[Beef sauce recipe]_Beef sauce_How to make_How to make

[Beef sauce recipe]_Beef sauce_How to make_How to make

Beef in cold dressing is high in nutrition, and the taste of the beef itself is better. The cooked cold dressing beef has a special sauce flavor when bitten, and many people like it.

Beef in cold dressing can always be served with meals and snacks.

When buying beef, pay attention to choosing a distance meat stall. The quality is guaranteed. It is best to choose beef tendon meat for better taste.

Ingredients: 350 grams of beef Ingredients: 1/2 onion, 1 small parsley Seasoning: 1/2 tsp salt, 1 small ginger, 2 garlic, 1 tbsp cooking wine, 1/2 tbsp raw soy sauce, oyster sauce1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil, 1/2 teaspoon of chilli oil, 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of caster sugar, the simple method of cooking beef is three steps. Cook the meat, season and mix well.!!

But the taste is too high?
The deliciousness of beef, the crispness of onion, the garnish of cilantro, and the rich flavors of the seasoning are mixed together.

Put clear water in the pot, add the whole piece of beef, two slices of ginger and 1 tablespoon cooking wine and cook for 2.

After boiling, remove the bleeding foam, cover the pot and cook on medium heat for 30-40 minutes, cook until it can be easily inserted with chopsticks and no blood water comes out; remove and let cool3.

Shred the onion and cilantro.

Ginger and garlic are rubbed into syrup, add chili oil, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, balsamic oil, salt and sugar to taste 4.

Cut the beef into pieces and let it cool. Add onion, cilantro and ingredients. Add a tablespoon of boiled beef soup. Mix well to cook. 1. Beef is best to replace beef tendon.

I ca n’t buy it here, I can only buy beef with gluten, which tastes better than pure lean beef.

2. American beef is relatively easy to cook. Domestic beef is not easy to be cooked. You can cook it in a pressure cooker or extend the cooking time. You can take it out and cut it into thin slices to bite it.

(Don’t use the pressure cooker to cook the pot halfway?
) 3. Beef should be cooled and then sliced, otherwise the meat will be easily cut into pieces.

[Is fruit corn corn genetically modified?】 _Nutrition Value_Efficacy

It ‘s a tremendous amount of carbon, and it ‘s a good thing for the Taiwanese government. It ‘s a very good thing. It ‘s a very good thing.鐜板湪鍖楁柟鍦板尯锛屽崡鏂瑰湴鍖轰汉浠竴鑸О涔嬩负鐜夌背鎴栬€呭寘璋凤紝鑻炵背鏄垜鍥介潪甯搁噸瑕佺殑绮浣滅墿锛屽仛鎴愬緢澶氶鐗╂潵鍚冿紝杩戜簺骞存潵锛屽競鍦轰笂鍑虹幇浜嗕竴绉嶆按鏋滆嫗绫筹紝鍙互褰撴垚姘存灉鏉ュ悆锛岃繖鏍风殑鑻炵背鏄笉鏄浆鍩哄洜椋熷搧鍛紵姘存灉鑻炵背鏄浆鍩哄洜鍚楋紵涓€銆佹按鏋滅帀绫虫槸杞熀鍥犲悧锛熸按鏋滅帀绫虫槸閫氳繃鏉備氦鎶€鏈煿鑲插嚭鏉ョ殑锛屼笌杞熀鍥犲搧绉嶅畬鍏ㄤ笉鍚屻€傛按鏋滅敎鐜夌背鏄敱浜庝竴涓垨鍑犱釜鍩哄洜鐨勫瓨鍦ㄨ€屼笉鍚屼簬鍏朵粬鐜夌背鐨勪竴绉嶇被鍨嬨€傜敎鐜夌背鐨勯鍛冲ぇ澶氱敱鐢滃害鍐冲畾锛岃€岀敎搴﹀張鍙楄儦涔充腑绯栧拰娣€绮夋暟閲忕殑褰卞搷銆傝繖閮界涓嶅紑涓€浜涚獊鍙樹綋鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傚ぇ閮ㄥ垎绐佸彉浣撹兘鎻愰珮鑳氫钩涓彲婧舵€х硸鍚噺锛岄檷浣庢穩绮夊惈閲忋€備竴涓惈绯栫獊鍙樺熀鍥犵殑浣滅敤锛屽彲浠ュ鍔犳按婧舵€у绯栧惈閲忚€屽噺灏戞穩绮夊惈閲忋€備粎杩欎竴涓壒娈婄殑绐佸彉浣撳氨鏈夌粡娴庝笂鐨勯噸瑕佹€с€備簩銆佹按鏋滅帀绫冲拰鐢滅帀绫虫湁鍝簺鍖哄埆锛熸按鏋滅帀绫虫槸閫傚悎鐢熷悆鐨勪竴绉嶈秴鐢滅帀绫筹紝闈掓闃舵鐨杽銆佹眮澶氥€佽川鑴嗚€岀敎锛屽彲鐩存帴鐢熷悆锛岀敓鍚冪啛鍚冮兘鐗瑰埆鐢滆剢锛屽儚姘存灉涓€鏍凤紝鍥犳琚О涓衡€滄按鏋滅帀绫斥€濄€傛按鏋滅帀绫虫湁寰堝鍝佺锛岄兘鍏锋湁闈炲父楂樼殑钀ュ吇浠峰€笺€傜敎鐜夌背鏄缇庛€侀煩鍥藉拰鏃ユ湰绛夊彂杈惧浗瀹剁殑涓昏钄彍涔嬩竴銆傚洜鍏跺叿鏈変赴瀵岀殑钀ュ吇銆佺敎銆侀矞銆佽剢銆佸鐨勭壒鑹茶€屾繁鍙楀悇闃跺眰娑堣垂鑰呴潚鐫愩€傜敓浜т腑鐨勭敎鐜夌背鍙互鍒嗕负鏅€氱帀绫炽€佽秴鐢滅帀绫冲拰鍔犲己鍨嬬敎鐜夌背涓夌被锛岃秴鐢滅帀绫崇敱浜庡惈绯栭噺楂樸€侀€傚疁閲囨敹鏈熼暱鑰屽緱鍒板箍娉涚妞嶃€備腑鍥芥槸绯帀绫崇殑涓栫晫璧锋簮涓績锛屾牻鍩瑰巻鍙叉偁涔呫€傜朝鐜夌背钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛岄鐢ㄤ环鍊奸珮锛岃褰撲粖涓栫晫骞挎硾鐢ㄤ綔淇濆仴鐨勮惀鍏婚鐗┿€傜敎鐜夌背鍦ㄤ腑鍥戒篃鏈夋牻鍩广€傛鏍緝鐭紝鍒嗚槚鍔涜緝寮恒€傛灉绌楄嫗鍙朵笂鏈夋棗鍙躲€傚瓙绮掓贰榛勬垨锏借壊锛岃儦分裂冨ぇ锛屼钩镡熸湡瀛愬疄镆斿銆佸瘜钖按婧舵€у绯栥€佺淮鐢熺礌A銆佺淮鐢熺礌C銆佽剛鑲拰铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ瓑銆備笁銆佹按鏋滅帀绫冲搧绉嶆按鏋滅帀绫充粠鍚硸閲忎笂鍒嗕负鏅€氬瀷姘存灉鐜夌背銆佽秴鐢滃瀷姘存灉鐜夌背銆佸姞寮虹敎姘存灉鐜夌背銆傝秴鐢滅帀绫虫槸鍙互鐩存帴鐢熼鐨勫搧绉嶃€備粠棰滆壊涓婂垎涓猴細榛勮壊銆佺櫧鑹层€佸弻鑹诧紙榛勭櫧鐩搁棿锛夈€佸拰绾櫧鑹插洓绉嶃€?

Haixing Power (603556) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Exceeds Expectations Smart Meter Industry Advances Overall Recovery

Haixing Power (603556) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Exceeds Expectations Smart Meter Industry Advances Overall Recovery

Investment Highlights The company released the first quarter report of 2019: Realizing operating income5.

2.6 billion, a slight increase of 5 per year.

95%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

77 ppm, an increase of 55 per year.

58%, with a budget benefit of zero.

16 yuan; net profit of non-return to mother 0.

68 ppm, an increase of 43 in ten years.

14%, slightly exceeding market expectations.

  2019Q1 resumed growth, and profitability was relatively stable.

2019Q1 revenue and performance are increasing by 5 each year.

95% / 55.

58%, return to growth; 2019Q1 gross profit margin was 37.

92%, a decline of 3 per year.

23pct; net interest rate is 14.

60%, an increase of 4 per year.

54pct, profitability remained relatively stable.

  The replacement of smart meters and the construction of ubiquitous electric power Internet of things have driven the demand for electricity meters back up.

  From 2014 to 2018, the number of bids for energy meters by the State Grid showed a downward trend as a whole. The use of the 09 version of the standard smart meters has accelerated the replacement process, and the number of bids for smart meters has gradually picked up.A substantial increase of 70 per year.

45%, an increase of 21 from the previous month.


  With the flooding in the construction of the electric power Internet of Things, the demand for the new generation of smart meters is expected to continue to grow.

  High R & D budgets shape global competitiveness, and forward-looking layouts provide diversified growth points.

The company adheres to the international development path, establishes an integrated marketing platform, and creates a global competitive advantage in 厦门夜网 the field of smart meters through high R & D investment. At the same time, the company integrates a forward-looking vision of internationalization and focuses on intelligent power distribution and smartIn the fields of Internet and smart energy, new businesses are continuously deployed to foster new performance growth points.

  Investment suggestion: We have adjusted our profit forecast and expect the company’s net profit from 2019 to 2021 to be 4 respectively.



700 million, EPS is 0.



35 yuan, corresponding to the closing price of PE on May 7, 2019 are 16 respectively.



4 times, maintain prudent overweight rating.

  Risk Warning: Grid investment is lower than expected, ubiquitous power IoT construction is lower than expected, and overseas market expansion is lower than expected

Goodix Technology (603160) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 1 Quarterly Report Review: Under-Screen Optical Leader Firms 2018 and 2019 Q1 Results Larger Than Expected

Goodix Technology (603160) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 1 Quarterly Report Review: Under-Screen Optical Leader Firms 2018 and 2019 Q1 Results Larger Than Expected

Core view The company is based on traditional capacitors, touch chips, and accelerates the application of fingerprint optical solutions under the screen. At the same time, it is looking forward to the layout of 3Dsensing and NB-IoT, and the growth path is clear.

The penetration of under-screen fingerprints is accelerating in 2019, and it is optimistic that the number of implanted mobile phones with under-screen fingerprint chips will reach 1.

With 500 million units, the company, as a leading manufacturer, has benefited greatly from its progress, and its revenue and profits will continue to improve.

The 2018 and Q1 2019 results exceeded expectations.

The company achieved revenue of 37 in 2018.

2.1 billion (+1.

08%), net profit attributable to mother 7.

4.2 billion (-16.

29%), exceeding the expected growth, mainly due to the report and the increase in the proportion of fingerprint chip sales under the optical screen, driving the revenue of fingerprint recognition chips to 30.

8.3 billion (+ 5%), revenue accounted for 83% (+ 3pcts).

In addition, the company’s 2018Q4 / 2019Q1 respectively achieved revenue13.


2.5 billion, +39% /-10% MoM respectively, achieving net profit attributable to mothers4.


14 ppm, +105% /-2% month-on-month. The first quarter of 2019’s performance grew faster than expected. We believe that the company’s leading position in the fingerprint industry under the optical screen is stable.

In the first quarter of 2019, HOVM flagship models P30, Reno, X27, and Xiaomi Mi 9 will soon be available exclusively for the company. Looking forward to the second quarter of 2019, domestic OVMs (Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi) are expected to be launched in the high-end (similar to Find, NEX)As a core manufacturer, the company will actively benefit in 2019.

Continued high investment in research and development, and the fingerprints under the screen will increase the gross profit margin.

The company’s sales + management expense rate is + 3pcts per year, which is mainly due to the increase in company product promotion, share payment expenses and consulting service fees in 2018.

R & D costs amount to 8.

400 million (+ 41%), the expense ratio increased to 22.

5% (+6.

3pcts), in addition to single-point + wide-area screen fingerprint chips, the company also increased research and development and pre-research investment in cameras, Bluetooth and NB-IoT IoT chips, 3D sensing and automotive applications.

In 2018, the company added 144 new patents, and 75 items increased significantly from one year to 2016.

In terms of gross profit margin, due to the good competition in the industry, the company’s chips and recognition algorithms are leading, the unit price of fingerprint chips under optical screen is stable, the gross profit rate is good, and the price gradually exceeds market expectations.Capacitive fingerprint chip is about US $ 1). The gross profit margin in Q1 2018 / Q1 2019 reached 65% / 61%, which is a significant improvement from 52% in Q3.

Equity incentives will be conducted for two consecutive years to restrict core technical personnel to help 都市夜网 the company’s development.

The company’s 2018 equity incentive plan covers 300 senior and middle-level technical personnel, and plans to grant 10 million copies at an exercise price of 84.

22 yuan, lock-in period 1.

5 years.

This incentive plan is intended to cover 128 middle-level and core technical personnel, and it is planned to grant 2.34 million shares of stock investment (exercise price of 105).

33 yuan, lock-up period of one year), 800,000 shares of extension stock (grant price of 52.

67 yuan, one year lock-up period).

The company intensively launched stock budgets and budget stock incentive plans to restrict the interests of core personnel and help the company’s sustainable development.

Based on biometrics, lay out a broad IoT chip market.

While consolidating the biometrics market, the company is 南宁桑拿 actively deploying Bluetooth chips, NB-IoT chips and 3Dsensing, and is committed to building a “sensor + MCU + security + connectivity” integrated platform in the IoT field., BLE wireless connection chip, security MCU + biometric fingerprint sensor and other products.

The new product is expected to be the first to land in the field of Bluetooth audio, and is expected to bring incremental revenue in the second half of the year.

In 3Dsensing, the company has existing samples of structured light solutions, and ToF is accelerating. It is expected that mass production products will also land in the second half of the year.

Risk factors: New technology application is less than expected; customer development is less than expected; unit price and gross profit margin of the product decline.

Investment suggestion: The company is based on traditional capacitors, touch chips, accelerating the application of fingerprint optical solutions under the screen, and it is looking forward to the layout of 3Dsing and NB-IoT.The penetration of under-screen fingerprints is accelerating in 2019, and the number of mobile phones equipped with under-screen fingerprint chips in the entire market is expected to reach 1.

500 million units, the company’s leading level is significant.

We raise the company’s EPS forecast for 2019/20 to 2.


55 yuan (previous forecast was 2).


68 yuan) and predicts an EPS of 4 in 2021.

33 yuan, taking into account the leading premium of 70% of the listed share, giving 45 times PE in 2019, the corresponding target price is 133.

44 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Hengli Petrochemical (600346): competition performance of refining and chemical projects; increasing attention in overseas markets (2)

Hengli Petrochemical (600346): competition performance of refining and chemical projects; increasing attention in overseas markets (2)

Company status We accompanied the company this week to complete the road show in Hong Kong and Singapore, and realized that the attention of overseas investors on the company has increased significantly.

In addition to the main points of market concern mentioned in “Refining Chemical Project Competitive Advantages; Increasing Attention in Overseas Markets” released in 20190904, we found that overseas investors are also paying more attention to the following points.

Comment on the 杭州夜网论坛 gradual import of crude oil and the final export of refined oil.

The company obtained the right to use crude oil imports last year. In July this year, the company further obtained crude oil import qualification.

The difference between the two is that the company can independently choose the type, timing and price of crude oil procurement, which is conducive to reducing the cost of crude oil procurement in the context of changing oil price ranges.

The company has always submitted applications for the export of refined oil products to the Ministry of Commerce and the State Council, and is still waiting for the approval of the State Council. It is not yet possible to determine the time of approval.

The company believes that obtaining the export of refined oil may not cause a substantial impact on the improvement of the company’s refining gross profit, mainly considering that the spread of overseas refined oil products often exceeds the level of domestic spread. In fact, the qualification of obtaining the export of oil products meansThe expansion of the company’s oil sales channels is conducive to strengthening the company’s bargaining power for domestic sales of oil products.

Sales model of refined oil and chemicals.

About 90% of the company’s oil products are sold to the market through its own sales team, and only about 10% of the oil products are sold by state-owned companies such as Sinopec.

Self-sale oil products are mainly sold for registered component categories such as MTBE, alkylated oil, naphtha, and crude white oil. The realized price is slightly higher than the price of refined oil (excluding consumption tax).

Oil products sold by Sinopec’s sales company are subject to the local refining and collection prices, so that the state-guided ex-factory prices of earlier countries have a discount in accordance with the range.

Except for the self-use part of the company-level chemicals, all of them are sold by Sinopec Chemicals Sales Company, mainly because the company hopes to 1) borrow Sinopec’s monopoly chemical sales channels; 2) avoid pricing on the domestic chemical market with state-owned enterprisesTo achieve a win-win situation.

This year we are optimistic about PTA and next year we are optimistic about PX.

Considering that there is no new PTA production capacity in China before the end of this year, and the demand is growing steadily, the company believes that PTA processing fees are expected to rise in the second half of the year.

Looking forward to next year, the company expects an increase in PTA production capacity of more than 1,000 tons per year, corresponding to an increase in demand for PX raw materials or an increase of more than 650 tons. Instead of considering the production of 400 tons per year of PX capacity by Zhejiang Petrochemical, the domestic PX supply gap may still exceed 1,000budget.

Estimates suggest maintaining earnings forecasts with a target price (17.

8 yuan, corresponding to 12 times 2020 price-earnings ratio and 15% upside) and “outperform industry” unchanged.

The current total corresponds to 10 times the 2020 PER.

Risks Oil prices are changing drastically; demand for oil and petrochemicals is sluggish; policy changes are forecast.

Can the female physiological cycle practice yoga?


Can the female physiological cycle practice yoga?

Can the female physiological cycle be practiced?

  During this period, you can choose to practice or take a break. This is mainly a matter of personal preference.

When you continue to practice, you should pay attention to some asanas, some are related to handstands, abdominal contraction and energy improvement energy exercises, it is best not to practice.

Because this may cause you discomfort due to physiological problems.

  What are the benefits of practicing yoga?

  1) Conditioning physiology to achieve a balanced yoga representation is a large system. The system consists of several parts, so that each part can maintain a good state in order to have a healthy body.

Yoga adjusts the physiological functions of various organs through asanas, pacing, and other methods to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

  2) Eliminate tension and calm your heart. Completely breathe, meditate, and various asanas through yoga to regulate the nervous system to eliminate tension. 3) Cultivation of mind and heart, yoga with good virtues promotes a healthy moral life attitude, so that you can naturally get ridSmoking, drinking these bad habits.

By constantly surpassing yourself, you are also confident.

  4) Special exercises and special effects Yoga has very good effects on symptoms such as weight loss, insomnia, worry and arthritis.

  Relevant matters needing attention: It is not suitable for women to practice yoga during menstrual periods and four months of pregnancy. In this case, many yoga methods should be stopped and selective forced exercise.

Yoga exercises are extremely effective for treating various gynecological diseases, and they are also beneficial for improving women’s health.

For example, menstrual disorders can be cured through yoga practice, and proper yoga practice for pregnant women can improve obesity and even achieve painless delivery.

  There are 15 things to note when practicing yoga: 1. There are no special regulations on the diet of practitioners.

One half of the stomach can be filled with food, one quarter can be filled with water, and the remaining quarter can be left vacant.

Do not avoid within one hour before or after yoga. It is best to avoid practice within two hours after meals. 2. It is not recommended to practice difficult movements six months after surgery and women’s physiological period. 3. Hypertension, hypertension patients and pregnant women only do simple movements.; 4, barefoot is better, loose and comfortable to wear, the body can move freely; 5, it should not be practiced on a hard floor or too soft bed, a mat should be laid on the ground when practicing; 6, if maintaining posture, If you feel weak or contracted, you should immediately receive power and insert a massage; 7, should practice in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but in a pleasant environment, do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove or interventional practice to avoid accidents, especially when doing head-to-handstand. Do not practice under electric fans. 8. When doing exercises, open your eyes and close your eyes.Concentrate on the sensations produced in the body; 9, if possible, eliminate bowel movements and reduce the burden; 10, do what you can, don’t be stubborn, move slowly, don’t use sudden force, and don’t deliberately pursue “standards”.

When you fracture to the maximum extent you can afford it, you are doing it right.

Warming up is important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

It’s best to do some yoga warm-ups. Before starting the exercise, walk for 5 minutes or climb the stairs to allow your body to move fully.

Step by step to avoid being frightened.

During the exercise, you can work hard and relax, and you can withstand a little soreness in your body, but don’t use excessive force or barely move; 11. Don’t laugh or talk during practice, and focus on breathing.

Maintain regular, deep breathing, which helps the body relax; 12, it is best to practice every day, after doing a complete yoga movement, remember to lie down and let the corpse rest for a rest; 13, when doing each posture, insist on 5Two complete breathing times to ensure that your inhaled and exhaled lengths are similar.

When doing this movement, use one leg first, then change the other leg, bend and relax, and breathe deeply.

If you still want to do it, you can repeat it; 14. To make the balance easier, you can find a point on the floor, about 3 in front of you?
4 feet place.

The eyes are relaxed. When you slowly come into the position, focus on that point, maintain a balanced posture and breathe deeply; 15, guaranteed exercise 3 every week?
4 times.

Although many movements may seem simple, some postures, especially balance movements, are not easy for a beginner, so don’t be afraid of these movements and modify your plan in time.

  Tips: (1) If you do n’t have special needs, use your nose to breathe all the time: nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, but also stabilize your nerves and make your body healthier.

  (2) Do not eat for an hour before or after practicing yoga: It is best to keep fasting and fullness.

  (3) Do not do yoga for half an hour before or after bathing: blood circulation is too fast, blood pressure is too high, and muscles are too soft, which can easily cause physical injury.

  (4) Grasping the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement is more important than completing posture.

  (5) Concentrate on a certain part of the body, not only find it easier to learn, but also better.
  (6) If there are left and right postures, remember to do the same number of times on both sides.

Can’t just do it unilaterally.
  (7) Don’t do only one posture from beginning to end: only one posture for the treatment of low back pain will only make it worse.

  (8) When the breathing frequency is not stable, the corpse can be relaxed.

Reluctantly entering another posture, not only can not achieve the effect, but it will produce a counter-effect look.

  (9) The number of breaths when maintaining the completed position is limited to one’s physical fitness.

Beginners keep three?
Just five breaths, and then slowly increase the number.

Top 10 strategies to cure diseases without spending money

Top 10 strategies to cure diseases without spending money

People who eat whole grains will inevitably get sick.

But how can you do more with less when you are sick?

A recent issue of the “Men’s Health” magazine in the United States has published “10 Ways to Treat Your Disease at No Cost”.


Climbing action cures back pain.

  Dr. Lawrence of the American Medical Athletic Association said that climbing movements exercise muscles that are rarely stretched.

But the movement must be gradual, and gradually increase the amount of exercise after the effect.

The method is: after lying down, move your right knee to your chest, hold your feet tightly and step on, counting from 1 to 10.

Straighten your right leg and repeat the same action with your left leg.


“Tomato Juice + Chili” cures hypertension.

  The secret is: 250 ml of tomato juice and 1 teaspoon of chili per day.

Nevada cardiovascular expert Joe D. Gordon Stritch claims that due to capsaicin in peppers and lycopene and potassium caused by tomatoes, it helps to remove free radicals from the body and lower blood pressure.


Plantain for hyperlipidemia.

  Initially Dr. Patrick, a professor of nutrition at State University, said that taking 1 teaspoon of plantain water after dissolving it every day reduced total cholesterol and LDL (low density lipoprotein) by 15%.


Eat less staple foods for migraines.

  Rice, noodles, and other staple foods contain a lot of carbohydrates, which can easily lead to blood sugar disorders and trigger migraines.

Neurologist Dr. Lisa K. Mannicks recommends that patients with migraine have a daily dialysis implantation limit of 300 grams.


Acupuncture cures insomnia.

  Dr. Trahan, an acupuncturist in New York, said that acupuncture treatment is mainly focused on the two acupuncture points on the ears. The purpose is to relax the body and mind and promote the release of sedative endorphin and neurotoxin substances in the brain.

Severe insomnia requires at least 10 acupuncture treatments to be effective.


Drink water to cure addiction.

  Dr. Howatt, a psychologist who specializes in substance dependence research, says this is a classic “alternative therapy.”

Essentially, smoking and drinking water are both “hand-mouth” actions that can easily lead to secondary addiction.

Experts suggest: In addition to drinking water therapy, you should choose exercise and other alternatives in order to divert attention.


Do eye treatment for myopia.

  Do “eye exercises” for 25 minutes every day, 6 days a week for 30 days.

Actions include “turn your eyes slowly in 360 degrees.”


Climbing the mountain to cure alcohol addiction.

  University of Washington psychology professor Marat said that mountain climbing can exercise people’s perseverance and firm conviction, which is very beneficial to quit drinking.


Changing lifestyles for prostate cancer.
  Dr. Onish, director of the California Institute of Preventive Medicine, said that the new lifestyle includes: at least 3 hours of exercise per week, a low-fat diet, yoga and meditation, and other ways to reduce stress, as well as chatting with patients.

“Leave + exercise + writing” cure irritability.

  For temperamental people, Dr. Habin, a clinical psychologist, introduced a “short-term anger-control method”: when premonitioning quarrels or passing the brewing period, immediately turn away, or perform a high-intensity exercise.

The “long-term method of anger” is writing.

The ceiling that women have to face-iron hands and gentleness

The ceiling that women have to face: iron hands and gentleness

Management guru Durak has clearly stated: “This change in the times is in line with the characteristics of women.”

Henry Mintzberg also mentioned in “Ten Meditations on Management”: “Organizations need to be nurtured, they need to be cared for and cared for, and they need sustained, stable care.

Caring is a more feminine approach to management, although I see many good male CEOs gradually adopting this approach.

However, women still have an advantage.

“Many people’s surveys also prove that as a leader, women have some advantages that men cannot match.

“Female managers have better coordination skills and pay more attention to the physical needs of employees.

And women are serious, careful and stable.

“Liu Haimei, vice president of Beijing Xinhuaxin Management Consulting Co., Ltd., who has been working in human resources for a long time, is a female leader.

Xiangming Ming, the deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, summarized the management style of the female managers he approached, saying: “The substitution of female managers has shown strong performance in adversity.

Women are good at communicating and it is easier to persuade others.

In addition, women are exquisite in their work and prudent in decision-making. It is not easy for companies to experience ups and downs.

These are all necessary qualities for a successful entrepreneur.

“It is undeniable that even now it is time for female managers to develop their talents, there are many aspects of women’s career development.

  The ceiling that women must face. For most female white-collar workers, to achieve a mid-level leadership position, if they want to be further promoted, they will face a transparent glass roof. The future looks close to them, but they cannot jump.

  Liu Haimei got her unique insights.

She believes that the most important point is that women do not see themselves equally in the first place.

Few women position themselves as senior management personnel in their career plans.

They want to find the best balance in their personal life and career.

Under the guidance of this kind of psychology, women’s subjective promotion is required, and their attitude towards career success will not be as positive as that of men.

  Women are also discriminated against as managers.

“Harvard Business Review” interviewed 1,000 male and 900 female senior business executives, of which two-thirds of male executives and one-fifth of female executives said they were uncomfortable working under a female boss; only9% of male executives and 15% of female executives expressed a willingness to work under a female boss.

  Experts believe that the unfavorable impression of female bosses is mainly in the inertia of people. Men are closer to the image of the ideal boss in people’s minds than women: they are energetic, decisive, they have a standard for others, they have a high degree of problemsDeal with problems to a good standard.

  The management style of a female boss is vulnerable.

If women adopt the same mode of leadership as men, the behavior of male bosses may be interpreted positively, while the gentleness of female bosses is often regarded as a lack of courage.

A female manager is deeply known as: “Sometimes when dealing with problems, some people think you are too weak for a woman; but if you are tough, people will say that you are like a man.

“Iron fist + gentle androgynous management is the future trend. In addition to the above social factors, some inherent factors of women have limited their development.

  Xiangming Ming said: “Women are inherently dependent, and it is difficult to avoid the idea of needing care from others, which makes it easy for them to shrink back when they need to be alone.

A male leader concluded: “Female managers are more suitable for in-depth and detailed work. They have less control over the macro and strategic dimensions and are not as good as men in promoting change.

As a female manager, Liu Haimei believes that the weakness of women lies in the lack of decisiveness and the lack of confidence in doing things, while women are biased and need to be rational when making decisions.

  Therefore, interviewees generally believe that female managers should have dual advantages, which is the future development direction of female talents.

Specifically, while female managers have the advantage of women, they also need some excellent qualities of men.

Affinity without losing principle, attention to detail without losing level, good at combing without losing determination, and constantly improve their leadership.

  Hu Xiaoshen, general manager of Huayuan Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd., said: “Women’s minds are not as broad as men’s, and open minds are more conducive to people’s growth. Women must learn from men in this regard.

Luo Huilan, an associate professor at the China Women’s University, has written that if women want to achieve success in their careers, they must have stronger psychological qualities than men and learn from men.

In the body of successful women, the temperament of both sexes is blended, both the gentle, delicate, and emotional side of women, and the strong, decisive, and determined side of men.

Because women have the above advantages, they are often more successful than men in seeking cooperation and implementing humanized management.

Absolutely, there is a saying in the field of management that a feminized leadership model is the future development trend.

Facts show that the authoritative and commanding male leadership model is about to be replaced by a humane and emotional leadership model, while women have the psychological characteristics of exquisite feelings and are good at integrating this advantage into management, forming women’s uniqueManagement style and therefore often easy to succeed.   Obviously, Carly Fiorina and Lu Sibo are both models in this respect.

After Carly Fiorina took over HP, she entered the traditional male field more deeply than any woman on the ladder.

This is not just piecemeal engineer work, but the real male world: drinking from a big bowl, rolling up your sleeves, and hitting wild deer on the ranch.

She combines the charm and wisdom of women’s management with the iron will of men.

  ”I have contacted some female managers. I feel colder and more obese than male managers. I should return to them. I can’t patronize the soft side and become the soft side. It should be firm and soft.

Chen Jiang, the consultant of Peking University Management Consulting Company, is the last.

Qingfeireyangweiyin Tremella lotus seed soup_1

Qingfei heat Yangwei Yin Tremella lotus seed soup

Everyone should be familiar with Tremella lotus seed soup, I believe many friends also like to drink.

So what is the efficacy of Tremella lotus seed soup?

The following editor will talk about this issue.

What is the effect of Tremella?

What is the efficacy of lotus seeds?

What is the effect of two kinds of food made together?

  Tremella fuciformis and lotus seeds are both medicinal and edible products. Their medicinal properties are peaceful, and the Tremella fuciformis soup prepared by the two has many effects, including clearing lung heat, nourishing the yin, and nourishing the spleen and stomach.

The lungs of the human body are easy to be injured due to dryness, so it should be well maintained without hindering the frequent replenishment of Tremella lotus seed soup.

  Tremella lotus seed soup has some effects of Tremella. Tremella is commonly known as white fungus. It is a powder for both medicine and food.

Tremella is sweet and has higher nutritional value.

According to chemical analysis, Tremella fuciformis is rich in protein, trace amounts, multi-vitamins, and multivitamins. It has also been found that the multi-elements contained in Tremella fuciformis can inhibit tumor cells.

  Tremella has four effects. One is to nourish the yin and nourish the stomach. It is used for thirst, red tongue, constipation, dry throat, dry cough, and hemoptysis caused by lung and stomach yin deficiency.

The second is to strengthen the brain.

Its three benefits Qi and blood.

Its Shishengjin cough.

For high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, see the good care of patients with yin deficiency and fire.

  The efficacy of lotus seeds, also known as lotus seed, lotus seed, is the fruit or seed of the waterlily plant lotus.

Lotus seeds have a flat, sweet taste and vary in nutritional composition, usually containing protein 16 per 100 grams of edible portion.

6 grams, higher than eggs, 62 grams of starch, trace amounts of 2 grams; and calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and carotene, liensin and other nutrients.

The “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” states that the lotus seeds “tonic, nourish the gods, and strengthen the energy”.

  Oxidisinine in lotus seeds has the ability to reduce heat and inflammation and inhibit nasopharyngeal glands.

“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” said that lotus seeds can “clear the heart and relieve heat”, “Food Doctor Heart Mirror” said that lotus seeds can “quench thirst and remove heat”, so lotus seeds have always been visually strengthening the spleen and stomach, and nourishing the heart and kidney.

More insomnia, diarrhea, metrorrhagia, leucorrhea abnormalities and other plasma intake.

  The overall effect of Tremella lotus seed soup Tremella lotus seed soup is a commonly used nourishing yin food, and it is also a very good tonic. It has always been regarded as a “lifelong product”.

Tremella is flat, sweet and mild. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and promoting fluids, nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, nourishing qi and soothe the nerves, strengthening the brain and strengthening the heart.

The jelly and yin function in the white fungus lotus seed soup is very good, and women’s regular clothes can moisturize and whiten and eliminate facial spots.

  Frequent drinking of Tremella lotus seed soup can also promote gastrointestinal motility and have a certain weight loss effect.

Especially for people with yin deficiency and fire, it is impossible to use ginseng and other warm tonics. Tremella is not only moisturizing, but it is not greasy.

  The lotus seeds in the white fungus lotus seed soup are flat in nature, sweet and astringent, have a good calming and soothing effect, and nourish the spleen and relieve diarrhea.

  Ingredients for the practice of Tremella lotus seed soup: Tremella, lotus seeds, date, wolfberry, and rock sugar.

  Method 1: Soak the white fungus with water, pick out the yellow knot on the bottom, and then shred it for later use.

Generally use three or four.

  2, lotus seeds need to be coreless, not bitter, how much to place as you like.

  3. Put clear water in the soup pot. Water should be enough at one time to leave room for evaporation. Do not add water during cooking.

  4. Put Tremella, rock sugar (about three or two), date, wolfberry into cold water, open fire, heat, and boil, be sure to constantly stir the pot to prevent the Tremella fungus from sticking to the pan. After boiling, turn off the small heat and cook, alsoKeep stirring the pot.

  5. Lotus seeds are easy to ripen and later added.

  6, continue to cook after the pot, until the white fungus gels, the soup is thick.

  Through the functions and preparation methods of Tremella fuciformis, the friends who like to drink can make some drinks according to the method.I often drank the taste made by others, but I would not make it myself, which is a bit regrettable.

Exercise your own cooking skills and deepen your understanding of this soup!

Add a lot of fun to life!

Should I get water on the toothpaste before using it?

This toothpaste is best not to get water

Should I get water on the toothpaste before using it?
This toothpaste is best not to get water

Many netizens said that if the toothpaste is stained with water before brushing, it will not be cleaned.

The basis for putting forward such a theory is that toothpaste easily foams when wet with water, and our habit is to think that after the foam is sufficient, it is evidence that the brushing work is in place.

However, toothpaste does not use foam to clean teeth. Instead, it uses the cleaning ingredients in it to rub and clean the teeth. The rubbing month is fine. The longer the time, the cleaner the brush.

But is this really the case?

  Before using this toothpaste, it is best not to stain it with water. Dental experts said that if the toothpaste is wet or not before brushing, it will not affect the cleanliness. As long as the time is sufficient, the method is correct.

However, if you are using a desensitized toothpaste, it is best not to stain it to avoid damaging the active ingredients in the toothpaste.

  Fluoride toothpaste can prevent dental caries but can be poisoned by mistake. Now people have improved their oral hygiene, so the promotion of oral cleaning products has become more and more diverse.

Some people think that you need to use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth.

But fluoride toothpaste is not suitable for everyone.

  Fluorine is an essential trace element in the human body, and its effect on the prevention of dental caries has been confirmed within an appropriate range.

But if you are living in a high fluorine area, it is higher than the medium fluorine content.

When the human body absorbs excessive fluorine-containing substances, it may cause fluorosis and damage the nervous system.

However, for most other countries, this is a low-fluoride area, and people are more susceptible to the publicity of “fluoride toothpaste for brushing”.

In fact, fluoride toothpaste is not available for everyone and must be used by everyone.

  These three types of toothpaste can harm dental health. In addition to the need to use fluoride toothpaste in different areas, some toothpastes are actually not suitable for daily use.

  1. Toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the strongest and most effective cleanser. It may cause allergies or damage the oral mucosa and cause chronic oral ulcers.

People with frequent oral ulcers and those with ulcer attacks are more suitable for choosing mild and non-irritating pure natural toothpaste, and lemon lime oil toothpaste is the first choice.

  2. Whitening toothpaste.

Many toothpastes add bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide, to whiten teeth.

However, these can irritate soft tissues, damage the oral mucosa, and hurt the gums.

In fact, the whiteness of teeth is related to enamel and dentin, which is difficult to change with toothpaste.

  3. Toothpaste containing abrasives.

Many toothpastes add tiny particles that kill stains on the tooth surface.

However, the abrasives of some ointments are not fine enough to wear away the enamel. As a result, teeth become sensitive.

For children and those who have had their roots exposed, toothpaste containing silica or calcium hydrogen phosphate, aluminum hydroxide-based abrasives, or fluoride-free essential oil toothpaste is relatively recommended.