[Guide to sexless girls for the first time]

[Guide to sexless girls for the first time]




20 to 30 years old: Lawyer Ms. Li, who is nearly 30 years old and does not know “love”, is charming and beautiful, exuding infinite charm.

She and her husband, Mr. Dai, are college classmates and married after graduation.

Although she was no longer a virgin at that time, her sexual experience was very limited.

“I know I should enjoy sex, but having sex is not fun for me.

I had read a book and followed the instructions on it, but to be honest, every time I had to pretend to be orgasm-because I didn’t want to disappoint the husband.

“Climax doubts According to research, women aged 20 to 30 are most likely to cause psychological stress in order to reach orgasm.

Many women cannot reach orgasm at this age. The reason is generally simple and easy to correct. That is because they do not know much about sex, and the couple (or one of them) does not know enough about the function and location of the female clitoris.

The clitoris is the only organ in the female body that is only responsible for sexual pleasure, while the male body does not have a similar organ.

Studies have found that it is easier for women to reach orgasm during masturbation, because the clitoris is easily stimulated at this time.

Fangling’s 26-year-old Ms. Wang has a deep understanding of this: “I have been traditionally educated since I was a child and have never heard the word ‘masturbation’.

I didn’t know what the clitoris was until I entered college.

Later, I saw a text in the book describing the heroine soaking herself in the bathtub and bringing herself to an orgasm. I thought it was very wonderful . When I knew how to make myself orgasm, I could send him more correctlyHint.

For example, using moans or body swings, or giving him many positive responses when he touches the right place.

“It’s true that women between the ages of 20 and 30 have the least chance of masturbating.

Without this kind of personal experience of orgasm, they have to be reduced to fake orgasms.

Insecure Ms. An, a 26-year-old writer, recalls a one-time experience at the age of 20: “He wanted to try something new, but I was not very willing.

I was a little scared, but after trying it, I started to feel relieved, because I saw that he had a lot of fun from it, and I also got the most wonderful experience in my life.

I almost fainted with excitement.

I still remember sitting there in bed unconsciously after that, as if suddenly realized, oh, that’s what they said!

“For many women in their 20s, insecurity is the greatest enemy of sexual pleasure.

When cheating their partners into believing that they are craving for immortality, they are actually worrying about their performance.

Unfortunately, the relationships established by women in their 20s are typically short-lived relationships that cannot cultivate a sense of intimacy and mutual trust between the two parties, which is an indispensable element of a happy sex life.

At the same time, the younger a woman can enjoy sex, the more satisfied she will be in her later life.

Therefore, it is particularly important to refuse to have a bland sex life.

Spend more time discovering your sexuality and let your partner know the best way to please you.


[Do you eat peanuts?]_Impact_What to do

[Do you eat peanuts?]_Impact_What to do

Although peanuts are delicious, one-time gluttony can cause stomach discomfort, such as bloating, snoring, and indigestion. This is because peanuts are rich in oily substances and are not easy to digest. Eating too much can cause stomachFlatulence.

There are many people who are not necessarily suitable for peanuts. Patients with gastroenteritis should even add peanuts to the blacklist.

We first introduced the people who are not suitable for peanuts. Let’s take a look together.

Excessive consumption of peanuts will cause inflation. Peanuts are high trace and high content foods, which are difficult to digest and are not suitable for eating more.

Peanut mainly contains peanut oil, phospholipids, and its protein, which is the nutritional component needed by the human body.

Eating in small amounts is good for your health, but it is rich in food that is not easy to digest and can cause bloating.

Therefore, peanuts must be moderately delicious. Don’t be greedy and eat more.

Although we all know that peanuts have many nutritious ingredients, and they are also very good for our health, do you know?

Not everyone is suitable for peanuts.

What kind of person is not suitable for peanuts?

Check it out and see if you are suitable for peanuts!

Peanuts are not suitable for people to eat because peanuts are high-feces, high-protein, and highly-transformed nuts.

It is not easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, so for people like gout, gastroenteritis, cholecystectomy, patients with diabetes, hyperlipoproteinemia, and bruising, they can not eat peanuts, otherwise it will make the disease worse.

There is another type of person who is best to stay away from peanuts, that is, friends who want to lose weight or are losing weight, after all, peanut conversion and aunt are too high.

If you really want to eat peanuts, you should also eat them in small quantities. Match your diet properly and strengthen your exercise to evaporate the snacks and transformations you eat.

If after reading the above article, you may be fortunate that you are not one of those who are not suitable for the crowd, don’t be proud, after all, eating too much peanuts will swell.

Although the food is good, pay attention to the right amount, and do not affect your physical health.

[Can gout eat duck meat]_Recommended diet

鐥涢涓€鑸槸涓勾鐢锋€ц寰楁瘮杈冨锛屽父瑙佺殑鐥囩姸鏈夋€ユ€х棝椋庢€у叧鑺傜値銆侀棿鎺ュ彂浣滄湡銆佹參鎬х棝椋庣煶鍙樻湡锛岃偩鑴忕梾鍙橈紝鐢卞師鍙戞€х棝椋庢垨鑰呮槸缁у彂鎬х棝椋庡紩璧枫€傜畝鍗曞湴璇寸棝椋庢槸浣撳唴鏈夋櫠浣撶粨鍧楋紝璺熷槍鍛や唬璋㈢磰涔卞拰鍥犱负灏块吀鎺掓硠鍑忓皯寮曡捣楂樺翱閰歌触琛€鐥囨湁鍏崇殑銆傜棝椋庢槸涓€涓參鎬у苟涓斿鏄撳紩鍙戝绉嶅苟鍙戠棁锛屾墍浠ラ渶瑕侀伩鍏嶉鐢ㄤ竴浜涗細寮曡捣鍢屽懁绱婁贡鎴栬€呮槸褰卞搷灏块吀鎺掓硠鐨勯鐗┿€傞腑鑲夊睘浜庝腑鍢屽懁椋熺墿锛屾湁鐨勭棝椋庢偅鑰呭湪鍚冧簡楦倝浠ュ悗浼氱棝椋庡鍙戯紝鍥犳鐥涢鎮h€呰兘灏戝悆鐨勫敖閲忓皯鍚冿Arguing, arguing, arranging, arranging, arranging, arranging, arranging, arguing, slowing down绷涓€涓嬶紝鍐嶅仛鐑归オ椋熺敤銆傞櫎浜嗛腑鑲夛紝鐗涜倝銆佸姩鐗╄倽鑴忋€佺緤鑲夈€佸ぇ閮ㄥ垎娴烽矞閮藉惈鏈夊ぇ閲忓槍鍛わ紝鍥犳閮借灏戝悆銆傜棝椋庢偅鑰呯殑楗鍘熷垯瑕佸鍠濇按锛屽悓鏃跺鍚冪⒈鎬ч鐗╁皯鍚冮吀鎬ч鐗╋紝澶氬悆钄彍姘存灉锛屼絾鏄⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿瑕侀€傞噺鍑忓皯銆傜浉搴斿湴鑼躲€佸挅鍟°€佸潥鏋滅瓑浣庡槍鍛ら鐗╁彲浠ュ鍚冦€傚洜涓虹棝椋庢渶鏃╁湪楂樺翱閰歌鐥囨湡鏄病鏈夋槑鏄惧緛鍏嗙殑锛屼絾鏄細浼存湁鐤茬疮銆佷笉閫傜瓑锛屾偅鑰呭湪杩欐椂鍊欐槸娌℃湁鍔炴硶纭鑷繁鏄惁鎮f湁鐥涢锛岃繖鏃跺€欏彲浠ュ仛涓€浜涜緟鍔╃殑妫€鏌ワ紝姣斿閰稿翱閰搁壌瀹氾紝涓€鑸敺鎬ц灏块吀鍊艰秴杩?mg鐨勶紝濂虫€ц秴杩?mg灏辨槸楂樺翱閰歌鐥囦簡锛岃娉ㄦ剰鏄惁浼氬紩璧风棝椋庛€傚彟澶栧翱閰哥洂妫€鏌ャ€佸奖鍍忓妫€鏌ャ€佽秴澹版鏌ョ瓑绛夛紝閮藉彲浠ュ幓鍖婚櫌鑷閫夋嫨涓鸿嚜宸辩殑韬綋杩涜鎺掓煡銆傞櫎浜嗛鐗╂敞鎰忔剰澶栵紝涔熷簲璇ユ敞鎰忎紤鎭紝鍘嬪姏璋冭妭绛夛紝鍚屼簨瑕佹帶鍒朵綋閲嶃€?

Lechuang Technology (430425): a professional enterprise in the field of military motion control products

Lechuang Technology (430425): a professional enterprise in the field of military motion control products

Chengdu Lechuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of military motion control products.

It is the earliest domestic professional company that develops motion controllers based on “DSP + FPGA” and promotes precision motion control products such as servos. It is also the earliest domestic professional manufacturer that independently develops universal motion controllers.

The company mainly produces and sells motion controllers and drive execution products. It adopts the independent technology research and development model and uses the advantages of “platform technology + application technology” to provide motion control products and overall products for customers in different industries in the field of motion controlsolution.

That is, it uses “general motion control technology” as the platform and “industrial application technology” as the core. At the same time, it provides a complete motion control solution consisting of motion controller, servo, stepper driver and supporting motor.

At the same time, the company also provides customers with personalized product development services according to the needs of the application industry.

The global motion control market will remain 4.

With a composite strength of 4%, 重庆耍耍网 the global scale will exceed US $ 13.4 billion by 2021.

As the brain of various types of equipment, the motion control system determines the accuracy and efficiency of the equipment and is an important way to differentiate between different brands of equipment.

According to data estimates, the annual motion control market size in 2016 reached 62.

46 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

7%, and the market size is expected to approach 9 billion yuan by 2020.

Subdivided into specific products, the current three types of controllers are almost three minutes in the world. In 2016, based on PC, dedicated controllers, PLC controllers accounted for 32%, 39%, 29%.

The new generation of embedded controllers has achieved good results.

In the first half of 2018, the company realized operating income of 31,676,205.

75 yuan, 成都桑拿网 an increase of 4,188,389 over the same period last year.

37 yuan, the annual budget is 15.

twenty four%.

Among them, the existing business continued to maintain steady growth; the vision positioning dispensing system and the vision positioning automatic edge-cutting cutting system based on the company’s next-generation embedded controller MC7744 / MC7764 achieved better results and became the company’s new profit growth point.
Profit forecast forecast company 2018?
2020 net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be 0.

10.7 billion, 0.

115 ppm, 0.

143 trillion, the budget revenue is 0.

41 yuan, 0.

44 yuan, 0.

55 yuan.

Risks indicate the risks of peer competition; the risks of new technology product competition.

Quick comment on important events of Tianshun Wind Energy (002531): Decisive layout of German production capacity cuts into European sea wind pile foundation track

Quick comment on important events of Tianshun Wind Energy (002531): Decisive layout of German production capacity cuts into European sea wind pile foundation track

Matters: Tianshun Wind Energy announced on September 3 that it plans to invest 22 million euros to acquire operating assets for offshore wind power piles produced in Germany. It can transfer about 10 quickly to the European offshore wind power pile market, grasp the growth potential of the industry, and increase the company’s business.Scale and profitability, increase customer stickiness to GE, Nordex, Siemens, Vestas and other world-class wind power equipment manufacturers, and increase penetration into the wind power equipment market in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries.

Guoxin Electric’s new perspective: 1) Quickly cut into the European offshore wind power pile foundation market through asset acquisition, place blank business, and improve customer stickiness.

2) Grasp the opportunity of European offshore wind power growth in a timely manner, expand the scale of revenue and improve profitability.

Offshore wind power pile-based products have higher gross profit margins than ordinary wind tower products, single 北京桑拿洗浴保健 MW purchase volume and single ton molecular weight are also higher, which can quickly expand the scale of revenue and gross profit margin.

3) Avoiding potential trade friction risks and increasing internationalization through localization: Facing a potential EU anti-dumping investigation against Chinese wind tower products, the company accelerated the landing of production capacity in the European market, and pile-based products and wind tower products are interchangeable plants.Avoid the impact of potential trade frictions on your business.

4) Risk warning: The company may integrate the European production technology team, which may lead to unfavorable integration, and the business expansion and product quality may fall short of expectations in the short term.

5) Investment suggestion: Tianshun Wind Energy is a global 合肥夜网 leader in wind towers. It has strong cost control and system management capabilities. The synergy between offshore pile foundation products and wind tower products from the production side is obvious. The company can also supply at the same time, and production integration is complex.Highest; in the company’s history, it has deployed local production capacity in Europe (Poland) and has certain management experience in international business integration.

The European offshore wind power market is in a rapid growth period. The acquisition is in line with the company’s strategic plan and it is expected that earnings and cash flow will be better.

Leading global wind towers are taking advantage of the wind to take the lead in scarce production capacity to seize the market.

Increase the company’s profit forecast. Due to the expected increase in earnings and improvement in cash flow, increase the company’s reasonable forecast range9.


58 yuan / share (original range 6).


09 yuan / share, an estimated 46% increase in the center), which is a 32-65% premium to current expectations, corresponding to a PE of 18 in 2019.


6x, maintain “Buy” rating.

According to the company’s new pile foundation production capacity in Germany and Jiangsu Changshu and Henan Puyang’s blade new capacity planning, the company’s operating income for 19-21 is increased by 61.



500 million, more than previously expected (52.



600 million) increased 18/19/19%; raised net profit attributable to mother to 9.



1.2 billion, more than previously expected (7.



90,000 yuan) increased 16/33/42%, corresponding to 0 EPS.



79 yuan, corresponding to the current total PE of 13.



8 times, reasonable estimate interval 9.


58 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Comment: Acquisition of German pile foundation capacity cuts into European offshore wind pile foundation track Tianshun Wind Energy intends to invest 22 million euros to acquire operating assets originally owned by Ambau GmbH for the production of offshore wind pile foundation.As the transferor Ambau is currently in bankruptcy, the acquisition will be held at Tianshun’s German subsidiary and the trustee of the asset, Dr.

Gerrit Hlzle.

The subject matter of this acquisition is the operating assets originally belonging to Ambau and producing offshore wind power pile foundations in Cuxhaven, northern Germany. Tianshun Wind Energy is not responsible for any debts related to the assets acquired.

The target asset to be acquired is near the coastline of the North Sea and is one of the important suppliers of offshore wind power pile foundations in the North Sea. The theoretical maximum annual production capacity is about 10 tons.

The scope of coverage includes Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries. It mainly provides offshore wind power pile foundation products to GE, Nordex, Siemens, Vestas and other international first-class machine manufacturers.

The acquisition will enhance the company’s competitiveness and industry segmentation in the global wind power equipment market, which will help the company deepen its global strategy, expand its business areas, and improve its product layout.

In the first half of 2019, the additional installed capacity of European offshore wind power increased by 72.

1%, the development trend is good, and the North Sea area is the key area for the development of European offshore wind power. The company seizes the opportunity to quickly enter the European offshore wind power pile machine market, which can further enrich product categories and improve the global layout.

At the extreme, the average cost of offshore wind power has dropped significantly, especially in northern Europe, a key area for offshore wind power development.

In 2017, the bid price of the Hornsea One wind farm on the northeast coast of England was 57.

50 pounds per megawatt-hour, half the price of the 2015 offshore wind supplement project.

In 2018, there were also zero-supply offshore wind power projects in Germany. In addition to technological advances, the reduction in global wind power cost has a lot to do with the project development model shifting to the bidding-to-grid mechanism.

In terms of technology, the increase of single machine capacity is the key, and the large-scale unit has quickly reduced the construction and operation and maintenance costs of non-fan sections.

At present, the overseas 8MW budget has been put into commercial operation and has become mainstream, and the latest determination has been changed from 9.

5-12MW development.

GE’s 12MW will be hoisted in 2019.

In 2011, a study funded by the European Union indicated that the current materials can support the development and production of units with a capacity of up to 20MW.

There is still room for progress in the future.

Since Mexico and Spain first launched bidding for wind power in 2016, overseas new wind power projects have all turned to the bidding model.

This trend has affected the installed demand in some markets in the short term, and brought significant downward pressure on wind turbine prices in 2017-2018, but also opened up the long-term development space for wind power.

Bidding on the grid promotes the long-term competitiveness of wind power. Bloomberg New Energy predicts that the price of offshore wind power before 2025 will replace 4 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The UK Department of Commerce, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) plans that by 2030, 30% of the UK’s electricity supply will come from offshore wind power. By then, the UK’s offshore wind power installations will increase the current 8GW to 30GW, and the British government will recognize it5.

5.7 billion pounds of subsidies promote industrial development.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts that overseas onshore wind power installations are expected to reach 39 by 2019.

6GW, an annual increase of 52%; offshore wind installed capacity increased by 92% annually to 5GW.

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the international development path, and its products have been sold all over the world, and have been widely praised by customers.

The main production capacity of the company’s towers is now concentrated in the country, providing products for overseas markets in the form of exports.

In the future, the company will further deepen its global strategy and expand its overseas production capacity.

The company stated that it is currently conducting research and selection in some Southeast Asian countries, hoping to find the most suitable project as soon as possible to expand overseas production capacity.

Increased profitability of wind towers and blades, expansion of production capacity and expansion of long-term growth prospects The semi-annual report for 2019 shows that the company’s wind tower ton steel wool profits and the average gross profit margin of blade / die manufacturing have shown a trend of increase from the previous month, thereby enabling future wind towers and bladesWith the steady expansion of cargo volume and effective production capacity, the company will turn into a fast track for performance growth.

From the perspective of wind tower capacity, after the expansion of Shandong Tancheng and Germany, it is expected that the company’s global effective tower / pile foundation capacity will reach 65/75/85 mm by the end of 2019/20/21; the blade capacity will be 300/300/600In the wind tower industry, the company, as the right-leading company with the highest total cost, can maintain full production and sales; the long blade market owned by the company is in a tight supply angle in the next three years, and it can also ensure that the capacity utilization is 100%.

It is expected that under the expectation that the company will ensure stable profitability in the future, the scale of performance restructuring and revenue will continue to increase.

Investment suggestion: raise the company’s profit forecast, with a reasonable expectation range9.


58 yuan / share, maintain BUY rating.

Leading global wind towers are taking advantage of the wind to take the lead in scarce production capacity to seize the market.
Increase the company’s profit forecast. Due to the increase in expected earnings and improvement in cash flow, the company’s reasonable forecast range is increased to 9.


58 yuan / share (original range 6).

22-8.09 yuan / share, an estimated 46% increase in the center), which is a 32-65% premium to current expectations, corresponding to a PE of 18 in 2019.


6x, maintain “Buy” rating.

According to the company’s new pile foundation production capacity in Germany and Jiangsu Changshu and Henan Puyang’s blade new capacity planning, the company’s operating income for 19-21 is increased by 61.



500 million, more than previously expected (52.



600 million) increased 18/19/19%; raised net profit attributable to mother to 9



1.2 billion, more than previously expected (7.



90,000 yuan) increased 16/33/42%, corresponding to 0 EPS.



79 yuan, corresponding to the current total PE of 13.



8 times, reasonable estimate interval 9.


58 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

The phone is not only held in your hand, but also growth in your heart

The phone is not only held in your hand, but also “growth” in your heart

“Hey, what are you talking about?
The signal is bad and you can’t hear it!
“Similar scenes are common on TV and in life.
Studies have found that mobile phones have an impact on modern people more than wallets. They lose their phones, and most people will find them in less than an hour. If they lose their wallets, it may take a day or two.
A few days ago, Taiwan’s “Health” magazine reminded that mobile phones may not only be held in their hands, but may also be “grown” in their hearts, causing adverse effects on mental health.
A national survey in the UK found that on average, four out of five people lied once a day using their mobile phones. “Where are you” is the easiest problem to lie.
Professor Zhang Leijing, director of the Department of Psychology and Psychology of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, said that using a mobile phone to lie can make people feel guilty and easily form inertia.
Therefore, people should consciously conduct more face-to-face communication and get rid of “mobile phone habitual lying.”
The British “Debreit Noble Yearbook” includes mobile phone use in modern etiquette, calling for “live people to be more concerned than mobile phones.”
Many people have committed cell phone obsessive-compulsive disorder, and can’t live without their phones for a minute. Many white-collar workers at companies say that “you have to pull out your cell phone at any time to look at it, and you will be extremely nervous without a signal.”
Zhang Leijing said that modern communication methods make people have a strong and continuous demand and dependence on mobile phones.
In order to overcome it, people should restrain themselves appropriately, gradually reduce the number of times they watch mobile phones, and cultivate a peaceful mentality.
A holiday company in the United Kingdom started a trial of “mobile phoneless travel”, and participants were not allowed to travel with mobile phones.
Many people always hear the mobile phone ringing, take out the mobile phone to see, there is no incoming call or text message.
This is a type of “phone hallucination” that is common among senior white-collar workers, media personnel, and sales staff.
Prolonged auditory hearing can cause people to become overly nervous, irritable and anxious.
Therefore, those with mild symptoms may wish to develop the habit of shutting down before going to bed and use the mobile phone in a healthy way to better relieve stress.
In severe cases, you should consider seeking help from a psychologist.

People with a cold stomach eat more fennel to dispel cold and warm the stomach

People with a cold stomach eat more fennel to dispel cold and warm the stomach

When it comes to fennel, people often think of the condiments, fish stew, grilled meat, and the stench are always indispensable.

However, its stems and leaves also have a lot of effects, especially those with cold stomach should eat more.

  Fennel is rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, carotene, and high in cellulose, calcium and iron.

It tastes acrid and warm, and has the effects of warming the liver and kidney, warming the stomach, and dispersing cold and analgesic.

It can stimulate gastrointestinal nerve blood vessels, promote digestive juice secretion, increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, exclude accumulated gas, have the effect of strengthening the stomach and qi, and is suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency.

In addition, fennel ether in fennel has antibacterial effect, and has a good inhibitory effect on E. coli, dysentery bacillus, etc., can prevent a variety of infectious diarrhea, and promote healing of inflammation and ulcers.

  Fennel has a special aroma and is an excellent vegetable with meat and fat. Using it as a stuffing can enhance people’s gastrointestinal resistance.

However, it needs to be reminded that fennel magnesium and zinc are also very rich. Stir it with boiling water before eating to remove astringency.

There is always a large collection of masks with various effects for you_1

A large collection of masks with various functions is always suitable for you

Facial mask is the most urgent sacred product in all skin care products. More and more people like to make homemade facial masks, homemade moisturizing facial masks, homemade acne facial masks, etc. Below, I will share with you the homemade facial mask methods.There is one for you!

  Mung Bean Traditional Chinese Medicine Mask Mung Bean has anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects, and reduces swelling and swelling, while Chinese herbal medicines such as Amaranth, White Poria, Amaranth have cooling blood and swelling. This DIY mask is especially suitable for oily skin. In the spring, you can apply this mask to eliminate the acne marks in the body.

Method: Mix 2 teaspoons of mung bean powder, 1 teaspoon of white lotus root powder, 2 teaspoons of white lotus root, 1 teaspoon of white lotus root powder, add honey, and milk.

Put the mixed mask on both ends for 15 minutes and wash with water.

  Oatmeal mask material: appropriate amount of oatmeal, half of papaya, a small amount of skim milk.

Method: Put oats in water for 6 hours beforehand?
8 hours.

Squeeze the papaya into the milk and pour into the milk. After the oats are dried, pour into the papaya milk and stir.

Apply the mixture directly to it, 10 minutes?
After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

Mask effect: remove dead skin and improve acne marks.

And this DIY mask is suitable for any skin type.

  Protein in eggs: 1 egg, 1?2 lemon, and moderate salt.

Method: Break up one egg, add half a lemon juice and a little coarse salt, stir well; add olive oil to the egg juice, mix the two evenly.

Masks can be stored in the refrigerator on weekdays. Doing it 1-2 times a week can make the skin firm, improve the pores, and promote smooth and fine skin.

  Apple puree acne mask fruit is a beauty product that many people know.

If you have acne or acne marks on your skin, mash the mud with fresh apples to make a mask. Sticking to it can make the acne disappear and lighten the acne marks.

Method: First cut half of fresh apples into a juicer and crush them. Take out the apple puree and apply it on the acne marks. Leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it with water.

  Carrot flour acne mask preparation materials: Carrot amount, a small amount of flour.

Method: mash the carrot and its juice, add flour to mash it, apply carrot puree to the face, once every other day, ten minutes.

This mask has the functions of removing acne, diminishing marks, treating acne, and anti-wrinkles.

  Mint Rosemary Essential Oil Mask Mint is cool and has anti-inflammatory effects. It is also effective for blackheads and oily skin.

Facial skin is permeable to essential oils, the skin can effectively absorb essential oils, hair follicles eliminate toxins, and smoothen acne marks.

Method: First mix the essential oils of peppermint and rosemary, add the base oil to reconcile, then apply the mask liquid with a cotton pad, and apply it on the place where the acne marks and oil are serious.

Remove after 15 minutes and wash your face with water.

Reverse housework

Reverse housework

There is still a process of transforming tedious single household chores into fitness activities.

Maybe labor such as sweeping the floor with waist and legs as the main force, you can sweep the floor while twisting the activity; when you are washing rice, you can use left and right hands in turn to drive the shoulders to swing.Swing your legs down and to the left and right; housework, mainly in a sitting position, can shake the pedals and shoulders rhythmically.

When shopping on the street and taking out garbage, try to use the opportunity of walking and going up and down the stairs to perform leg exercises.

In short, you can combine the specific situation to learn from your own design actions.

  A full-time mother, Ms. Shen, said that she often went to the gym to exercise before giving birth. Now she has no time to take her children every day. I have to work part-time for cooking and do the housework by myself.

Because it is a duplex house, you have to run up and down several times a day.

When you are free, you can go for a walk with your child or a stroller.

She feels that as long as the right amount of food is eaten daily, such an amount of activity can play a role in maintaining body shape.

8 ways to nourish your kidneys

8 ways to nourish your kidneys

Hold the thumb and hold the thumb in the palm of your hand. The fingertips are located at the base of the ring finger (fourth finger), and then flex the remaining four fingers with a little force to hold the thumb firmly, just like holding a baby.

Holding a solid can keep the spirit and spirit in the body, usually walking, riding a car, chatting, watching TV can hold solid.

  Lift your feet and lift your feet with your five toes when you lift your feet, bring your legs together, lift your anus and abdomen, sink your shoulders down, set up a vertical ridge, and get a hundred collars; when you turn upside down, relax your body, bite your teeth gently, and slowly tiltHalf, then lightly shake the ground.

The lift can pull the bladder through the kidney of the lower back and legs, and can gently massage the internal organs and the six internal organs.

  Take a big stride with your heels and keep your heels on the ground. Do not bend or twist.

When your legs are moving forward, your toes are straight and kicked; when your forefoot is on the ground, your toes are raised.

The heel first hits the ground, which actually stimulates the “kidney meridian” acupoint.

Walking often in this way can effectively prevent osteoporosis.

  Sitting on the edge of the bed, rub the kidneys, rub the palms of the two hands until the palms become hot, press them on the back waist, and massage the acupuncture points on the back and kidneys until there is a feeling of heat.

It can be done once in the morning and at night, about 200 times each time, to nourish kidneys.

  The ternary standing post has two feet separated, shoulder-width apart, and the hands are folded forward by the body in front of the abdomen. The position is the same as the umbilical cord, and the arms are rounded;Open slightly.

The back is slightly arched, the chest should be contained, the back should be pulled out, the waist and back are arched slightly backward, and the Mingmen point is opened.

In this way, the front and back, left and right, and up and down are round, and the whole person gathers very roundly.

This is a basic stump method to replenish vitality.

Often done to make the kidneys plump and strong.

  The best time to soak your feet in hot water is 7 per night?
At 9 o’clock, this is the most debilitating time of Qi and blood in the kidney. At this time, soaking the feet and massaging can improve blood circulation throughout the body and nourish the kidneys and liver.

The container for the feet is preferably a tub.

Soak feet in water, not too hot; about 40 ℃ is appropriate.

Should not spend time soaking feet to 15?
30 minutes is appropriate.

  Take a deep breath When you take a deep breath, choose a fresh air environment and try to inhale with your nose.

Breathing remains soft, slow, uniform and deep.

Take 6 deep breaths as a group.

Then calm down the adjustment and you can do it again.

  It is recorded in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic that people with chronic kidney disease can relax when facing the south body, lean back, and use the entire tibia to strike forward with moderate force. The body will return to the upright position by the reaction force of the impact.Yes, about 30 hits per impact, can do 2 per day?
3 times.

This will strengthen the waist and kidney, clear the meridians, follow the qi and blood, and calm the yin and yang.