[How to open chestnut shell]_How to open_How to open

[How to open chestnut shell]_How to open_How to open

There are many ways to peel the chestnut shell. For example, it can be soaked in hot water, it can be expanded and contracted by heat, it can also be frozen, and so on.The shell is easily peeled off, and eating chestnuts properly in daily life is very good for the body. Of course, it is also necessary to understand some of the contents of eating chestnuts.

How to open the chestnut shell is the hot water soaking method.

After washing the chestnut, add it to the basin, add some salt to it, pour it in hot water and soak it for about five minutes. After soaking, the chestnuts will peel a lot, and even the thin coat inside will be replaced automatically.

The second method is thermal expansion and contraction.

Everyone who has eaten chestnut knows that the inner chestnut layer of chestnut is very difficult to peel. Here you can use the thermal expansion and contraction method. First remove the shell, let it cook in hot water for a few minutes, and then remove it.Come out and soak and crush in cold water, so the chestnut clothes can be easily removed.

The third is the refrigerator freezing method.

After the chestnut is cooked, wait for her to cool down and then put it in the refrigerator for two hours to freeze, so that the chestnut and chestnut clothing can be separated automatically.

Certain chestnuts can not eat open chestnuts do not buy: reset the openings to lose nutrients, once it is easy to breed bacteria, it is not good for placement.

Don’t buy oily appearance: Some vendors add paraffin to the chestnuts to make them more beautiful, which is not good for your health.

Summary: Through the above content, we all know that eating chestnuts is very helpful for your health, but you should not eat too much.

Also, it is best not to eat chestnuts that have been moldy, otherwise it may cause poisoning. Autumn is the season when chestnuts mature. It is recommended that when you buy sugar-fried chestnuts, you go to a merchant from a distance to ensure health!

[How to save boiled peanuts]_How to save_Storage method

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[How to eat lettuce well]_Lettuce_How to make_Making method

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Science and Technology (002322): Successful bid for water quality monitoring

Science and Technology (002322): Successful bid for water quality monitoring

Event: Company Announcement: Beijing Shangyang Oriental Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, has won the third package of “Jilin Province Eco-Environmental Department Jilin Province Water Environment Quality Automatic Monitoring System Purchase Service” third contract. The contract is expected to start service 30 hours after the contract. The project includesPurchase service of automatic monitoring data of provincial water environment quality in eastern area of Jilin Province (7 years), the bid amount was 51.08 million yuan.

  Key points for investment: Water quality monitoring project orders are won, and more projects are expected to land.

  The company’s bid for the purchase of Jilin Province’s water environment quality automatic monitoring system purchase service project has demonstrated the company’s ability and strength in the construction and operation and maintenance of automatic water quality monitoring stations, and gradually stabilized and expanded the Northeast market, which is a further step for the company’s environmental automatic monitoring business.Lay the foundation.

The system of governing water along the river has entered a new stage. The merger of the river system has evolved from “famous” to “real”, from full establishment to full effect, 武汉夜网论坛 realizing the combination of name and reality, and increasing the demand for monitoring systems for governance.

As the main basis for the formulation of water environment treatment plans, the evaluation of effects, and the restoration of responsibilities, a sound water quality monitoring system will play an important role.

The current monitoring system will not be able to meet the requirements for comprehensive coverage of monitoring data, real-time and effective, in the water control work of the river head.

Among the various sub-categories of overall water quality monitoring, the monitoring needs brought about by river regulation and control of water will be the first to be driven by policies.

As a home smart environmental protection solution provider, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Shangyang Huanke, has been committed to high-end design, innovative integration, independent research and development, and managed operation and maintenance in the field of environmental monitoring. It has a leading advantage in the field of water quality monitoring.

The company has a complete equipment production line, a large number of operating water stations, and participated in the formulation of multiple industry standards.

  It is expected to fully benefit from the heavy volume of the industry market in the future, and expect more project orders to land.

Maintain “Recommended” rating and maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 0.

87 yuan, 1.

10 yuan, 1.

30 yuan, corresponding to PE is 14 times, 11 times, 10 times.

It is expected that the water quality monitoring industry is expected to gradually increase its volume, and the company will fully benefit, be optimistic about the future development space of the company, and continue to maintain the “recommended” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk that the project order does not meet expectations, the progress does not meet expectations

Follett (601865): Photovoltaic glass pattern with limited impact of continued reduction plans continues to improve

Follett (601865): Photovoltaic glass pattern with limited impact of continued reduction plans continues to improve
Event On February 17, the company announced a highly concentrated bid reduction plan for shareholders and directors and supervisors. Part of the company’s shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior management 9 people, due to personal funding needs, intends to start 6 days after the 15th trading day from the date of announcementDuring the month, the total number of unrestricted shares outstanding of the company that reduced its holders did not exceed 1,909.80,000 shares, not more than 10% of the total number of shares held by their respective companies, and the total reduction in holdings shall not exceed 0 of the company’s total share capital.98%. The impact of this reduction plan is not significant. It is the personal behavior of Dong Jiangao and the minority shareholders after the expiration of the restricted sale period. The shares reduced by this plan are the initial public offering of Dong Jiangao and the minority shareholders in the company.period.Relevant personnel at the time of the company’s IPO promised that within 24 months from the expiration of the sale restriction period, the company would reduce its shareholding by no more than 20% of its total holdings.The total number of shares to be reduced under this plan does not exceed 1909.80,000 shares, accounting for no more than 0 of the company’s total share capital.98%, according to the current sustainable reduction of the total amount does not exceed 2.87 trillion, the overall impact is small. The industry supply and demand pattern and competition pattern are excellent. The company is one of the industry’s double leaders. Photovoltaic glass is one of the best alternatives to the current supply and demand pattern of the photovoltaic industry.The growth of total photovoltaic demand overlaps with the increase in the penetration rate of double-sided (dual-glass) modules, which drives high demand for photovoltaic glass, and the growth rate of photovoltaic glass production capacity exceeds the growth rate of demand, and the expansion period is long, resulting in continued tight supply of photovoltaic glass in the future.Photovoltaic glass has an excellent competition pattern. Xinyi Solar and Follett are the industry leaders, with CR2 exceeding 50%.And the new round of production expansion will be combined by additional leaders, and the market concentration is expected to further increase in the future. The company’s capacity release is advancing in an orderly manner. In the future, the amount of profits and profits 杭州桑拿 will rise. By the end of 2019, the company’s photovoltaic glass production capacity will reach 5290 tons per day, making it the second largest photovoltaic glass manufacturer in the world.At the same time, new capacity expansion will be steadily released.Vietnam ‘s two 1,000-ton / day photovoltaic glass production lines are expected to be put into operation in June and September 2020, and the Anhui Fengyang Project ‘s fourth and fifth phases of each 1,200-ton / day project are expected to start in 2021.The company’s production capacity will reach 7,290 tons / day at the end of 2020 and 9690 tons / day at the end of 2021.Large capacity kiln with new capacity will bring higher yield, converted manufacturing costs, and further reduce production costs.The company enjoys both volume and profit. We are optimistic about the long-杭州桑拿term development of the industry and the company. We maintain the “strong recommendation” rating and expect the company’s net profit attributable to the mother to be 7 in 2019-2021.39/12.92/20.8.4 billion, an increase of 81 each year.5% / 74.7% / 61.4%, the corresponding EPS is 0.38/0.66/1.07 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding dynamic PE for 2019-2021 is 39.7/22.7/14.1 times.Maintain the “Highly Recommended” rating. Risk warning: PV demand is less than expected, prices fall more than expected, and capacity release is less than expected

Hot summer yoga practice requires temperance

Hot summer yoga practice requires temperance

On a hot summer day, it’s not uncommon for your body to sweat with a little movement.

Some people scramble to drill into the air-conditioned room, but some people want to go to the gym to sweat sweat.

However, the author believes that in the summer, hot yoga practice requires temperance.

  Hot yoga makes practitioners sweat a lot, and the process of sweating is the process of detoxification of the human body, which is the most obvious health effect.

At the same time, yoga has a slimming effect originally, and hot yoga is performed at high temperature, the consumption of the human body increases, so the effect of weight loss is more obvious.

This is why hot yoga is sought after.

  However, during the practice of high-temperature yoga, it will cause a lot of sweating. Sweating also represents the development of yang, but excessive sweating will make the yang in the body empty and yin.

At this time, if there is no more diet, the imbalance of yin and yang will inevitably get sick!

The “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” went on to say: “Summer is hurt in the summer, and its sweat is very big. When it is cold in summer, it is hidden in the skin, and in the wind, it becomes sick.

“It is obvious how important it is to pay attention to the degree of perspiration and maintain the balance of yin and yang.

  High-temperature yoga, moderate exercise in cold winter, can solve the problem of no sweating in winter and balance yin and yang; normal temperature yoga in summer also becomes “high-temperature yoga” under the catalysis of high temperature, which makes people sweat more than this.It is not necessary to go to high-temperature courses again, especially after entering the small summer on the 7th of this month, the weather will become hotter. In this case, practicing high-temperature yoga in a closed room, outside heat plus internal heat, is very easy to make peopleCollapse, laying the roots for future illness.

Calculating as a normal person, practicing an hour of high-temperature yoga can consume one liter of water in the body. If you do n’t drink enough water, your body will have symptoms of dehydration, heatstroke, unconsciousness, and continual practice may lead to coma.

Therefore, it is not recommended to practice high-temperature yoga during the small summer heat, and proper practice in spring, autumn and winter is good for the body.

If you are a devout follower of hot yoga, we recommend that you practice it once a week during this season.

How do office workers stay up late to take care of themselves

How do office workers stay up late to take care of themselves

The food and health workers who stay up all night need to add enough vitamin A. Vitamin A can adjust the retina photosensitivity and the synthesis of violet light, which can improve the workers’ ability to adapt to dim light and prevent visual fatigue.

  Workers staying up late are labor-intensive and energy-intensive, so they should pay attention to high-quality protein supplements.

Animal protein should ideally be half the protein supply nanometer.

Because animal proteins contain essential amino acids in the human body, this is good for ensuring that workers stay up late to improve work efficiency and physical health.

  The self-care of the family staying up late stays in a modern society with a tight rhythm, and those who do not get it are lucky people.

During the period of staying up all night, the normal rhythm of the body is disturbed, which affects vision, stomach and sleep.

So, how should people who stay up late often take care of themselves? Most of the people who stay up late are those who do text work or often operate computers. Working hard in the dim light overnight can easily cause eye muscle fatigue and vision loss.

Doctor Li Changping, a dietitian in charge of the Nutrition Department of the Beijing Hospital of the Ministry of Health, told reporters that vitamin A & vitamin B has certain effects on preventing vision loss. Vitamin A can regulate the synthesis of retinal photosensitivity substance-retinosin, which can improve the adaptation of workers staying up to dark lightForce to prevent visual fatigue.

Therefore, eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, leeks, eels, and animal foods such as lean meat, fish, pork liver, and vitamin B.

  In addition, it should be supplemented appropriately, eat some fruits, vegetables and protein foods such as meat, eggs, etc. to supplement physical exertion, but do not eat big fish and meat.

Li Changpingfu believes that eating some dried fruit foods such as peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc., are rich in protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium and iron and other minerals, and vegetable oils, and the content of them is very low.Physical fitness has special effects.

  In addition to working hard on diet, stay up late to strengthen physical exercise.

If you feel lack of energy or want to sleep during the night, you should do some gymnastics or go outdoors.

Because staying up late will take up the time for normal sleep, so it doesn’t prevent you from seeing things.

When you return home from work, close your eyes in the car for a while, or arrange a short nap for yourself during the unit’s lunch break, etc., you can restore physical strength and refresh your spirits.

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and teach you how to remove bags under the eyes

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and teach you how to remove bags under the eyes

Excessive fluid volume in the body easily causes bubble eyes. When sleeping, these liquids accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue around the eyes, and the eyes swell up when waking up. These often occur when you drink too much water before going to bed.Affected by pregnancy, etc.

  Method 1: Use eye cream or eye mask. There are many eye creams and eye masks that have a whitening and moisturizing effect. When applying eye cream, use some gentle eye massage to ease the invasion of dark circles.

If there is plenty of time, it will be better to make a moisturizing and soothing eye mask, which will relieve eye fatigue while moisturizing eye skin.

  Method 2: Hot compress Soak a clean towel with warm water and apply it to the eyes.

Note that the water temperature should not be excessive, otherwise it will cause skin wrinkling.

Performing can accelerate blood circulation in the eye and relieve puffiness.

Especially in women’s menstrual periods, body heat is a good way to facilitate metabolism and absorption.

The eye skin is relatively delicate, and the towels that can be replaced during hot compresses can also be selected appropriately.

  Method 3: Put a spoon of salt in hot water to fully dissolve the salt mask. Cut the cotton pad into the shape of the eye mask, so that it is filled with saline, and then apply it to the bags under the eyes.
10 minutes.

However, care must be taken not to allow excessive saline to flow into the corners of the eyes to irritate the eyes.

Prepare soft towels when applying eye mask.

  Method 4: Frozen iron soup spoon ironing bag Put two iron soup spoons into the freezer of the refrigerator, and after 10 minutes, take it out and iron it directly to the eye bag to quickly fix the problem.

Can constrict blood vessels and reduce eye bags.

  Method 5: Concentrate 1 drop of rosemary + 1 drop of rose with essential oil, drop it in cold water, then absorb with a towel and wring dry, and apply it on the eye for about 15 minutes.

Before rubbing the essential oils, you can apply a hot towel to your eyes and wash your hands before rubbing.

  Method 6: After applying topical care, etc., the most important thing is to improve your living habits and sleep quality. Pay attention to nutritional balance, take in high-quality protein and vitamins, and eat more fish, beans, tomatoes and green vegetablesProvide essential nutrients for the metabolism of eye tissue.

Measure your love burnout period

Measure your love burnout period

Start the test: 1. Do you have the habit of putting change in a money box?

Yes to 3, No to 2 2 Are you still beautiful even if you stay up all night?

Go to 4 or 7 to 3. Do you want to or have you ever been to Disneyland?

Go to 6, or go to 5 4. Are the opposite sexes you like similar?

Yes, go to 7, No to 6 5. Recently, you rarely watch movies, just watch videos and video discs?

Go forward to 9, or go to 8 6. Do you think you can get along with your mother?

Go to 8, or go to 9 7. Will you buy something new to eat?

Go forward to 11, or go to 10 8. Do you not believe in superpowers?

Yes, go to 12, No. 13, do you have electric heaters?

Yes to 12, or 13 to 10. Do you think loyalty has fallen behind?

Yes, go to 13, No, go to 14 11. Have you met good gay friends recently?

Go forward to 13, or go to 14 12. Your room is stuffed?

Go to 19 or not to 15 13. Do you have to change your underwear every day?

Go to 16 or 15 to 14. Do you not have the perseverance to keep a journal?

Go to 17 or 16 to 15. Are you dressed casually?

Is it A type, if you go to 18-16, you will definitely buy the charts?

Go forward to 20, or go to 19 17. Is your stuff often lost?

Is it type E, or not advance to 20 18, do you have some fluffy dolls?

Yes A type, no B type 19, you can guess who the prisoner is when watching inference drama?

Is it C type, or B type 20, do you want to learn to ski?

YesE type, NoD type result analysis A type You are a person with keen observation and rich sensibility. Seasonal changes or other people ‘s actions can move your emotions. In the eyes of others, they are emotional.After interacting with each other for a while, you can see the nature of the other party, can not stand the other party’s shortcomings and imperfections, and finally had to say goodbye, from the realization that the breakup is only half a year!

  Type B. You are a very nervous and gentle person. You are very confident in your sixth sense. You use intuition to judge everything. If you do not like it for the first time, you will reject it subjectively.The other person is a person who has a strong sense of likes and dislikes. This is the same when you choose an object. Once you meet, if you don’t like it, you will never give the other person a chance. The burnout period is about three months.

  You are a stable person in Type C, and you wo n’t think of people in your work. As long as you are stable, it may be negative from some perspectives, but the so-called ordinary is blessing, so it ‘s not bad!

When you are looking for someone, you will also find the kind of person who is “once and forever”. It is best to talk about love before you can get married. The burnout period of your love relationship is about two years. If you want to get married, you can do so within two years.!!

  Type D You are a clever person who can understand people ‘s hearts. You do n’t have to wait for others to speak. You can read the minds of others and help people do things well. This also wins the favor of many people. In this way, you can get along with anyone, becauseYou know what other people want to do first, which also makes you a master of love. Your burnout period will vary depending on your mood, and there will be pros and cons.

  Type E You are kind and kind to people. Even the first time you meet, you will greet each other first, and make others feel comfortable.

In terms of feelings, you have a longing for love. You think of love very beautifully and sweetly. As long as you talk about love, you will always beautify the love, but after gradually gradually cooling down and fading, your love fatigueIt’s about a year or so.

Precautions during yoga for disease patients

Precautions during yoga for disease patients

Q I am running a yoga studio. Recently, more and more people come to practice yoga. Some of them have cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, and heart disease. Can they practice yoga?

Should pay attention to what A people can practice yoga, of course, pay attention to some issues during the venue management process to avoid accidents: * Before practice, the teaching materials are required to fill in personal health records truthfully, provide a doctor’s diagnosis certificate, and the doctor’sTreatment recommendations, please ask professional coaches to understand the physical condition of the scholar.

  * Remind scholars to communicate closely with the coach during the practice process, and to feedback their practice feeling in a timely manner; the brake coach adjusts to the student’s body and develops a more accurate practice plan.

  * If the learner feels any discomfort, inform the coach in time to take emergency measures.

  * Cardiologists should not hold their breath during the practice, and do not do handstands or other actions that may cause rapid heartbeat.

  * Persons with cervical and lumbar vertebra diseases should pay special attention to avoid excessive forward and backward yielding, as well as other actions that put excessive stress on these areas.

  * It is strongly recommended that scholars with chronic diseases should choose a separate private education course with one-on-one instruction by experienced teachers.

  If you do not have the full confidence to teach such special books, you must not accept books for economic benefit, so as not to harm others.

  In Q yoga, the human body is like a small universe. What does it mean? A yoga is about the integration of man and nature.

The human body is part of the nature of the universe, so yoga generally compares our body to a small universe. We practice yoga to adjust the functions of the body’s internal organs and normals, just like every galaxy, planet, star in the universe, etc.Are adjusted to the normal track, the conversion runs for a long time, stable and orderly, so that there is no conflict and resistance within us.

At present, due to work pressure and life annoyance, the internal body is distorted and conflicted, and most people cannot detect that they are in this state.

Practicing yoga to make your inner awareness peaceful, will make you have a high awareness of your inner and outer.

When you adjust the small universe of the body to harmony and unity, you can better integrate into the large society, find your own position and value, and achieve harmony with the entire universe.

  Q I was originally a irritable person. After yoga training for more than a year, I found that my temper has improved. Can yoga really change a person’s personality?

Why everyone A has his own personality traits, yoga training more you are more confident, happy and happy, and better at understanding others.

These gains began with the peacefulness and calmness of people’s mentality through yoga training.

When dealing with people, we can solve it with a positive and healthy attitude.

In fact, yoga does not change your personality, it just helps you find inner peace.

As the old saying goes: “At the beginning of man, nature is good.

“Every one of us has a purity and peace of mind, but it is just the environment in which the group lives or the work that makes our inner peace covered by layers.

And the unique silence of yoga can make you regain the clarity of your mind and recognize yourself.

So it is yoga that allows you to regain the tranquility and purity of your heart, and make life better.

  Q I have already practiced cutting yoga. Due to work efficiency, I can only practice it at home now. What should I pay attention to? A When practicing yoga at home, I should pay attention to the following points.

  * Practice in a place where the air is fresh and there is enough space for activities. There should be no tables, chairs or beds around.

Do not perform posture exercises on the bed to avoid injury.

  * Put a non-slip professional yoga mat on the floor during practice to prevent physical injury, and the carpet is not hygienic and non-slip.

  * If you like, you can play professional yoga music while practicing, which can get you back into the state.

  * Pay attention to the coordination of movement and breathing during practice.

  * It is best to practice after getting familiar with each action essential. Do not practice while watching the CD, because the breath cannot be perfectly integrated with the action.

  * Do n’t do too much posture during night exercises, such as worship.

  * For better relaxation, you can order some essential oils that are good for relaxation. The essential oils should be pure natural.

  * Bathe at least half an hour after practice.

  Q When I do the Cobra pose, I will have backache and lower body numbness for a longer period of time. What is the reason? A. When I do the Cobra pose, the waist will have some pain due to pressure on the waist. Generally, it can be restored after the movementeliminate.

But if it causes numbness in the lower body, it is more serious, which is mostly caused by nerve compression.

It is recommended that you go to the hospital for a checkup and diagnosis and treatment in time.

The eye-snake style is very helpful for diagnosing patients with mild hyperplasia of lumbar muscles or herniated discs, but pay special attention when practicing, there are many actions that are not suitable for practice.