[Pineapple crisps (with pineapple filling)

Method]_ Common practice of pineapple cake (with pineapple filling) _ Common practice of pineapple cake (with pineapple filling) _ How to make pineapple cake (with pineapple filling)

[How to make pineapple cake (with pineapple filling)]_Homemade method of pineapple cake (with pineapple filling) _How to make pineapple cake (with pineapple filling) _How to make pineapple cake (with pineapple filling)Do it

Many novice daughters-in-law are very distressed in cooking. Pineapple cakes (including pineapple filling) is a practice suitable for novices to learn.

It doesn’t need to be very complicated, just a simple stir-fry.

Whether this dish is served with dry rice or porridge, it will not affect the taste of the dish, a bowl of soup tastes better after a meal.

1. Prepare ingredients: pineapple, winter melon and maltose.

2. Peel and peel the melon and cut into small pieces, peel and dice the pineapple, weigh the white sugar and maltose for future use.

3, boil water in the pot, add winter melon and cook, remove cold water.

4. Put the cooked winter melon in gauze and wrap it.

5. Squeeze out excess water.

6. Chop the melon from which the water has been squeezed into a succulent.

7. Wrap pineapple with gauze in the same way.

8. Leave the squeezed pineapple juice to spare.

9. Chop the pineapple into velvet.

10. Pour pineapple water, white sugar, and maltose into the pot. After boiling over high heat, stir over low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.

11. Pour the minced melon and pineapple over low heat and stir-fry.

12, fry until the water evaporates to turn brown, then the pineapple filling is ready.

13, put out to cool and spare.

14, prepare the prepared materials, the paste should be softened in advance.

15. Pour the powdered sugar and salt into the flour.

16. Beat with a whisk until fluffy and whitish.

17. Add egg liquid in two portions.

18. After each addition of egg liquid, beat the egg liquid and butter thoroughly before adding the next egg liquid.

19. Mix the milk powder and low-gluten flour evenly and sieve into the flour.

20, use a spatula to knead into a smooth dough and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

21. Knead the dough evenly.

22. Take a dough and press it into the crust with the palm of your hand.

23. Add the right amount of pineapple filling.

24. Use the tiger’s mouth to slowly push up the crust until it closes.

25. Round gently with both hands.

26. Bake the baking sheet with oil paper. Put the dough into the mold and gently reset it to the shape of the mold.

27. Make all pineapple cakes in turn.

28. Preheat the oven at 170 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes in the middle.

29. Bake the pineapple crisps and let them cool off.

30. Finished product drawing.

31, tasted one, it was so delicious!

Some people may say that they ca n’t cook for themselves because of long working hours. In fact, the method of pineapple cake (including pineapple filling) is simple and can be prepared in a short time.

[How to do fish for nine-month-old baby]_Baby_Method

[How to do fish for nine-month-old baby]_Baby_Method

Babies generally have a light diet, so steamed fish is best for babies.

Pick fish that don’t have any thorns. Fish should be fresh and tender.

Don’t buy too much, just a little less.

Babies don’t spit fishbone. It is best to make sure that the fishbone is more picky.

If you have a good grasp of the heat and the fish is fresh and tender, your baby will like it more.

The fish is trying to make it lighter and use less oil and salt.

Don’t put chili, don’t put all spicy things, the baby is more sensitive.

Make it into steamed fish 1.

Remove the viscera of the sea bass, clean it up, wipe off any excess water from the body and put it in a steaming dish 2.

Then put ginger slices and spring onions into the fish dish and place the pieces of bamboo shoots in a similar size. Soak the shiitake mushrooms on the fish body in warm water, remove the stalks, slice them, and code them on the fish body and its surroundings. 3.

Boil the water in the steamer over high heat, put it in a fish dish, and steam for 5-8 minutes. After turning off the heat, do not open the lid. The fish does not take the pot. Use the remaining temperature in the pot to “virtually steam” the pot for 5 minutes.4.

In a small bowl, pour two tablespoons of raw soy sauce, one tablespoon of vinegar, one tablespoon of oyster sauce, three tablespoons of wine, sesame oil, and stir into seasoning sauce. Tips for steaming seabass: 1. After cleaning the fish, place it in the fish body.Sprinkle alkaline liquor 2 on both sides. Add onion segments, ginger slices, and shiitake mushroom slices to the belly of the fish to support the appearance of the belly, and then add flavor 3. After the steamer is boiling, put the fish into the pot.Steam the fish 4 in the pan with cold water. The fish that is not too big should be controlled within 8 minutes. The fish will grow old after a long time. Do not open the lid after turning off the heat. Do not take the fish out of the pan. Do n’t forget to “steam” 5 minutesTrick 5, put the prepared juice in a small bowl and steam it with the fish. After the fish is out of the pot, change the seasoning and pour it on the fish. Compared with raw juice, this kind of juice is less jerky than raw juice.The fish taste is more gentle and soft, suitable for the tastes of the elderly and those who like light.

6, fish out of the pan, pour the steamed fish out of the soup, and then pour the prepared juice 1, if the fish is slightly larger, the steaming time can be extended another 2-3 minutes, but not too long.

Do n’t forget the “virtual steaming” trick 2. When steaming slightly larger fish, you can put two chopsticks under the fish to make the fish fully cooked and heat 3, or you can put the prepared juice in a small bowl.Steam with the fish in the pot. After the fish is out of the pot, adjust the seasonings and pour on the fish. Compared with the raw juice, the sauce is less jerky, and the fish taste is more gentle and soft. It is suitable for the elderly and those who like lightTaste.

Vanke A (000002): the king who crosses the cycle, can still enter again

Vanke A (000002): the king who crosses the cycle, can still enter again

Excellent strategic vision, never predict the cycle.

The company accurately grasps the development trend of the industry and has achieved 30 years of real estate leadership. The new era will continue to be the leader of the industry.

The reason why Vanke has the confidence and no prejudgment cycle is precisely because under any type of industry environment, it can be affected by its own management and management cycle changes, and even from the medium scale of the industry reshuffle layout.

According to our retrospection and forecast of Vanke’s operating cash situation, in the case of maintaining double-digit sales growth, according to Vanke’s lowest return rate of 90% in recent years (also Vanke’s minimum return rate on its own), neutralIntensity of land acquisition (50% of sales amount to land acquisition), conservative land-to-sales ratio (land price / revenue), and regardless of the impact of external financing, Vanke can still achieve continuous growth in operating cash inflows and continuous growth in sales.It is precisely its strong resource integration capabilities.

There is still room for growth.

Although the industry’s overall revenue growth is not optimistic, the company is optimistic about the company’s growth space in the context of increasing industry concentration.

The company currently enters 84 cities, of which 41 cities occupy the top three cities, and the extreme deep farming strategy is effective.

Among the four regions of the company’s South, Shanghai, North, and Midwest, the market share of the South and Midwest regions remained stable, and Shanghai and the North doubled between 2011 and 18. We believe that the company’s share of cities in multiple citiesThere is still room for improvement.

At the same time, in terms of the breadth of the market, the company has only deployed all the first- and second-tier cities. Nearly two-thirds of the third-tier cities have not deployed, and the remaining trillion-level companies can develop.

ROE has been at a high level for a long time, and interest-free leverage has contributed.

The company’s ROE has remained high for a long time. In addition, the increase in the average price has led to an increase in net interest rate. The use of interest-free leverage is worthy of recognition.

In addition to the advance payment and the increase in the proportion of upstream and downstream accounts, the mode of small stock trading can also leverage a large scale with smaller funds to increase net interest rate and equity multiplier.

These two are inseparable from the company’s brand value, and are also the company’s moat.

We believe that this core competitive company can be maintained for a long time.

Strong performance guarantee, 2019 is the peak period of settlement.

The company has ample amount to be settled: there are 3,710 in the scope of the 2018 company’s consolidated statement.

The settlement of 20,000 square meters of resources has not been completed, and the total contract amount is about 5307.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 25 over the end of last year.

2% and 28.


In addition, the company completed an area of 2,756 in 2018.

40,000 square meters, exceeding the initial plan of 4.


From the perspective of advance payment / revenue, the company reached 1 in 2018.

7 times the level, the highest in history.

Elasticity of settlement price: 201苏州夜网论坛8 unsold average price1.

40,000 / sqm, with an average sales price of 1 in 2018.

50,000 / sqm, after successively delivering high-priced projects, the average settlement price in 2018 was 1.

300,000 / sqm, rated 1 in 2017.

180,000 square meters increased by 10.


It is expected that the settlement price in 2019 will continue to grow.

Maintain Overweight rating and raise earnings forecast.

As a leading real estate company, the ROE level has ranked the first echelon of the sector in the past seven years, maintaining around 20%. The current land reserve is mainly high-quality first-tier and second-tier cities, with the value of goods accounting for 90% and a high margin of safety.

Under the influence of the deep ploughing strategy, the number of cities in the layout is only the same as the additional echelon, and it has the widest expansion space.

The company never predicts the cycle, and the sustainable and first-class management and financing capabilities win. Under the pessimistic assumption, the company can still maintain double annual growth under the environment without leverage, and has strong ability to pass through the cycle.

Maintaining the profit forecast, we raised the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to 423 in 2019-2021.


500 million (originally estimated 421.



Billion), a growth rate of 25 in ten years.

5% / 22.

3% / 17.


The corresponding EPS is 3.



37 yuan, according to estimates of comparable companies, we give companies 7 PE in 2020.

8 times (in line with comparable companies), corresponding to a target price of 35.

7 yuan.

Risk reminder: The downside of sales is higher than expected, and the expansion of new business is less than expected.

Shandong Iron and Steel (600022) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Looking forward to Rizhao boutique steel base to support long-term profit

Shandong Iron and Steel (600022) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Looking forward to Rizhao boutique steel base to support long-term profit

Shandong Iron and Steel released the third quarter report for 2019, and net profit attributable to mothers decreased by 80% year-on-year.

The company’s operating income from January to September 2019 was 53 billion yuan, an increase of 31% year-on-year, mainly due to the commissioning of the Rizhao base, the expansion of production and sales scale; and net profit attributable to mothers4.

9 ‰, a year-on-year decrease of 80%, mainly due to the increase in steel profits; gross profit margin 6.

76%, a decline of 5 per year.

3 points, a breakthrough in profitability.

The production of Rizhao base supports the growth of steel sales by 34% each year, but the profit per ton of steel has significantly changed.

The company’s January-September 2019 steel sales volume was 913 tons, an increase of 34% year-on-year; the ton steel revenue was 5801 yuan / ton, a continuous decline of 3%; the gross profit per ton steel was 392 yuan / ton, a decrease of more than 45%; the net profit per ton steel was 81 yuanTons, a decline of 79% per year.

Since 2019, the overall prosperity of the steel industry has declined, and the cost of iron ore and other materials has soared. Although the company’s steel production scale has increased, the profit level per ton of steel has plummeted.

The increase in taxes and fees, high costs, and high profits and losses of minority shareholders affect the net profit attributed to the mother.

On January 9, 2019, the company’s ton steel period cost was 263 yuan, an increase of 15% year-on-year; of which, the ton steel research and development expense was 135 yuan, a continuous increase of 105 yuan, and the company allowed to increase potential space in terms of cost reduction and efficiency improvement; the revenue was 27% per monthIncrease by 15.

6 points; minority shareholders’ profit and loss 2.

5.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 35%, making the net profit of motherhood low.

The company holds 51% of the shares in Rizhao Boutique Steel Base.

2019Q3 single quarter net profit -0.

8.8 billion, Laiwu base is possible, Rizhao base is profitable.

The company’s single quarter operating income in 2019Q3 was 206.

25 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.

6%, an increase of 11.

4%, mainly due to the gradual commissioning of the Rizhao base; the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in a single quarter was -0.

8.8 billion, of which the parent company (mainly Laiwu base) has a net profit of -1.

US $ 9.8 billion, indicating that the Laiwu base was terminated due to high costs and 淡水桑拿网 other reasons; minority shareholders’ profit and loss was zero.

9.3 billion, indicating that the company holds 51% of Rizhao boutique steel base profitable.

The Rizhao boutique steel base supports long-term profitability and maintains the “overweight” rating.

The company’s Q3 profit forecast, we expect the prosperity of the steel industry to decline, so lower the company’s estimated EPS for 2019-2021 is 0.

07 yuan, 0.

07 yuan, 0.

08 yuan.

The company’s Rizhao base will continue to release output and earnings flexibility. The company is also expected to gradually acquire minority shares in Rizhao base to increase net profit attributable to its mother. We expect the company to maintain long-term profitability and growth potential and maintain an “overweight” rating.

Risk warnings: Rizhao base is put into operation less than expected; steel prices fluctuate; production safety risks of the company.

E Fund has taken the lead in issuing 800ETF to join the fund and will start selling on October 14.

E Fund has taken the lead in issuing 800ETF to join the fund and will start selling on October 14.

Since the launch of ETF products this year, ETF franchise funds have entered the fast track of development.

According to Wind statistics, as of the end of September this year, nearly 60 ETF feeder funds have been announced (different share points), a record high for the same period in history.

Matching ETFs with linked funds has become a mandatory action for many fund companies.

  Take the recently-finished E Fund CSI 800 ETF as an example, its joining fund (A: 007856, C: 007857) began to raise funds immediately after the announcement, and it will be launched as soon as October 14th, and it will become the 800ETF to join the fund.
  Turn millions of biology into “one yuan investment”.

The ETF Linked Fund is like an off-site wholesaler. It collects the money of many small and medium investors to invest in the underlying ETF, which will greatly reduce the biology of the investment door.Achieve a leap from off-site to on-site.

Because of this characteristic, some investors 无锡夜网 affectionately call it the “off-market retail ETF”.

At the same time, the over-the-counter funds brought by joining the fund are also conducive to adding liquidity to the on-premise ETF and better improving its performance as a trading product.

Judging from the 2018 annual report, the largest holders of most ETFs are their corresponding linked funds.

As the “axial” of drainage, the existence of a linked fund has greatly facilitated investors.

  Strict management to control errors.

The unique connection characteristics also allow the connection fund to have similar risk-return characteristics and tool advantages as the target ETF.

ETF is also a tool for tracking the underlying index. ETFs track by buying a package of stocks, while linked funds are completed by investing in the former.

Therefore, for investors of linked funds, there are three factors that affect the final return: one is the quality of the underlying index, the other is the manager’s control over the level of the dual tracking error, and the third is the rate.

The goal of E Fund CSI 800ETF is to control the daily tracking subdivision to 0.

Within 2%, the goal of E Fund CSI 800 joining the fund is to control the daily tracking deviation to 0.

Within 35%.

Three major eye problems

Three major eye problems

Working hard, quick-drying, big-drying . who knows this, the eyes are idle, itching, dryness, and flowering are frequent, and the “four cakes”, “panda”, and “mosquito-repellent eyes” all become eyesSynonymous with.

  WHAT because of the three major problems of March Eye: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spring belongs to the liver, and the organs on the surface of the liver are the eyes, and the liver is good for the eyes.

However, after one winter, the liver’s blood and blood were consumed too much, and at this time, overwork was even more costly.

In addition, March’s wind-dryness prevails, from hair, skin, and eyes to dryness.

There is a dry environment outside our eyes, and nourishment of liver qi nourishes inside, and it is particularly prone to itching, dryness, and vision problems.

  One kind of itchy eyes is that the eyes are very itchy, but not red, tears in the wind, edema of the eyes, especially the inner corners of the eyes are itchy. This is due to qi deficiency in the body, and the dry climate invades and is reflected in the eyes.

The second is that the eyes are red and itchy, or have astringent pain, or a lot of secretions, which are caused by the external wind-heat evil forces that are too powerful and actively attack the eye surface.

  Dry eyes or dry environment, too much tear evaporation in the eyes, replacement due to excessive use of the eyes, liver fatigue, loss of essence and blood, resulting in insufficient secretion of tears.

  Vision dizziness is mainly due to excessive use of the eyes, causing the eyes to use the ciliary muscle tendons that adjust the far and near focal length, the adjustment power is reduced, and blurred vision appears. If the eyes are stretched differently, double vision will occur.

In addition, the eye gradually recovers to the lack of energy in the photosensitive medium under fatigue, and even causes the excessive consumption of the photosensitive medium and insufficient production, resulting in dim vision and a heterochromatic sensation.

  HOW to do: Eye protection from inside to outside at 11:00 pm. Sleeping eye problems are basically related to liver blood deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that blood is collected into the liver when we rest, thus preserving the strength of the liver and nourishing the eyes.

11 pm-1 am is the most vigorous time for liver and gallbladder meridian operation. Staying up late beyond this time will hurt the liver and gallbladder and affect the eyes.

  Doing eye exercises is likely to cause poor blood and eye fatigue. Doing eye exercises can increase eye blood movement, ensure eye nutrition supply, promote tear secretion, and relax eye muscles.

  Damp hot eyes Apply a hot towel around 60 degrees for 20-30 minutes each time.

It can moisturize the ocular surface, promote blood circulation, pass through the pulse, and improve eyesight. It has a good effect on relieving visual fatigue.

  Keeping your eyes moist and dry is the easiest way to fatigue your eyes.

The surrounding air is best to maintain humidity. Wear goggles to prevent wind and dust when going out to reduce tear evaporation and environmental irritation.

And consciously increase the number of blinks, tears can be evenly applied to the eye surface when blinking, to maintain eye moisturization, this is the simplest eye protection trick for people who use computers.

  Itchy eyes should not be rubbed with hands, the more itchy and itchy, the more rubbed the more red.

The correct way is to use a clean paper towel or handkerchief to gently press the corner of the eye to wipe away the extra tears.

  HOW medicine: Quickly find the commonly used medicine, itching, but tryptophan sodium eye drops can be used instead of red, Na Su Da eye drops, itching, swelling, removal of red bloodshot.

  Red and itchy can be used Houttuynia eye drops, heat and detoxification, antibacterial and antiviral effects are good, can withstand most conjunctivitis.

  The dry eyes can be supplemented with musk pearl eyesight, which can form a durable and effective protective film on the eyes.

  Vision dizziness replaces obstacles and disperses eye drops, which can forcibly relax the ciliary muscles and restore fatigue.

But this eye liquid will enlarge the pupil 3?
4 hours, so it is appropriate to use before going to bed.

10 points to prevent babies from getting sick with hand, foot and mouth disease in Shenyang

10 points to prevent babies from getting sick with hand, foot and mouth disease in Shenyang

On June 24, the Information Office of the Ministry of Health informed the hand, foot and mouth disease prevention and control work that the internal hand, foot and mouth disease was in an epidemic period, the prevention and control was serious and severe, and the prevention and control work was very difficult.

As of June 22, a total of 987,779 cases of hand-foot-mouth disease were reported nationwide in 2010, including 15,501 severe cases and 537 deaths.

  After entering spring each year, the incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease will gradually increase.

  According to the epidemic law, the city’s epidemic peaked in July, so parents should send their children to the hospital immediately if they find that their baby has a fever and rashes develop on their hands, feet, mouth, and buttocks.
  Hospital Outpatient-Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Children Suddenly Increased Recently, the reporter learned from the Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital, Shenyang Children’s Hospital, and other hospitals that in the past week, the hospital has seen a daily increase in the number of patients with hand, foot and mouth disease who presented a serious increase 6 months ago.Patients are mostly preschool children.

  Hu Guobin, director of pediatrics at Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital, said that hand, foot and mouth disease was caused by the virus, and most of them appeared in summer and autumn. At present, the hospital treats 6 to 7 patients with hand, foot and mouth disease every day, which is similar to 1-2 cases before mid-June.The increase in the magnitude of refraction.

  Hand, foot and mouth disease generally has mild symptoms. When most patients develop symptoms, they usually first develop fever symptoms. Macular papules and herpes (redness around the rash) may appear on the palms and feet, and herpes or ulcers may appear on the oral mucosa. The pain is obvious.

Some patients may be accompanied by cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and headaches.

A few patients are more ill and may be complicated by encephalitis, meningitis, myocarditis, pneumonia, etc. If not treated in time, they can be life-threatening.

  Experts remind-Children under the age of 3 have the highest incidence of the disease, Director of Yueyang, Shenyang Children’s Hospital, said that hand, foot and mouth disease is more common in summer and autumn, and it is common in preschool children. The incidence of infants under 3 years is the highest.

Children and occult infections replace the source of infection, mainly through the digestive tract, respiratory tract and close contact.

Hand, foot and mouth disease generally has mild symptoms and can heal itself in 7 to 10 days.

A few patients are more ill and may endanger important organs such as the heart, brain, and lungs, causing serious complications.

Adults generally do not get sick, but they can also become infected with the virus and become recessive.

  Developing good hygiene habits is the key to preventing hand, foot and mouth disease, and families and kindergartens should pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene.

Wash hands frequently, disinfect toys, tables and chairs, door handles, and other objects that children can touch. Pay attention to ventilation in the room and dry clothes.

During the epidemic of hand, foot and mouth disease, parents should not take their children to the public places of the staff. Once the children are sick and develop fever or rash, they should take them to the hospital in time.

  If a child is already sick at home, be careful not to let the sick child touch other children.

The child’s saliva and other secretions should be wrapped in toilet paper and thrown in the trash.

The child’s stool should be collected and thrown into the toilet after disinfection.

Disinfect your child’s daily utensils.

  Expert Tips-Preventing parents from doing these 10 Shenyang CDC tips: At present, Shencheng has entered the hot and hot season in summer, which is the season of high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease.

  At present, there are two main ways that the virus can be brought to children: one is the sick child in the child care institution; the other is the parents who may be in contact with the child who may be infected with the virus.

  Because parents go out every day, the contact crowd is more complicated, and the objects they touch are diverse.

Therefore, the prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease should start from parents.

  Here are some tips for parents: 1.

After returning home from work, please change the clothes you wear when you go out and place them out of the reach of children; 2.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly, it is best to wash your face at the same time to prevent your child from getting infected when kissing your cheeks; 3.

Pay attention to personal hygiene, take frequent baths and shampoos, and pay attention to changing nails and personal home clothing in a timely manner; 4.

4. When preparing food for children, allow the food to be thoroughly cleaned and heated and cooked;

Try not to give children leftovers and leftovers, and do not expose cakes, biscuits and other food to the air continuously; 6.

Clean your hands frequently, prevent nails, change clothes, and dry the bedding; 7.

Pay attention to keep your child’s toys clean; 8.

Pay attention to correct the children’s sucking fingers, picking nostrils, biting toys and other undesirable small movements; 9.

Minimize taking children to crowded public places.

In particular, try to avoid contact with other children with fever and rash, and reduce the chance of infection.


Observe the child’s health status. Once the child is found to have symptoms such as fever and rash, take the child to the hospital as soon as possible.If your doctor recommends hospitalization, you should actively cooperate.

  If your child is a kindergarten or school student, you should also tell the teacher early.

Do not rush to kindergarten or school before the child is completely cured, and prevent transmission to other children. The isolation period is one week from the time the child is found to the time when the symptoms disappear.

  Reporter You Geng

Healthy and sculpting delicious recipes

Healthy and sculpting delicious recipes

From now on, make your own healthy diet plan!

A new healthy eating plan will make you more energetic, overcome endurance than before, and the distortion of mood will be less intense.

If you continue to adhere to such a diet, you will not only have a lower chance of getting sick, but will also extend your life expectancy by 15 years.

Of course, along with it, there is the good figure you have always wanted.

  In fact, there is no need to count the number of conversions you implant every day. Below, we take a look at the world’s healthiest menu that combines the best of China and the West.

  Breakfast: freshly squeezed orange juice, oatmeal (soak the oats in milk for one night, then boil it with chopped apples, light yellow raisins, a bit of malt, and a spoonful of honey)Bread, green tea.

  This is a high-grain, high-fiber breakfast.

Oatmeal can help you lower cholesterol; malt is rich in vitamin E; two drinks-green tea and fresh orange juice-contain a lot of vitamins.

  Morning Tea: Soy Milk This is a great way to implant phytoestrogens.

A large cup of soy milk can help you implant 30-40mg of phytoestrogens, which is about half the amount implanted by Japanese people.

Phytoestrogens have been shown to greatly reduce the chance of developing diabetes.

You can usually boost your PMS by balancing hormones in the body.

  Lunch: seafood or chicken, salad made from tender vegetable leaves and olive oil, rice.

  Both seafood and chicken can provide low-fat, high-protein nutrition.

It’s important to mix salads and fresh juices to provide you with antioxidants.

If you have low levels of vitamin C and vitamin E in your diet, you are very susceptible to cardiovascular disease, hypertension and hypertension.

Season with a little olive oil, because it can saturate unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower plasma and reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Rice, which contains carbohydrates, can provide you with enough energy.

  Before dinner: red wine, olives Drink a little red wine to protect your heart, olives can cause appetizing effects.

  Dinner: Cantonese-style soup or Japanese bean noodle soup, grilled fish, noodles or rice bowl, fruit, green tea. Cantonese-style soup with rich nutrition; Japanese bean noodle soup is made from soybeans, so it can provide plant hormones.

Fresh fish is great, it has low trace content and high protein content.

Fish is rich in cholesterol, which can lower plasma and blood pressure.

Noodles or rice bowls make the staple food moderate and easy to digest.

And vegetables, fruits and green tea can provide a lot of vitamins and antioxidants.

Prevent children from getting sick in kindergarten from these aspects

Prevent children from getting sick in kindergarten from these aspects

Kindergarten has been in school for two weeks. For mothers who have just attended kindergarten, these two weeks are not easy.

At the beginning, I had to do everything possible to get them to adapt to the kindergarten life as soon as possible, and when the children finally got used to it, they suddenly became ill, had a fever, and had a diarrhea . so that the mothers were struggling.

And many mothers will find that it is not their children who are sick. Many children who have just attended kindergarten are sick, and even some children who rarely get sick often have not escaped. Why is it easy for children to get sick when they just go to kindergarten?


Beginning a collective life and increasing the chance of exposure to germs Experts say that children begin to go to kindergarten, enter a kindergarten with a large number of people from a simple family environment, and start a collective life.


Too little sick before going to kindergarten Parents do their best to care for their children. Many children rarely get sick before going to kindergarten, and some even never get sick.

It is definitely not something to be proud of, because the process of a child’s illness is actually a process of learning of the immune system, and the child’s immune system matures early.

If a child seldom gets sick before going to kindergarten, it also means that his immune system is not mature enough. After going to kindergarten, the chance of exposure to germs increases, but he does not have enough immunity to resist, and he is more likely to get sick.


Before going to kindergarten, the living environment is too clean. In order to prevent them from coming into contact with germs, some families pay great attention to environmental hygiene. Baby supplies and the floor at home are often disinfected with disinfectant. Children rarely touch the nature when they go out.Growing up in the environment will increase the chance of your child suffering from allergic diseases.

When the child arrives at the kindergarten and is stimulated by the complicated environment, the child is prone to allergic diseases such as cough and runny nose.


Children’s awareness of hygiene is not strong. Children come into contact with various toys in kindergartens and contact with children’s various limbs. They are easily exposed to various germs, but they do not have sufficient health awareness. Teachers may not be able to take good care of every child.In the mouth, cross infections are prone to occur.


Children’s separation anxiety affects immune function Zhang Silai, a well-known childcare expert, said on his blog that children’s emotions can affect health.

When a child first enters kindergarten, they are prone to anxiety such as separation anxiety. These complications often cause the child’s resistance to decline or gastrointestinal dysfunction. Unfamiliar circumstances will cause the child to dare not to urinate and urinate in the kindergarten, and often carry stoolAnd urine.

As a result, children are prone to respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases such as colds, tonsillitis, diarrhea, hands, feet, mouth, and constipation when they first enter kindergarten.

  If the child is sick, the parents should not be too nervous. Every time the child is sick, antibodies against this disease are produced. In the fight against the body and the disease, the child’s immune function is gradually improved. What the parents need to do is symptomatic care to let the child as soon as possible.Rehabilitation.

At the same time, parents need to pay attention that they cannot give up their children to kindergarten because their children go to kindergarten easily. When the children gradually adapt to the kindergarten environment, this situation will naturally disappear.

  To prevent children from getting sick in kindergarten, start from these aspects: 1.

Prepare for the school in advance so that children can develop the sanitary habit of washing their hands before and after meals, so that children can learn some basic life skills, such as eating, dressing, and using the toilet.

If conditions permit, children can familiarize themselves with the kindergarten environment, such as participating in parent-child activities, so as to avoid the separation and metabolism or metabolic mood of children when entering the kindergarten.


Do n’t overeating at weekends Some parents worry that their baby is not eating well in kindergarten, so make a large table delicious at weekends, let the children eat casually, and the child ‘s poor self-control ability, it is easy to overeating, causing indigestionOr other digestive disorders.


Children should be quarantined when they are ill (especially for infectious diseases). They should be quarantined. Kindergarten teachers and parents should pay attention to prevent cross-infection.


Vaccination on time Vaccination is an effective means to prevent epidemic diseases such as chicken pox, measles, influenza and so on.

(Note: The kindergarten’s immunization status is usually checked in the kindergarten, so parents must implant the relevant vaccine on time according to the immunization plan.

) 5.

Improving children’s immunity Pay attention to children’s nutritional balance, participate in physical activities, more exposure to nature, and improve children’s immunity.

  Through the above sharing, I hope that it will be helpful to parents, so that children can avoid getting sick, and parents can also save much time.

Those things, those feelings

Those things, those feelings

Although meeting each other on the Internet, falling in love seems a very romantic thing, but most people will still keep a clear head, because in the face of the lover who has not met before, it always seems to be just a spiritual comfort.

I am such a person who falls in love with illusory, and I and he have turned this illusory into reality.

  After that, I want to tell all the lovers in the world that love needs each other’s feelings, but it also requires the efforts of both parties. If you have this love, let it become a reality.

  (1) It was a very chance to meet him. It was in a very “lively” place. At that time, I was chatting with several netizens at the same time in a popular chat room. I was typing on the keyboard mechanically and busy.You can’t make friends, and suddenly a strange name appears on the screen, and it’s kind to say hello to me, like my good friend.

Since falling into the net pool in March, I have met many netizens across the country, but after searching my memory bank, I still can’t remember ever knowing him.

However, I am a person who likes to make friends, so I talked with him a few times during his busy schedule. Sure enough, he honestly admitted that he didn’t know me, and only accidentally found it in the chat room list.People were talking to me, so they pretended to be my friends, but just didn’t want to be ignored.

We exchanged ICQs that day. Through the information on ICQ, I found that we were in two cities that were far away. He was a few years older than me, and that special confession really attracted me.

  Time passed by a little bit, and it was a little early in the morning, and he was leaving, and I didn’t say a few words to him, because many netizens kept me busy.

He said he was very happy to meet me and felt like an old friend who seemed familiar.

I ‘m a girl, and I know the name in the chat room, so it ‘s very popular since surfing the Internet. He does n’t feel different to me. After polite farewell, he “leaves” the chat room gently,I continue to talk about our topic with my good friend Retina.

  The day is still as busy as usual, my work determines that I must pay a lot of benefits, because a girl doing technical work, especially related to computers, feels different.

I am not a feminist, but I hope that there is no distinction between men and women in my work, so I worked very hard and self-study to prove that I am not worse than boys.

  On the third morning, I rushed to work very early, sitting in front of the computer I usually used, and suddenly found that my ICQ was full of information sent last night.

It turned out that my colleague restarted the machine and opened my ICQ at the same time, and I didn’t set the hidden. Many netizens thought that I had been online and ignored them.

He was one of them. That night he took a friend to chat in the chat room that I have been going to. But he didn’t find me, and I didn’t answer CALL.

So I immediately wrote back to all CALL people I didn’t answer, and explained the reason to them, because I felt that I should be sincere to my friends.

Then I continued to be drawn to intense work.

  I do n’t remember for a few days, I just remember that he came to the chat room that night. I talked to him a lot. When I told him I wrote him a letter explaining the reason for that day, he seemed very strange, and hurriedly went to seeAfter receiving the letter, he said that no one had written to him for a long time, so that he would no longer receive the letter, so my letter was lying in his mailbox for a long time.

We had a great chat that day. Although he left on time in the early morning, he promised to write back to me.

And I didn’t wait to meet my netizens, and then left.

A few days later, I really received a reply from him, so I started the email without time between us.

  (2) I grew up in a happy family. Friends regarded me as my little sister and took good care of me.

I haven’t had to worry about my parents since I was a kid, I always get beautiful transcripts.

In fact, I am also a more lively girl. I love playing, shopping, and being with friends.

Since joining the work, it seems that time is not enough. Listening to friends saying that surfing the Internet is fun, so it makes sense to try it psychologically. Whoever thinks of really falling in love cannot help themselves.

But I have no purpose, I just want to know more friends through the Internet and see more exciting worlds outside.

  The days are still past. His name appears in my ICQ list. Every time I come to see, I always want my friends’ names to change from red to blue. I think it ‘s fun to talk to them. Do n’t be afraid to have a dayWhat I said was regarded as a laughingstock. In fact, most netizens are like this, just trying to find a place where someone can comfort and listen.

  When chatting that night, he suddenly said that I missed my voice. I have also talked to a few good netizens on the phone. It is not surprising. Because I have been chatting for a long time and become friends, I naturally want to hear the voice of the other partySeeing each other.

Off the net, dialed his home phone number, a tone of “Hello” (because he hasn’t spoken Mandarin for a long time, plus nervousness, so the tone changed), making our personality easier.

It seems that we have talked a lot. Our real life, family, past past, four hours passed in an instant, our ears were a little numb, and our hands were tired. So in the case of not being willing, we are still over.That happy personality.

In the future, more and more emails will be sent. The first thing to do on the Internet is to receive and read letters, which has become my habit.

  In fact, I do n’t always understand the relationship between men and women, because there are always many boys around me, some are always good to me, some go away after being rejected, and some become my conscienceFriends, but in my heart, most of them are my elder brother.

Maybe because of the frustration of my first love, I no longer give my feelings easily, but rather enjoy their love for me.

If I hadn’t met him, maybe I would have lived a peaceful life with those who loved me.

  (3) As usual, I called his company again, but there was something wrong with him. There seemed to be something else besides the “Hello” tone. We didn’t say a few words, he saidSay it when you write to me, so I hung up the phone with doubt.

  In the evening I worked the same overtime as usual. After the work was done, I opened the mailbox.

Although I didn’t save the letter (because I didn’t know that the mailbox would exceed its capacity and was deleted by the administrator), I still remember it.

Although I haven’t known each other for a long time, we all still know what happened, and the letter told me that some things cannot be avoided.Later, he also said that he would do what he wanted, just as he thought, he would definitely say it.

I think, if it wasn’t for his personality, we might just stay on Email and TELEPHONE forever.

  My reply is unacceptable, because in real life there is a boy who loves me very much. He has always taken care of me like his elder brother, cared for me, and even treated me in every possible way. Although I do n’t love him, I appreciateHe, I don’t want to hurt his heart, I have been thinking, having such feelings that are not love, maybe I can live well.

  Since then, we still write letters every day and call every day, but we often talk about the future.

Later, a surprising and very unpleasant event happened. It is not necessary to elaborate here. In short, I accepted him from my heart and accepted this boy who has never met. This may be a fruitless online relationship.

Many days, we are in long-term conversations, and no longer chat online, just receive letters, write letters, issue cards, send pictures, or visit the homepage of a good friend to see online novels, and the lives of netizens.The story is almost just a long telephone line to maintain this relationship.

We sent each other photos to each other, and he scanned my photos and posted them online, framed in photo frames, and hung on the bed.

We are all trying to convince each other that this is not an illusory love, and there will always be a person who cares about him at the end of the phone.

  Soon after, I found a girl on the Internet who was also an experience with us. She and his boyfriend also met on the Internet and lived different lives in two faraway cities.

But the love between her and him was just as sweet. Her master was full of happiness and moved me.

  (4) At the end of September, I finally convinced my parents to go to his city by plane alone. This was the first time I had traveled alone and the first time by air. After a long period of overtime work, I had such a relaxing time.Opportunity, I am really happy.

Recalling the courage and the director’s request for leave, I now feel it is God’s will. If the parents do not agree, if the director does not approve the leave, if I dare not, if there is no money, many if we are not able to meet, and we will notThere is today.

I believe in fate very much, but I believe that things are artificial.

  The plane landing that day made me feel uncomfortable, but it was more nervous. What is he like?

Will it be very different from him on the phone?

Do we have nothing to say?

Will you feel that everything is different when you meet?

Remember to write to a netizen before going, she said that meeting may become different. If you feel good and lucky, just afraid that it will become fruitless by then, would n’t it be miserable?

When I thought about it, I came to the exit. There are many strangers waiting to pick up. There are people on both sides of the road. Where is he?

I looked around and suddenly he appeared in front of me, still the kind of silly smile on the phone, big eyes, angular faces, dark plaid shirt, dark blue jeans, pure, lively oneThe look of the big boy is a little different from the picture.

Busy calling home to report safety, followed him into the car to pick me up, never dared to look into his eyes, and said something insignificant in the car, his cousin asked some information while driving, I seem toI haven’t got used to it, just looking at the streets outside, strangers outside . in a blink of an eye, the car drove to his home, slowly began to adapt, and tried to connect him with the phone and see him.My room was full of my photos. When I saw the room he described on the phone, the anxiety and nervousness disappeared at the same time.

Then came four days of happiness, easy days, long-term work pressure, and learning pressure. After changing the environment, we have been put behind our heads, and we are really harmonious. Even after four days, we no longer want to be separated.

  Back home, everything is still the same, but there is more concern and expectation in his heart, whether he cares about the distant place is good, I look forward to the next holiday let us meet, once a day letter, call every day, as if there is always endlessIf so, maybe this is love.

  Not long after the National Day, he came to my city, and it was also four days. We had a great time. Although there was always a certain kind of fear, but we noticed more in the future.I intend to believe that the future belongs to us.

  (5) We have been separated for more than a month. The next time we meet is probably the New Year.

Phones and letters are the tools we use to communicate with each other. I remember asking him once, what if all the communication tools between us were not working one day?

He answered me in the letter and said, if that’s the case, we still have love. As long as there is love in each other’s heart, what is the distance in space?

  My friends all said to me, why bother to find a boyfriend so far away, it is not too unrealistic to have so many good friends around.

At first I had doubts about the authenticity of all of this, and I was by no means looking for a boyfriend on the Internet, but I think everyone should treat love sincerely, treat those you love, as long as you all work hard, all objective reasonsIt’s not a problem, the question is whether you really have feelings for each other.

  The story between us is still going on, and there are still many difficulties in the future that we need to face, but I believe that those who do not understand us slowly will understand that the power of love cannot be stopped, it can make everything impossibleYes, the illusion becomes reality.

Believe me, as long as you work hard, everything can become real!

  May all lovers in the world become dependents!