Department of Orthopedics of the Honghui Hospital, said that children aged 7-10 are most likely to have bone injuries, especially fractures above the epiphysis.

Because children of this age group are the most naughty, and they cannot predict the danger correctly, they are more likely to fall, and most of them are fractures of the elbow joint.

Fractures usually lead to worsening activities. If you don’t pay attention, the expansion of the fracture will affect the child’s normal development, and elbow deformity will occur.

  Gong Sihai said that many parents distressed their children and would rub them with their hands quickly when they saw their children hurt, but this practice was very dangerous.

After the child has a fracture, the parents should first control the activity, temporarily stop the fracture with a small cardboard or book, and then go to the hospital to take a picture and consider what method to use to treat the fracture.

Because for a broken fracture, you should take a cold compress, not a hot compress, because the vascular rupture, the hot compress will accelerate the vasodilation and make the swelling worse.

Remind parents that if a fracture occurs, they cannot be applied hot for 48 hours.

Simple and efficient yoga moves

Simple and efficient yoga moves

Core tip: If you are in good physical condition, flat yoga and its deformation are very suitable for exercising the whole body, you can do it after other exercise content is done.

If you are a novice, you should do a few at the beginning of training. This can help you effectively stimulate core muscle excitement before doing heavy exercises such as weight lifting.

  Flat yoga is the easiest yoga movement, but Sean Keefe, a strength instructor from British Men’s Health magazine, pointed out that this movement can be gradually developed and updated, and can become a simple and effective exercise method.

  How to do tablet yoga?

  Do the starting position of push-ups first, use both hands to forearm to support the ground, the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground, make sure that the hips do not sink or rise, and line up with the body.

While maintaining the flat posture, the abdominal muscles are tightened, which can be imagined as if someone was kicked in the stomach.

The chest muscles contract at the same time, and the scapula should not be backward.

  When to do tablet yoga?

  If you are in good physical condition, the plate yoga and its deformation are very suitable for exercising the whole body, and can be performed after other exercise content is done.
If you are a novice, you should do a few at the beginning of training. This can help you effectively stimulate core muscle excitement before doing heavy exercises such as weight lifting.
  How many times does tablet yoga?

  The number of times can be adjusted by weight and experience. The following times can be used as a reference.

  Beginners can do step by step, each group is 20 to 30 seconds, with a rest of 3 minutes during the period; Intermediate level can be done by 3 groups, each 30 to 60 seconds, with a rest of 3 minutes during the period; master can do 3 groups, each group is 60 seconds, and addPart of the changes will be introduced, with a 3 minute break.

  Changes in Flat Yoga 1.

Strengthen the top change method: raise the position of your feet. Instead of placing your feet on the ground, place them on a 13 to 30 cm object. This will increase the load on the buttocks.


Strengthen core muscle changes: Ask your partner to assist in a flat yoga pose, and then ask a partner to push, pull, and lift your body from all angles, while exercisers need to work hard to keep their movements from deforming under intervention. This is different fromAn effective way to angle exercise the core muscles of the upper body.

  Upgraded Flat Yoga Has Mastered Flat Yoga?

Try going a step further, hanging on the horizontal bar, keeping your arms vertical, and trying to lift your body parallel to the ground.

The core muscles of the upper body must remain tense, so that the entire body suddenly “hardens”.

How should baby rashes be prevented?


Daily care baby pay attention to these three points

How should baby rashes be prevented?
Daily care baby pay attention to these three points

From the day the baby was born, parents began to worry about how to get the baby’s disease, how to prevent it, some hospitals and so on.

Although medical science is now developed, many diseases can be treated quickly, but the hope of parents is to let the baby grow up healthily and not to suffer from complications.

And timely treatment is important, but it is better to prevent it first.

So how to prevent baby rose rash?

Pay attention to these three points daily.

How should baby rashes be prevented?

First, keep the skin moist. Many experts believe that taking a bath every day can help prevent the baby from getting a rose rash.

However, the water temperature should be appropriate, not too cold or too hot: to prevent your baby from catching a cold or burn.

Especially for hot water, too high temperature will accelerate the dehydration of the baby’s skin, so it is recommended that mothers not let the baby sit in the water all the time, and dry his skin as soon as he gets out of the tub, then give him in two or three minutes.Apply a skin lotion.

Second, wear natural fiber clothing. In fact, most mothers are already doing this.

The clothes worn by the baby, the bedding used, the diapers tried to use cotton.

In addition, these clothes and bedding should be replaced frequently to prevent bacterial infection of the baby’s skin.

After washing, it is best to take a sun in the sun, or wash it with a baby-specific laundry detergent, and then use a softener for the second disinfection.

Third, with baby-specific products, I believe most mothers will wash their clothes with baby-specific laundry detergent, but some parents are still not very clear or do not care about these details.

The laundry detergent, soap, and softener used by adults usually add too much chemical element to them, and also add too much preservatives, pigments, etc., but most people except the skin are particularly sensitive, there is no substitute.So it will be used naturally.

However, the baby’s skin is not yet fully developed, and their skin can not resist these chemical elements, so I hope that parents try to compare and use the baby’s special detergent to wash the stains on the baby’s clothes!

Tips: Do you know something about your baby’s rose rash?

Quickly confirm whether the products given to the baby are rich in a large amount of chemical ingredients, whether the clothes are made of natural fibers, and prevent and prevent the delicate skin of the baby in advance!

Hard work is more important than smart


Hard work is more important than smart

One person who has been a visiting scholar in a Nordic country has experienced such a thing: On weekends, she went to a local psychology professor to be a guest.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a five-year-old daughter.

The little girl is blond, and the beautiful blue eyes make people feel particularly refreshed.

She couldn’t help but praise the little girl in her heart.

When she gave the gift from China to the little girl, the little girl smiled and thanked her.

At this time, she could not help but praise: “You look so beautiful, it is so cute!

“This compliment is the favorite of Chinese parents, but the Nordic professor does not appreciate it.”

After the little girl left, the professor’s face suddenly gloomy, changing Chinese visiting scholars: 鈥淵ou hurt my daughter, you have to apologize to her.

The visiting scholar was very surprised and said: “I just praised your daughter and did not hurt her?”

However, the professor shook his head resolutely and said: “You praise her because of her beauty.”

But this beautiful thing is not her credit. It depends on the genetics of me and her father. It has nothing to do with her personal.

But the child is still small and will not be distinguished. Your compliment will make her think that this is her skill.

And once she thinks that the natural beauty is a capital worthy of pride, she will look down on the child who is plain and even ugly, which has caused her misunderstanding.

“In fact, you can praise her smile and be polite, this is the result of her own efforts.”

So,” the professor shrugged and said, “Please apologize for your compliment.

“Chinese visiting scholars had to formally regret the little daughter of the professor and praised her smile and courtesy.

This incident made the scholar visiting scholar understand the truth: he can only appreciate the child’s efforts, and should not appreciate the child’s intelligence and beauty.

Because cleverness and beauty are innate advantages, not capital and skills worthy of showing off, but efforts are not. It is the child’s acquired beauty should be considered affirmative.

銆€銆€In the journey of life, smart people often become stupid at the end; while stupid people often become smart at the end.

In the cold and hot, the smart man escaped; the stupid person tried it himself, but unexpectedly grew up in the cold and hot.

Stupid people gradually realize that “efforts don’t necessarily succeed, but success always requires effort.

“The same is true of the child’s appearance. How can it not determine how the child will live in the future.”

In most cases, hard work is an important factor in determining a child’s future state of life.

銆€銆€Being smart is a personal resource. From adults to children, people are confident and proud of having this resource.

Therefore, children are willing to praise others for their cleverness. Even in order to get a clever “title”, many children often pretend to be not very hard-working in front of their peers, but return home to study hard to ensure good results.

In this way, many children form an illusion that smart is to learn, everything will be, no effort is required to achieve results, so the competition is effective, resulting in many children do not study hard.

銆€銆€Children who are often praised as smart, often see scores as their own smart income, see the scores as more important than anything else, and are frustrated when they encounter setbacks, and are unwilling or afraid to accept new challenges; and thoseChildren who are praised for their hard work are more willing to make new bold attempts and will do their best to get them done.

銆€銆€Therefore, if parents want to motivate their children to achieve better results in learning, the best way is not to praise them for being smart, but to encourage them to study hard.

銆€銆€When a family is young, learning something is slower than other children. It is estimated that his parents are very upset.

When the family went to elementary school, when the parents thought that the family would not have any good results, the family brought back a 100-point test paper.

This is a test paper for a math test, which is filled with a red check mark by the teacher.

銆€銆€”Is this your paper?

Dad asked the family with surprise.

銆€銆€”Of course it is mine, my name is on it!

“The family proudly said to Dad.

銆€銆€”The family is really good, telling mom how did you get such a good result?

Asked Mom.

銆€銆€”When the teacher lectured, I often didn’t understand. After the class, the students went out to play. I took the place I didn’t understand and asked the teacher. The teacher told me again, I knew it all!If there are problems that I will not do when I do my homework, I will review the lesson that the teacher has taught, and the questions that will not be done will be made.

So I will do those translations of the exam, and I will pass 100 points.

“The family said happily to their mother.

銆€銆€After listening to the words of the family, my mother’s eyes were red–although her children were not smart, but they were so eager to learn and work hard.

銆€銆€”Every family is really hard, it is our good boy!

“Mom said with tears.

銆€銆€A friend who was a teacher once told me that in a school or class, there are usually two kinds of students who are most liked by teachers: one is very smart and very hard, never proud of their own cleverness;One is not smart, but very hard, never inferior to their own unwise.

This shows that hard-working children are popular everywhere.

銆€銆€As parents, you should appreciate your child’s hard work and hard work, and give them the most enthusiastic support and encouragement.

Don’t be discouraged because your child is not smart, but should worry about your child’s lack of effort.

Always remember one sentence: “The so-called genius is one percent smarter and ninety nine percent hardworking!

“In many cases, parents should deliberately forget the child’s intelligence, and pay attention to the child’s efforts, and pass this idea to the child, let them feel that only efforts can get parental recognition and praise, and understand the truth for a long time.: Cleverness can only determine the success or failure of a moment, and efforts determine the fate of the world.

銆€銆€When a child achieves excellent results in study or other aspects, don’t attribute this achievement to the child’s innate advantage, but focus on the child’s day-to-day efforts.

I should tell him: “The results are really good, this is the result of your hard work!

“When a child does something through his own efforts, parents should appreciate and praise him like this: “It’s a good boy!”