How to maintain health and adjust diet to prevent autumn dryness in early autumn


How to maintain health and adjust diet to prevent autumn dryness in early autumn

In the heat of a wet, unconsciously ushered in the summer season.

“Zhou” contains the meaning of hiding, terminating, as the name suggests, the summer shows that the summer is coming to an end.

At this time, the three-volt weather has passed or is nearing the end, so it is called “the summer heat is here to stop.”

Although the summer heat gradually subsided, but the weather is no longer really cool in autumn, the sunny afternoon is not as hot as the summer season, which reminds people that it is time to start the fall health.

銆€銆€In autumn, the temperature begins to decrease, the rainfall decreases, the air humidity is relatively low, and the climate is relatively dry. This dry climate is prone to damage the lungs, resulting in dry mouth, dryness, dry cough, dry skin, constipation and other symptoms.The key to health in autumn is to prevent dryness.

銆€銆€”Autumn event” first adjusts the autumn of autumn is the season of alternating heat and cold. It often shows the climate of “no winter and cold in the autumn, and winter into a rain”.

At this time, if you are slightly careless, it is easy to catch a cold, and many old diseases are easy to repeat, so it is called “the autumn of many things.”

Medical experts warn people that if you don’t pay attention to health care, you will suffer from a variety of diseases that affect your health.

銆€銆€The summer solar terms are in the alternating cycle of turning from heat to cold. The yang of nature is converging from the evacuation trend, and the ups and downs of the yin and yang in the human body are also transformed. At this time, the daily routine will be adjusted accordingly.

Usually have to get up early and get up early, to lie in the morning to conform to the yang converge, get up early, so that the lungs can stretch.

The first thing to adjust in autumn health is sleep time. It is like this to go to bed early and get up early.

However, the estimates of sleep health in the past doctors and health homes are only very common. In fact, scientific health care requires a comprehensive understanding of sleep patterns and methods.

Modern studies have shown that a proper early rise in the fall can reduce the chance of thrombosis; a proper lazy bed for a few minutes before getting up and stretching the whole body is also important for preventing thrombosis.

The incidence of this type of disease is extremely high in the late fall and early winter, and the onset time is mostly in the late stage of sleep. This is because the blood flow rate in the cerebral blood vessels is slow during sleep, and the thrombus is easy to form.

銆€銆€Modern medical research divides sleep into four phases: 1, sleep, 2, shallow sleep, 3, moderate deep sleep, 4, deep sleep.

When you enter Phase 1 and Phase 2, you are in a state of paralysis, which is easy to be awakened. Phases 3 and 4 are in a state of deep sleep. Generally, it is not easy to wake up when you are asleep.

The reason why autumn health is so prominent is to ensure that sleep time is good because sleep has a good health effect.

Without normal sleep, normal life activities cannot be maintained well.

If you can normally enter sleep 4, your brain will be able to get a good rest, to ensure the best mental state of the next day, is also one of the important methods of autumn health.

銆€銆€As the weather gradually turns cold, the sunshine is reduced, and the trees begin to fade. It often causes a feeling of sadness and sadness in some people’s hearts, and it is also prone to depression, irritability and other emotional changes.

This is because at the bottom of the human brain, there is a gland called the pineal gland that secretes a “melatonin” that can seduce people to sleep, making people depressed and depressed.

Adequate sunlight can inhibit the secretion of melatonin.

However, after the fall, the illumination time is reduced, especially when it is rainy and rainy, the secretion of melatonin is gradually increased in the pineal gland, and the secretion of thyroxine and adrenaline is inhibited, and the human cells will be idle and lazy.People’s emotions are also low and negative, and the spirit is sluggish.

銆€銆€How to prevent autumn?

Thyroxine and adrenaline are hormones that evoke cell work. On sunny days, you should do more outdoor activities and receive sun bathing.

Usually, eat more high-protein foods such as milk, eggs, pork, lamb and beans, which can make the brain produce some special chemicals to eliminate depression.

Therefore, in the autumn, we must cultivate optimism and maintain a sense of peace and tranquility in order to avoid the suffocation and converge.

At this time, going out to travel or ascending to the distance, transforming people’s hearts and minds, is a good agent to regulate bad mood.

Usually should pay attention to maintain optimism, often go to the fresh air places to go for a walk, spit out the new, to converge “spirit”, so that the lungs are not affected by the evil spirits.

銆€銆€After the fall of the autumn, it is suitable for climbing the mountain and setting up the autumn. It is a good time to carry out various sports exercises.

In the autumn, you can’t leave the principle of 鈥渞eceiving and raising鈥? It is necessary to maintain the yang in the body as the primary task.

Exercise should also follow this principle, that is, the amount of exercise should not be too large, and it is advisable to choose a project that is easy and gentle.

Especially for the elderly, children and those with weak constitution, in order to prevent excessive sweating and yang loss.

Dr. Tao pointed out that climbing a mountain is a good choice for outdoor sports after the fall. It can enhance the body’s breathing and blood circulation functions, increase the human lung capacity and heart contractility, and also help the treatment of hypertension and other diseases.Reduce blood sugar and increase the number of hemoglobin and red blood cells in anemia patients.

When the mountain climbs, the temperature changes obviously, which can make the body temperature regulation mechanism constantly in a state of tension, thereby improving the body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes.

In addition, the excursion to the mountain after the fall can make people absorb more negative oxygen ions in the air, which has good nutrition and regulation and comfort for the human nervous system.

銆€銆€However, it should be noted that mountain climbing is a weight-bearing exercise, and the knee joint bears the weight of the whole body, especially in the case where the first step joint is not yet straightened, and continues to climb another step, knee jointIt is always in a semi-flexed state, which causes the joint to bear the burden of engagement.

Patients with osteoarthritis are not suitable for this exercise.For the elderly and the infirm, it is not necessary to characterize the health effects of climbing, and patients such as hypertension and coronary heart disease should do more to prevent accidents.

銆€銆€When the “Autumn Tiger” comes, there will be heat waves during the day.

This is because the “three autumn days” have not come to an end, the summer has not disappeared.

Therefore, at the beginning of the autumn, the weather is still very hot, and some people still have to take a heatstroke to cool down.

銆€銆€The heat-clearing summer foods are all removed at once.

This type of diet can both cool off the sweat and replenish fluid, and increase appetite.

Usually drink some green bean soup, or eat lotus porridge, lily porridge and mint porridge have great potential.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, not only to meet the body’s needs for nutrition, but also to supplement the potassium lost through perspiration.

銆€銆€At the same time, the weather will turn cold, and the cold and cold diet should be reduced. For example, watermelon and cucumber should be eaten less.

After a summer, people’s body consumption is very large, especially for some elderly people, most of them have spleen and stomach.

Therefore, when choosing food, it should not be too cold, such as watermelon, pear, cucumber, etc., its taste is cold, and eating more may hurt the spleen and stomach, so eat less.

銆€銆€Adjusting diet to prevent autumn dryness Modern medicine believes that autumn dryness is related to endocrine disorders and autonomic dysfunction.

Chinese medicine believes that dryness is an invisible evil. People with physique and yin deficiency are prone to heat, and heat is easy to hurt.

Autumn dryness mainly depends on prevention. First of all, drink plenty of water, porridge, soy milk, eat more radish, lotus root, lotus root, pear and other lungs and fluids, nourishing yin and dry food.

In particular, pears have the effect of thirst, cough and phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, moistening the lungs and drying, etc. It is convenient to have internal heat, and there are people who have lung heat cough, sore throat, and dry stool.

In the autumn, try to eat less or not eat chili, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and other hot items, eat less fried, fatty food, in order to prevent the symptoms of autumn dryness.

The autumn diet should be better for nourishing yin and moistening the lungs. Autumn dryness is easy to hurt the lungs. It can be eaten properly such as sesame, honey, lily, almond, dairy and other soft foods, which can benefit the stomach and promote health.

At the same time, you can eat more sour fruits and vegetables, soak the acid.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that after the summer vents, the body and adaptability are poor. At this time, the deficiency of the human body can be supplemented by adjusting the diet. According to the principle of 鈥渄ryness and moistness鈥? fruits and vegetables should be eaten in autumn.

鈥淎 bowl of porridge for breakfast and a bowl of soup for dinner鈥?is also essential.

Foods that are prone to fire, such as big fish and big meat, should be eaten as little as possible. It should be light, so the autumn food should be flattened and cleaned up.

At the beginning of July 7th, the traditional Chinese cuisine is over Tanabata.


At the beginning of July 7th, the traditional Chinese cuisine is over Tanabata.

The traditional purpose of eating traditional food over Tanabata Qixi Festival is that it is a good time, starting in Han and flowing in later generations.

It is the most basic and important life skills of women in the past, because the old and the young are wearing by hand.

On the night of July 7 or the night of July 6th, in the yard of the house, I would like to ask the Vega for my intelligence. The trick is to wear a needle.

Different ways of dynasty’s well-behavedness, when the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the fashionable hi-tech spiders should be clever; the Song Dynasty was born with flowers; when it came to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the prevailing shots were all good. all for the good wishes of the ingenuity.

Later, the content of the Tanabata event was more enriched, including listening to the love story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl under the grape rack, and the connotation of the trickery gradually turned to the pursuit of a beautiful love.

Today, it is directly called the Valentine’s Day of China by young people.

Traditional festivals are inseparable from food. Similarly, Qixi Festival also has specific food, which is the fruit.

Qiaoguo is also known as “Qiaoqiao Fruit”. The specific method: first put the sugar in the pot into a syrup, add the flour, sesame and mix well, then spread it on the chopping board, cut it into squares with a knife, and fold it into a shuttle by hand.In the end, it is fried into golden yellow.

The fruit can be made in many forms, all kinds of patterns related to the Tanabata legend, including the image of the Weaver Girl.

Now the fruit is basically not seen, can not eat.

From the perspective of nutrition and health, the fruit is a fried food, which contains a lot of energy, and it is not regrettable to eat it.

In addition to eating fruit, some places eat granules, that is, bean sprouts noodles, but the bean sprouts at that time have to be made by themselves, not like going out and buying them now.

It takes seven days for the green bean sprouts to be sprayed. It takes a few times a day to spray the water, and the bean sprouts can be sent to the fingers.

Hand rubbing, cold water after cooking.

Stir-fried diced meat with green onion and ginger.

Stir-fried green bean sprouts, stir-fry quickly, fry vinegar.

Put the noodles in the bowl, add the diced meat and bean sprouts, and enjoy the delicious bean sprouts.

This kind of eating method is relatively healthy, and the fashionable men and women do not hinder the return to the tradition. The bowl of bean sprouts is also a long time.

How should a woman with dysplasia breast enlarge?


How should a woman with dysplasia breast enlarge?

For simple dysplasia, how should women with too small chests breast enlarge?

You can achieve fullness and straightness through breast enhancement, breast augmentation, breast augmentation and other breast enhancement methods.

銆€銆€Health massage is a method of massage the chest and breast to increase the breast, which is convenient and effective.

Specific methods: 1.

Push the breast straight: first use the right palm on the slightly upper side, that is, under the collarbone, push it gently and gently down to the root of the breast, then push it back up along the original route. After 20-50 times, massage the right breast for the left hand 20-50 times 2.

Push the chest sideways: use the palm of your left hand and the palm of your hand to focus on the middle and middle of the chest. Push the right side of the chest forward and down. When returning, bring the chest tissue back with five fingers, repeat 20-50 times, then change the right hand massage.The left breast is 20-50 times.


Hot massage breasts: Apply a hot towel for 3-5 minutes every night before going to sleep, put it around the palm of your hand, from left to right, massage 20-50 times.

Just massage once a day as described above, adhere to the massage for 2-3 months, you can breast 2-3 cm.


Physical exercise: Exercise is a good way to get breasts.

Participate in physical exercise, pay special attention to exercise the buttocks muscles, make the pectoralis major muscles develop, and promote breast fullness.

Usually pay attention to the tip and walking posture, often keep a chest and abdomen, in order to facilitate breast development, swimming is particularly helpful for breast-build.

6 strokes make everyday bathing healthier


6 strokes make everyday bathing healthier

After a hard day outside, not only the body is tired, but also the spirit is tired. The most comfortable thing to come back home is to bathe comfortably and give your body and mind a good vacation.

銆€銆€We only know that the benefits of bathing can make us temporarily free from stress.

But, ladies and gentlemen, do you know that when we are bathing, we can do a little simple exercise.

In this way, we can achieve the effect of fitness, but also enjoy the joy of bathing at the same time, and also can relax the mood and adjust their emotions. It can be said that it is a good thing.

銆€銆€Of course, today’s exercise when you are talking about bathing is not a sport that consumes physical strength, but some small movements that are so simple and simple that you can’t easily.

銆€銆€However, you should not underestimate these small movements. Although they are not large in size, they seem to be playing, but the effect on your health is not normal.

As long as you stick to it, you can definitely achieve healthy goals. Then you don’t have to worry about repeated work so that you don’t have time to exercise.


Sports tapping in the shower – speeding up the relaxation of the limbs, increasing the comfort of the shower. The limbs have a good function of dredging the meridians. This has been described in detail in my book “Medical and Meridian”, but if the nude is tappedIt is more labor-saving and efficient, and the heat of the water is reset when showering, and the effect is better.

You can pat the upper limb first, the palm side down, the back side of the hand, the direction of the back, the three beats back and forth, and then the shoulders, 30 times left and right; beat the belly from the bottom up, each shot 30Times.

While washing, while tapping, it will speed up the relaxation of the limbs and increase the comfort of the shower.

銆€銆€Back to neck and neck – relieve neck and shoulder stiffness, eliminate muscle fatigue. In the process of showering, put your hands behind your back and cross, the body does not move, just slowly turn the head and neck to the left and right to the maximum extent, 20-30 times,It is beneficial to relieve neck and shoulder stiffness and eliminate muscle fatigue.

銆€銆€Finger-bath combing – Improves the blood circulation of the scalp and hair roots, thus protecting the hair during the washing and showering process. It can be pressed with a little finger and abdomen, combing the hair from front to back, which helps to improve the blood of the scalp and hair roots.Circulate to protect the hair.

銆€銆€Whole body water – eliminate fatigue Before the end of the shower, you can do the whole body up and down movement for 1-2 minutes, increase the effect of body relaxation in the washing, so that fatigue can be completely eliminated.


The legs in the bath are suspended in the air – helping the growth of the abdominal muscles and reducing the abdominal pain. The back is lying in the hot water, the headrest is on the edge of the bath, and the hands are held on both sides of the bath, and the legs are suspended in the air, about the bottom of the pool.In 45掳, you can do it 20-30 times repeatedly, or you can stand still for 1-2 minutes and repeat 3-4 times.

If formed habits, it will increase the strength of the abdominal muscles and reduce the slight complications of the abdomen.

銆€銆€Pushing the abdomen with both palms – improving gastrointestinal function and reducing abdominal pain. Lying on the back of the squat in hot water, the headrest is on the edge of the bath, and the palms are placed on the abdomen. Press the counterclockwise direction and push the abdomen slightly.Each 100 times is good for improving gastrointestinal function and reducing abdominal abdomen.

Learn to manage emotions


Learn to manage emotions

Everyone lives in this world, and when there is a bad mood, they will suddenly hurt the spring and fall, and will cry for a period of time.

However, these are just a matter of time. When the mood should pass, let it go, do not doubt the broken past and entangle, otherwise it will only make the future days unable to avoid the haze.

However, when it comes to this, the key point is to manage your emotions.

In the end, what are the key points in managing emotions? Let’s take a look.

銆€銆€We often feel depressed when we feel depressed, very bad, very bad, or unlucky, as if the whole person is trapped in the bottom of life, covered in a cloud of fog. At this time, some people quickly foundIt was easy and calm, and returned to the original life; some people are very difficult to go back, struggle in the sea of emotions, how can they not swim to the other side.

銆€銆€Happiness is self-seeking, and emotions can be managed.

If we can adjust and manage our emotions, we will have a colorful, beautiful life.

Emotions can determine your destiny, and doing emotional management is about the happiness and happiness of your life.

銆€銆€First, emotional management is very important physiological health: “Book of Rites” said “heart wide body fat”, meaning that when the mood is smooth, people will become more and more fat, and more and more healthy.

In addition, according to research, a person often has contagious or negative emotions, such as anger, nervousness, and the secretion of the human body is also disturbed, leading to abnormal endocrine, and the formation of physiological diseases.

Affecting interpersonal relationships: Interpersonal relationships determine whether a person’s emotional expression is appropriate.

If you often leave in front of others, you will not be controlled by emotions, such as temper tantrums. Over time, others will regard us as people who are difficult to get along with, and even list us as refusing to pay.

銆€銆€Second, looking for emotional context “emotional management” means expressing emotions in the most appropriate way. In fact, Aristotle said: “Anyone will be angry. It is not difficult, but it must be timely and appropriate.Appropriate objects are just as angry as they are, but it can be difficult.

According to this, emotional management refers to appropriate time and appropriate expression of appropriate emotions for appropriate subjects.

Awareness of self-emotion: A person who can perceive his or her emotions at any time, that is, a person who understands his own contradictions; on the contrary, a person who does not understand his or her emotional state must be regarded as a “sense slave of feelings” as Plato said.

It can be seen that only mastering the feeling of self can become the master of life, and it can be better replaced by the face of life.

Manage your emotions properly: Emotional management must be based on self-awareness and work on how to deal with panic, anger, darkness or uneasiness.

When there is a lack of emotional management skills, they often engage in low-level emotions, and those who are comfortable can quickly get out of the low tide of life and accept the challenge again.

Self-motivation: A person who constantly focuses on a given goal, exerts creativity, restrains impulses, delays satisfaction, and maintains a high degree of enthusiasm, that is, a self-motivated person.

People who are self-motivated will be more efficient at doing anything.

Perceive the emotions of others: This ability to perceive the emotions of others is the so-called empathy, that is, to stand in the position of others and predict for others.

The more empathetic people, the easier they are to enter the inner world of others, and the more they can perceive the emotional state of others.

Management of interpersonal relationships: Interpersonal relationships are the art of managing the emotions of others.

A person’s popularity, leadership, and interpersonal harmony are all related to this ability, and those who give full play to this ability are often outstanding in society.

銆€銆€Third, emotion is manageable Emotion management is a science, but also an art, to be controlled just right.

Therefore, to become the master of emotions, you must first perceive your own emotions, and you can perceive the emotions of others. Long sleeves can manage your own emotions, especially in the face of life.

Choosing emotions: A person who knows how to choose emotions, that is, the person who can change his mood.

So the life is richer and the days of the day will be happier.

Cooling or diverting attention: Someone asked a Tibetan sorghum how to deal with anger. He replied: “Don’t suppress, but don’t act impulsively.”

In other words, if a person immediately vents anger, it will make the anger more prolonged. It is better to cool down and cool down, then calm down, and then take a more constructive approach to solve the problem.

Appropriate expression of anger: Emotional dullness, life will be boring and tasteless, too extreme will become a pathological, such as depression to no interest, excessive worry, anger, and restlessness are pathological.

Therefore, we must, as Aristotle stands for, express emotions in a timely manner.

Use alternative ideas or rational treatments: Rational therapy publishes ideas, and beliefs dominate a person’s emotions.

Once a bad or unreasonable belief arises, the emotion will produce a carbonization shift.

Therefore, the concept of good or goodwill is often maintained, and the mood will be more stable.

Self-teaching: Another way to change your emotions and increase your self-confidence is to find a motto or say something self-affirmation to yourself to motivate yourself.

銆€銆€Fourth, the emotional master is good at controlling, and the person who manages his emotions can eliminate the negative effects of emotions and instead develop the positive performance of emotions.

Here are six methods: anger.When encountering an angry thing, first think about whether there is any reason for anger, what is the consequence after the second anger, and then think about whether there are other ways to replace anger.

With this in mind, you can become calm and emotionally stable.

Help others.

Doing good deeds can not only bring happiness to others, but also make you feel at ease, with a calm mind and a better sense of security.


If you encounter unsatisfactory and unpleasant things, you can cry out by doing sports, reading novels, listening to music, watching movies, talking to friends, and venting your unpleasant emotions.

Transfer surgery.

When a demand is blocked or frustrated, it can be compensated for by satisfying another demand.

It is also possible to shift the direction of emotions by distracting and changing the environment.


When you are in a bad mood, you can gradually relax your body from top to bottom, or relax yourself by self-hypnosis, self-massage, etc., then smile, imagine the pleasant situation you have experienced, and eliminate the bad.mood.

Witness Japan’s most successful banana diet


Witness Japan’s most successful banana diet

The sensation of the “banana diet” in Japan has also caused a popular whirlwind in Taiwan!

Let the doctor tell you the correct way to witness this most popular weight loss coup!

銆€銆€Point 1.

Apparently vitamin C, potassium and other nutrients First, the doctor should tell everyone why bananas are selected, mainly because bananas replace vitamin C, potassium ions and other nutrients, which have higher nutritional value than rice, pasta and refined starch.
銆€銆€Point 2.

It can produce a sense of satiety to make the mood happy. The period of weight loss is temporarily reduced, and it is relatively easy to have a feeling of fullness, and it is easy to be depressed.

Physicians said that the tryptophan and glucose in the banana retina, after neutralizing with gastric acid, can promote the secretion of serotonin from the brain, which can not only produce satiety, but also make people feel happy!

銆€銆€Replace the rice with bananas. Toast avoids too much excess. Usually the bowl used in general homes, about 1 bowl of rice is about 250?
300 calories; about 2 large toasts. In terms of bananas, the speed of 3 bananas is about 1 bowl of rice. What is the correct “banana weight loss”?

銆€銆€It is best to replace the appetite with bananas. The best and most greasy two-week doctors recommend the correct banana diet, with banana as the staple food, replacing the best and most greasy two meals in three meals.

For example, if the ham or bacon is too greasy for breakfast, you can replace it with banana instead of soy milk or fresh milk to reduce the intake of the conversion.


The staple food of starch is replaced by banana. If you eat Chinese food, you can replace the rice, the pasta with bananas, or just eat half. If you can’t eat enough, add a banana.

銆€銆€Is nutrition and satiety sustainable?
3 months, how long can bananas last for weight loss?

銆€銆€Dr. Yang reminded that because bananas contain a lot of nutrients and have a feeling of fullness, you can eat 1?
3 months.

銆€銆€View 1.

Choose low-content and nutritious foods to view 2.

Increase your sense of satiety, keep your mood happy, want to lose weight, and be hungry, are you heartbroken?

Physicians teach you the correct banana diet, so that everyone is thin and beautiful, but also thin and healthy, and will not be hungry for a long time because of weight loss!

You made me


You made me

When I first came to see it, all I did was to do the work of the miscellaneous work. Those who were dirty and tired, and who had no name and no benefit, went all out to me.

Since I came, Da Liu has become more and more sneaky, and some of the work that should have been done by him has been pushed to me.

銆€銆€As a well-known company, we often participate in long-distance running, mountaineering, performances and other activities organized by the provinces and cities, so we need some interviews and filming.

This kind of work takes a long time and is not overtime, so Da Liu arranged for me to do it.

Sometimes after the chairman’s meeting, a lot of recordings were saved, and the records needed to be sorted out. These things were rather cumbersome. I had to go to the early hours in the morning, and Da Liu slipped home and let me work overtime in the office.

銆€銆€Those college students who come with me often blame the “old” of Da Liu, exploiting our labor, taking our results for ourselves. Many people suffer from indignation, and some people are still leaving.

Although I feel uncomfortable, I think that I am a new person. These small things can’t be done well, let alone build a career in the company.

銆€銆€Once, provincial TV reporters should interview the chairman, and the time is scheduled at 9 pm on Sunday.

The chairman wanted to let Da Liu accompany him, but Da Liu was pushing for excuses – he said that the summary he had to pay on Monday had not finished yet, and he had to drive at night on Sunday night.

The chairman did not say anything and changed the accompanying person into me.

In fact, I know that Big Liu has lied because the summary he said has already made me finish last night.

But I can’t tell the chairman of the truth, because as a rookie, I understand that the small report of playing my boss is a taboo in the workplace.

銆€銆€On the day of interviewing with TV reporters, the chairman of the board of directors was very good, and proposed that the company’s development should be zero every ten years, and a second venture should be carried out.

銆€銆€After the interview, I didn’t fall asleep and fell asleep, or put up the spirit to organize the interview into an article, named “Decade to Zero.”

I think this is a rare possibility to show me talent.

銆€銆€The next day I took this article to the chairman of the board. After reading it, he arranged it for publication in the corporate magazine.

Later, he said happily to me: “Xiao Wu, although you are young, you are very capable.

You must know how to use the secret opportunities of others and seize the opportunity to show yourself!

“At this time, I realized that in fact, the chairman of the board of directors already knew about the excuse of Da Liu.

銆€銆€Since then, the chairman has often asked me to go to his office, handing over some of his ideas or arrangements to me, and then let me write even the year-end summary.

I gradually became a red man of the company, and the bonus at the end of the year has also increased several times.

銆€銆€Many times, we are not willing to do cumbersome things, always feel that we can not play our own specialties.

As everyone knows, the opportunity to showcase talent is precisely in these little things.

Nap is also a technical live sleep time that determines the nap effect


Nap is also a “technical live” sleep time that determines the nap effect

Taking a nap is a magic weapon for the elderly, but it is a luxury for many office workers.

The British “Daily Mail” once published a paper saying that taking a nap every day at noon is the best way to charge for health.

In fact, the Chinese have been paying attention to sleeping “Mei Wu Jue” since ancient times. This is a mere mention of the afternoon and the night’s sleep.

Although a good nap is good, it is not suitable for everyone.

The authoritative expert explains the mystery of the nap’s health and lets you “sleep” a good body.

Nap brings five major health benefits1, improving strain and memory Researchers from the University of Wisconsin in the United States have found that sleeping can promote the repair of brain cells.

The study has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

In 2014, a study published on the US Science Public Library website showed that nighttime and daytime sleep can also consolidate memories and remember two unrelated words.

This shows that nap also has the function of letting the brain rest and recover, and improve people’s memory, helping people to remember complex concepts.

“take a nap!

The author of Change Your Life, Sarah Mednik of the University of California and colleagues released a study in 2008 that showed that daytime naps generally improved memory, while caffeine did not help memory, or even worse.

2, effective “nurturing” eyes when you close your eyes to sleep: tired of one morning, the eye ciliary muscles can rest, effectively preventing the decline of vision.

The lacrimal glands, which are in a state of inhibition during the day, also begin to secrete a large amount of tears, moisturizing the eyeballs that are dry due to continuous working conditions.

The temperature of the cornea is increased and the metabolism of the cells is accelerated.

Shi Ming reminded that if you can’t guarantee a nap every day, you can play a certain role if you close your eyes and take a break.

3, to repair the body’s immune function, the University of the United States immunologist Berry Dabi led the research team to conduct a series of studies on the relationship between sleep, hypnosis and human immunity.

The results showed that the levels of T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes in the blood were significantly increased after hypnosis intervention in individuals with sleep disorders.

The immune system can get some degree of repair during sleep and in turn regulate sleep.

Sleep experts at the German Psychiatric Institute found that 1 o’clock at noon was a significant peak of sleep during the day.

At this time, a short sleep can effectively stimulate lymphocytes in the body and enhance the activity of immune cells.

4, repair the skin’s skin metabolism in the sleep state is the most vigorous.

When you fall asleep, the consumption of muscles, internal organs, etc. is reduced, the blood vessels of the skin are completely open, and the blood can reach the skin sufficiently to provide nutrition, self-repair and cell renewal.

5, anti-aging US “Nature” website published that many proteins begin to synthesize during sleep, including some of the proteins needed for antioxidants.

A nap helps to supplement the lack of nighttime sleep, which in some ways promotes repair.

Nap is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone must take a nap. It should vary from person to person depending on physical condition and work habits.

People who have not slept well at night, or who are often implanted with insomnia, should not take a nap, otherwise it will aggravate insomnia at night.

Sleeping for seventy-five hours at night, people who still feel sleepy during the day, it is best not to sleep by themselves, because sleeping too much is also a kind of sleep disorder, nap will only aggravate the symptoms.

In addition, some special populations are not suitable for nap: 1, people over the age of 64, and who weigh more than 20% of the standard weight (the body weight is normal body mass index (BMI) to judge, that is, weight (kg)The value obtained by the square of the height (m).

The normal weight of an adult means that the body mass index is 18.

twenty three.

9)); 2, people with low blood pressure; 3, people with severe circulatory system, especially those with dizziness and dizziness due to narrowing of blood vessels in the brain.

The most important thing about the above three kinds of people is not the nap problem, or you should go to the hospital to open a 鈥渉ealth prescription鈥?to fundamentally treat the disease and develop good health habits from life.

There is no need for a nap, of course, there is a need for a nap.

Occasionally, people who do not sleep enough because of overtime work for other nights or other reasons usually need to recover through the afternoon during the day.

People who work too hard during the day, such as students, drivers, etc., can take a nap at noon to relieve tension and promote memory.

Sleep time determines the nap effect. How to extend enough nap time in a short work gap?

The British “Daily Mail” report pointed out that a good afternoon does not take too long, from 6 minutes to 40 minutes, you can harvest different alternatives.
6 minutes: Memory begins to enhance A German study found that 6 minutes of sleep can improve memory.
Because of this long time, enough brains have turned short-term memories into long-term memories, and boots have freed up more “space” to hold new knowledge.

20-30 minutes: Best Nap Time NASA scientists found that a nap of 24 minutes can improve work performance by 34% and the overall sensitivity of the mind by 54%.

This duration also helps to slow down the heart rate and protect the heart.

Narina Ramlahan, a sleep therapist at the Caringo Nightingale Hospital in the UK, said: “Even if you don’t really fall asleep, just lie down and relax your brain.

The 20-minute yoga-like final meditation can achieve the same effect.

45 minutes: Charging the brain If you didn’t sleep well the night before, you need to concentrate on the daytime work, then a 40-minute nap can let you go into a light sleep state and help you charge your brain.

Taking a nap for 45 minutes a day also has the effect of lowering blood pressure and helping to regulate the immune system and improve the body.

If you want to sleep for 40-45 minutes, it is best to set an alarm clock.

After taking a nap for more than 45 minutes, you will enter deep sleep, which is easy to get tired after awakening due to “sleep inertia”.

90 minutes: Repairing the body If you have enough time, one and a half hours of sleep can make you sleep for a complete sleep cycle, go deep sleep, and repair your body.

Dr. Matthew Walker of the University of California found that a 90-minute nap can make a good repair to the body.

Tips: The best nap time is from 1 pm to 3 pm; people who are used to getting up early and getting up early can take a nap around 1 o’clock; those who are used to sleeping late are suitable for taking a nap at around 2:30.

To create conditions, you should also sleep well. The unit is too far away from home. The rest time is short at noon. Many people will just take a moment, or kneel, or lean on the back of the chair for a while.

This will always make it difficult to rest well, and it will cause discomfort such as numbness in the hands and feet, blurred vision, and prolonged illness.

A few suggestions can help you better sleep better: office workers can prepare a deck chair in the office, eat a moderate amount of activities 10?
After 20 minutes, lie down and rest for a while.

If the office space is limited, you can not put a recliner, you can buy a nap pillow, sleep on the face or avoid, to avoid nerve pressure, keep the blood smooth.

The feet are best laid flat, which is beneficial to the blood circulation of the whole body.

The office space of too many units is mostly a large platform. At noon, the lights will not be turned off, and those who are sensitive to the light can prepare a special eye mask for nap.

People who don’t sleep well can also bring their own anti-noise earplugs to create a quiet sleep environment.

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Napping for 10 minutes, spirit, 2 hours, nap, every day, there are three major benefits: taking a nap, harming the right, sleeping, keeping you away from disease.

Hard work is more important than smart


Hard work is more important than smart

One person who has been a visiting scholar in a Nordic country has experienced such a thing: On weekends, she went to a local psychology professor to be a guest.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a five-year-old daughter.

The little girl is blond, and the beautiful blue eyes make people feel particularly refreshed.

She couldn’t help but praise the little girl in her heart.

When she gave the gift from China to the little girl, the little girl smiled and thanked her.

At this time, she could not help but praise: “You look so beautiful, it is so cute!

“This compliment is the favorite of Chinese parents, but the Nordic professor does not appreciate it.”

After the little girl left, the professor’s face suddenly gloomy, changing Chinese visiting scholars: 鈥淵ou hurt my daughter, you have to apologize to her.

The visiting scholar was very surprised and said: “I just praised your daughter and did not hurt her?”

However, the professor shook his head resolutely and said: “You praise her because of her beauty.”

But this beautiful thing is not her credit. It depends on the genetics of me and her father. It has nothing to do with her personal.

But the child is still small and will not be distinguished. Your compliment will make her think that this is her skill.

And once she thinks that the natural beauty is a capital worthy of pride, she will look down on the child who is plain and even ugly, which has caused her misunderstanding.

“In fact, you can praise her smile and be polite, this is the result of her own efforts.”

So,” the professor shrugged and said, “Please apologize for your compliment.

“Chinese visiting scholars had to formally regret the little daughter of the professor and praised her smile and courtesy.

This incident made the scholar visiting scholar understand the truth: he can only appreciate the child’s efforts, and should not appreciate the child’s intelligence and beauty.

Because cleverness and beauty are innate advantages, not capital and skills worthy of showing off, but efforts are not. It is the child’s acquired beauty should be considered affirmative.

銆€銆€In the journey of life, smart people often become stupid at the end; while stupid people often become smart at the end.

In the cold and hot, the smart man escaped; the stupid person tried it himself, but unexpectedly grew up in the cold and hot.

Stupid people gradually realize that “efforts don’t necessarily succeed, but success always requires effort.

“The same is true of the child’s appearance. How can it not determine how the child will live in the future.”

In most cases, hard work is an important factor in determining a child’s future state of life.

銆€銆€Being smart is a personal resource. From adults to children, people are confident and proud of having this resource.

Therefore, children are willing to praise others for their cleverness. Even in order to get a clever “title”, many children often pretend to be not very hard-working in front of their peers, but return home to study hard to ensure good results.

In this way, many children form an illusion that smart is to learn, everything will be, no effort is required to achieve results, so the competition is effective, resulting in many children do not study hard.

銆€銆€Children who are often praised as smart, often see scores as their own smart income, see the scores as more important than anything else, and are frustrated when they encounter setbacks, and are unwilling or afraid to accept new challenges; and thoseChildren who are praised for their hard work are more willing to make new bold attempts and will do their best to get them done.

銆€銆€Therefore, if parents want to motivate their children to achieve better results in learning, the best way is not to praise them for being smart, but to encourage them to study hard.

銆€銆€When a family is young, learning something is slower than other children. It is estimated that his parents are very upset.

When the family went to elementary school, when the parents thought that the family would not have any good results, the family brought back a 100-point test paper.

This is a test paper for a math test, which is filled with a red check mark by the teacher.

銆€銆€”Is this your paper?

Dad asked the family with surprise.

銆€銆€”Of course it is mine, my name is on it!

“The family proudly said to Dad.

銆€銆€”The family is really good, telling mom how did you get such a good result?

Asked Mom.

銆€銆€”When the teacher lectured, I often didn’t understand. After the class, the students went out to play. I took the place I didn’t understand and asked the teacher. The teacher told me again, I knew it all!If there are problems that I will not do when I do my homework, I will review the lesson that the teacher has taught, and the questions that will not be done will be made.

So I will do those translations of the exam, and I will pass 100 points.

“The family said happily to their mother.

銆€銆€After listening to the words of the family, my mother’s eyes were red–although her children were not smart, but they were so eager to learn and work hard.

銆€銆€”Every family is really hard, it is our good boy!

“Mom said with tears.

銆€銆€A friend who was a teacher once told me that in a school or class, there are usually two kinds of students who are most liked by teachers: one is very smart and very hard, never proud of their own cleverness;One is not smart, but very hard, never inferior to their own unwise.

This shows that hard-working children are popular everywhere.

銆€銆€As parents, you should appreciate your child’s hard work and hard work, and give them the most enthusiastic support and encouragement.

Don’t be discouraged because your child is not smart, but should worry about your child’s lack of effort.

Always remember one sentence: “The so-called genius is one percent smarter and ninety nine percent hardworking!

“In many cases, parents should deliberately forget the child’s intelligence, and pay attention to the child’s efforts, and pass this idea to the child, let them feel that only efforts can get parental recognition and praise, and understand the truth for a long time.: Cleverness can only determine the success or failure of a moment, and efforts determine the fate of the world.

銆€銆€When a child achieves excellent results in study or other aspects, don’t attribute this achievement to the child’s innate advantage, but focus on the child’s day-to-day efforts.

I should tell him: “The results are really good, this is the result of your hard work!

“When a child does something through his own efforts, parents should appreciate and praise him like this: “It’s a good boy!”