Have to look at the nutrition and efficacy of donkey meat

Have to look at the nutrition and efficacy of donkey meat

As the saying goes: “Dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat in the ground”!

It can be seen that the nutritional value and efficacy of donkey meat are not fake!

This is the highest praise people have for donkey meat.

So, how much substantial nutrition and efficacy does the beautiful donkey meat prove with the mythical dragon meat?

Take a look!

  The nutritional value of donkey meat The amino acid composition of donkey meat is very comprehensive, and it is rich in 8 essential amino acids and 10 non-essential amino acids.

Tryptophan is an important substance to identify whether the protein in meat is full price, and it is also an important indicator to evaluate the quality of meat.

The content of chromogenic amino acids in donkey meat is 300-314mg / 100g, which is much larger than that of pork 270mg / 100g and beef 219mg / 100g.

The contents of lysine and methionine in donkey meat are 1481-1825 mg / 100 g and 270-490 mg / 100 g, which are similar to pork and beef.

  The content of unsaturated fatty acids in donkey meat, especially linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which are of high biological value, are far more than pork and beef.

  Among the higher fatty acids in donkey meat, with the exception of a few saturated fatty acids, the majority are unsaturated fatty acids, which account for about 77 of the higher fatty acid content.

2%, while the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in beef and pork to higher fatty acids is much lower than this value, which is 53 for beef.

5%, pork is 62.


Among donkey meat higher fatty acids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid total 26.

9%, donkey lean as high as 30.

6%, while lean pork is 13.

8% for beef.

7%, they are very different.

  Donkey meat Donkey meat has the effects of nourishing yin and kidneys, and regenerating essence. Its efficacy is second only to deer whip. Therefore, donkey meat is known as the “Viagra on the table of the man”. The young and middle-aged couples like this dish most.

Donkey skin and Ejiao both have the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, skin care and beauty, and are very suitable for female friends.

Do you know the three treasures of beauty?

They are: weight loss of fungus, breast enhancement of papaya, beauty of donkey meat.

Among them, donkey meat has the best effect, which indicates that the nutritional value of donkey meat is very high.

  Donkey meat contains high levels of protein, trace amounts, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, vitamins and other nutrients. Donkey meat also has protein and various amino acids required by the human body.

The above nutritional ingredients all have Yijing aphrodisiac, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, and lung-purifying effects, especially for relieving annoyance and calming the brain, and have unique effects.People with a loss of appetite eat donkey meat and have a good amount of food therapy.

  Donkey meat has the characteristics of “two highs and two lows”, high protein, low pups, high amino acids, and low cholesterol.

So donkey meat has good health effects on arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Donkey meat is rich in nutritional value, and also contains ingredients such as animal glue, bone glue, and calcium, which can provide good nutritional supplements for children, the elderly, the frail, and those who are nursed after illness.

Chinese medicine formula DIY anti-aging wrinkle mask


Chinese medicine formula DIY anti-aging wrinkle mask

Want your skin to be more delicate?

You can try diy mask according to your needs.


Pearl Anti-Wrinkle Mask Formula: Angelica, Bai Zhi, Bai Po Ling, Bai He, and Almond Powder.

1/2 of pearl powder or placenta powder, water, honey content.

  Applicable: This group of formulas has the functions of activating blood and brightening skin, whitening and wrinkle prevention, and is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, aging and sagging skin with dense wrinkles.

  Usage: Apply the mask evenly on the face with a small brush, 20?

Wash after 30 minutes, 2 every week?
3 times.

  Production: 1.

50 grams of Angelica, Baiji, Baijiling, Baiji, and almond powder, 25 grams of pearl powder or placenta powder, mixed and bottled.


Then take 1 tsp of the Chinese medicine powder mixed in the bottle, add it to the bowl, and add water to make a paste.


Add a little honey and mix well.

  Note: In summer or oily skin, honey may not be added.

There are many types of pearl powder and placenta powder.

Pearls are divided into sea pearls and river pearls, and placenta is divided into humans and animals. The price varies greatly.

For masks, just choose the normal grade.

These two medicinal materials are generally available in Chinese pharmacies.

But there is not necessarily a ground medicine powder, MMs can replace a kind of application depending on the material.


Ginseng Anti-Wrinkle Mask Formula: 3 tablets of ginseng, Angelica, Baiji, Baiji, Huai yam, and peach kernel powder.

  Applicable: This formula has the functions of moisturizing and rejuvenating, whitening and wrinkle removal.

Suitable for daily maintenance of dry, oily and normal skin.

Especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

  To use: Apply the mask evenly on both ends with a small brush.

Wash after 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

  Production: 1.

50 grams of Angelica sinensis, Bai Zhi, Bai Ji, Huai Yam, and peach kernel powder.

After mixing, bottle and set aside.

Put 3 slices of ginseng into the cup.

Add 50 ml of boiling water for 20 minutes.

Strain juice for future use.


Then take 1 tsp of the mixed traditional Chinese medicine powder in the bottle.

Put into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of ginseng juice, and make a paste.
  Note: There is excess ginseng juice to be ingested, and the ginseng in the cup is thoroughly brewed repeatedly.

There are many types of ginseng. When using it in a mask, you can use a general grade, and ginseng must be used.
Mixing ginseng powder with other Chinese medicine is also acceptable.


Whitening and wrinkle mask formula: white lotus root, mung bean, white Poria, white and, almond, peach kernel powder each equal, half egg white, sandalwood essential oil 2 drops.

  Applicable: This group of formulas has the effect of whitening and moisturizing, firming and removing wrinkles.

Suitable for fine lines, loose and swollen skin, suitable for all seasons.

  Usage: Apply the mask evenly on the face with a small brush, 20?
Wash after 30 minutes, 2 every week?
3 times.

  Production: 1.

50g each of the above 6 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine powders, mixed and bottled for later use.


Then take 1 tsp of the mixed traditional Chinese medicine powder in the bottle.
Put it in a bowl.


Add egg whites to a paste.


Add 2 drops of sandalwood oil and mix well.

  Note: The main ingredient of egg white is protein. Some people with sensitive skin will be allergic, so those with allergies are not suitable.

The mask with egg white is too susceptible to irritation for too long, so do not exceed 30 minutes.


Anti-wrinkle facial mask formula: Angelica, peach kernel, salvia, white lotus root, white aconite, white and the same amount, 2 drops each of rose and frankincense oil.

Half an egg white.

  Applicable: This group of formulas has the functions of whitening and spotting, and firming and wrinkle removing.

Suitable for dull, dark spots, fine lines, sagging, aging skin.

Suitable for all seasons.
  Usage: Use a small brush to apply the mask evenly on the face.

20?Wash after 30 minutes.

2 every week?
3 times.

  Production: 1.

50 grams of the above 6 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine powder.

After mixing, bottle and set aside.

Then take 1 tsp of the mixed traditional Chinese medicine powder in the bottle.

Put in a bowl.


Add egg whites to a paste.   4.

Add 2 drops of rose and frankincense oil and mix well.

  Note: Be careful with sensitive skinbrows!

What can I do to avoid being jealous and hateful?

What can I do to avoid being jealous and hateful?

Jiang Chunyi turned to me because of interpersonal problems.

She was born and raised in Harbin.

Perhaps because of the perfect interaction between hereditary advantages and environmental advantages, Jiang Chunyu’s figure and long face have caused strange allure, Jiang Chunyu has always been proud of it.

  ”I know very well that I look beautiful and I am ahead of everything smoothly.

If other women have the same education and family background, I believe that their probability of success will be lower than mine.

I succeeded because I was beautiful . “Jiang Chunyi said to me in a letter of help at a certain time.

  Chunchun Jiang graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1992, and later she studied for a master’s degree at Tsinghua University.

After completing her master’s degree, she worked in a wholly-owned US company in Beijing.

Due to her outstanding work performance and a solid and careful habit of doing everything, the leader thought that she could be competent as a manager, so she was promoted to be a technical director.

Jiang Chunxun became a technical director, and her income level suddenly increased a lot. The power in her hands also intensified, which caused too many people to feel uneasy and fear.

Soon, Jiang Chunxuan felt that too many people who had a good relationship with her were obviously alienating her, and some people openly opposed her. Some threatened to drive her down, and some even released words to beat her well.Meal.

  The question Jiang Chunchao asked me for help was: Should she quit the position of technical director, how can she not be jealous and hateful.

  The biggest ignorance and error of a person is that in the subconscious world, when she wanted to be an angel always praised, Chunchun Jiang came to see me for the first time, she was very depressed, her head was always half-low, and she seemed to be habitually inclined to the reverse.

  ”Why do you want to quit the position of technical director? Your company is a technology R & D company. This position is very important to you and your company. It is also attractive to many people. I don’t understand why you want to be so solidResign and drop it?

“I asked Jiang Chunyu.

“I didn’t want to quit my job, but it caused me too much pain and trouble, so I wanted to quit it.

Before Jiang Chunyu had finished speaking, tears rolled down.

  ”Can you be specific about some kind of pain and trouble?

“I ask.

  ”You see, when I was an engineer, everyone got along well with me. At that time, everyone said that I was good, and no one said me a bad word.

What about now? It seems that I have become an unwelcome person in the eyes of many people. Many people talk about me behind my back and say bad things about me.

Jiang Chunyu turned from tears to tears, and sobbed hard. She quickly felt very wronged, like a little girl of seven or eight years old.

  ”What did they say and why did it make you sad?

“I asked Jiang Chunyu.
  ”They say I’m just a nerd and I don’t have much patience.

Others say that I got the position of technical director through hue.

I’m so sad, what’s the point of living?

Jiang Chunyu was crying more and more.

  ”Do you care what other people think of you-especially bad ones?

“I asked Jiang Chunyu.
  ”Very concerned.

“I’m afraid that others will pick me up or say bad things about me. When I hear others picky me, I will have a great sense of insecurity, feel insecure when sleeping, and sometimes have nightmares,” Jiang Chunyi said.

  ”Then you like to be praised and praised?

“I ask.
  ”Of course I do.

Who doesn’t like being praised?

I grew up in praise and praise from a young age. I think that praise and praise can make me feel happy, but also make me feel full.

Jiang Chunying said.  The first consultation with Jiang Chunyu caused me a lot of thought.

I think that Jiang Chunxuan’s overly concerned with other people’s discussions and overly focused on praise and appreciation has some kind of general human mindset. That is, almost all people want to treat themselves as idols in the subconscious, while begging for appreciation and resistanceIt is the concrete manifestation of this general mentality.

This general mentality is perhaps the biggest shadow of our human beings. It not only obscures our vision of discovering self-deficit, but also hinders the development of our minds to a higher level.

The development of the mind needs to complete the process of self-denial in the painful religious sense, which is also the true meaning of the so-called death and resurrection in the Christian faith.

Confucius said that “the one who knows shame is almost brave” has deep philosophy.

  Jiang Chunquan had a quarrel with several opponents of her.

I was glad she had such courage, but something unexpected happened.

  In the second and third consultations for Jiang Chunyu, I told her the truth: people are inherently flawed, and this kind of flaw is completely manifested in physiological characteristics, and more often in the mental aspect.The human eye often only focuses on the defects of physiological characteristics, but lacks the courage to face up to the complex defects of human mind.

Some people turn a blind eye to their mental deficiencies and do not know the “three provinces and my body”. The reason is that they refuse to become complete (or called “whole person” or Holistic).

God let us be born incomplete, the purpose is to make us complete through struggle and exploration.

And when you refuse to admit your incompleteness at the beginning, your pursuit of spiritual growth stops.

Therefore, only the most intelligent and truly self-confident people can understand the true value of self-denial.

  Chunchun Jiang is a highly savvy person. She said, “I did have a lot of shortcomings in the past. I adore vanity and pretend to be humble. I only pay attention to my strengths and rarely pay attention to my weaknesses.

I cover up my shortcomings in various ways, and also show the advantages to others in various ways.

Jiang Chunxi showed me the shadow of her heart when she met me for the fourth time.

This is also the first time that she has revealed to others outside her the weakness of her human nature.

  I believe Jiang Chunyu has taken the first step in spiritual growth.

However, she told me that she intends to use silence to deal with her criticisms, because silence is the way she always uses to deal with interpersonal conflicts.

  ”If your silence is a happy silence, then you can remain silent.

“I said to Jiang.

  ”Although my silence is not happy, I am willing to be silent because silence is golden and silence is good.

Jiang Chunyi said to me.

  ”Silence is useful in most cases, but sometimes silence is a mistake, a mistake that is harmful to yourself and others.

If your motives are good, you are adhering to justice and the public interest, and your conflicts with others are not hindered. Such conflicts often lead to unexpected gains.

“I said.

  ”Isn’t this contradicting what you said you want to accept criticism from others?

“Jiang Chunxi asked me.

  ”Yes, not right.

The nature of the world is contradictory, so don’t look for a world without contradictions.

Besides, some of their criticisms against you are unjust and a product of jealousy, and they should fight back against them rationally and systematically.

“I said.
  ”Isn’t it more offensive to them?

Jiang Chunxi asked me puzzled.

  ”Strike them back vigorously, but don’t hurt them.

Give it a try, this is also a kind of self-denial, negating your past silence.

“I encourage.

  Jiang Chunyu accepted my suggestion, and as soon as she went to work the next day, she quarreled with a few people who opposed her.

I was glad she had such courage, but something unexpected happened.
  She has been exploring the roots of her cowardly personality, but has not found a reasonable answer. She thinks my point of view is fresh.

  After arguing with some opponents, Jiang Chunxuan stopped going to work.  ”I’m terrified. I’m afraid they’ll fight with me again. What’s wrong?

I dare not go to work, I don’t want to see those people again.

Jiang Chunxi said to me on the phone.

  ”Have you told this to your boss?

“I ask.
  ”I asked my boss for leave.

I said I was sick.

Sorry, I can’t accept your consultation any more. Your words are right, but I can’t do it. My nature is weak, and conflict with other people makes me feel terrified.

“Jiang Chunxi’s voice shuddered.

  ”Ms. Jiang, do you feel cold?

“I ask.
  ”It’s cold, it’s very cold, and my hands are shaking with cold.

Jiang Chunying said.
  ”But it’s early June. The temperature in the suburbs is 28 degrees. Do you think you’re normal?

“I ask.
  Jiang Chunying cried. She cried and told me that she was very worried that those people would avenge her, and even worried that those people would kill her.

I first thought of her brain, and I began to suspect that her brain’s ganglia had abnormal physiological functions.

  The latest scientific research and clinical practice have proven that human brain functions are not good, and some people are difficult to succeed in all aspects, and no matter how hard it is, it will not help.

When we understand human nature, we must not leave behind the complex and mysterious physiological functions of the brain.

Take Jiang Chunyu, for example. Her fear is not from the threats to her from those who quarrel with her, but from her brain.

Brain ethology has proven that when the basal ganglia (especially the right) in the human brain has a physiological abnormality, people will develop a mentality to avoid conflicts with others, and they will become easily frightened and worried.

When a person with an acutely fractured leaf develops a concentrated physiological disease, he or she will become very fond of conflicting with others and will have violent thoughts.

  When I told Jiang Chunxuan of my suspicion, she recognized it. She said that she had been exploring the root of her timid personality, but she could not find a reasonable answer. She thought my point of view was very fresh.

According to my suggestion, she quickly performed a corresponding brain examination at a large hospital in Beijing.

The inspection results proved my suspicion.

I prescribed Jiang Chunyu a drug that stabilized the function of the bottom ganglia. After a few months, she no longer feared conflict with others.

  It’s been a year since I consulted Jiang Chunxuan. When I went to Beijing to see Jiang Chunxuan a year later, I found out she looked like a new person.

She told me that she is happier and reasserted than those around her.

How to stay up late have good skin and good moisturizing work_1

How to stay up late to have good skin and good moisturizing work

Click to buy Do you often work overtime late at night because of work?

Do you often hang around at nightclubs because of a lot of friends?

10 pm to 2 am is the best time for skin repair. If you stay up late at this time, the skin will not be able to complete self-repair, which will lead to endocrine disruption over time, and the skin will become worse and worse.

If you’re a late-nighter, try looking in the mirror now to see if your skin is starting to age.

So, how can you stay up late to have good skin?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Even if you go to bed later, your face should be cleaned earlier.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that skin care must adapt to changes in the environment and physical state, so do not wait to clean the skin before going to bed. Try to cleanse the skin in advance to reduce the burden on the skin and prevent acne.

Cleansing does not prevent the use of a two-in-one cleanser that can remove and cleanse at the same time, and cleans in 2 minutes.

  2. Do a good job of moisturizing.

  Sleeping late, staying up late, and excessive fatigue make the skin’s water retention worse and dry.

So apply cleansing lotion as soon as possible after cleansing.

It is best to use a cotton pad to dip the beauty liquid until the cotton pad is transparent, you can see the fingers through the perspective, then start from the center of the face, and gently tighten the skin with the force that makes the skin sink slightly.

For easy-to-dry and dull eyes and mouth, you need to apply it carefully. The cheeks that are easy to dry should be fully absorbed. Finally, use the entire palm to gently press the remaining lotion on the skin to make it fully penetrate into the skin.

  3. Use mask paper to quickly improve skin dryness. If you are as worried as I am about applying the mask daily, it will cause over-maintenance, then you can use a moisturizing beauty solution to soak the paper mask after cleansing and apply it on the skin.

After 10 minutes, the moisture in the film will be absorbed by the skin, and then a layer of lotion will be sprayed. After 5 minutes, the skin will become hydrated and soft, and you don’t have to worry about overloading the skin even if you do it every day.

If you do n’t even have a paper mask, you can put a paper towel on the surface and spray moisturizing lotion on the paper until the tissue is soaked, wait 1?
3 minutes.

  4. Use detox night cream. Even if you fail to fall asleep before 23:00, the best liver detox time, you can absorb the essence night cream with detox repair function before 23 o’clock. It can be promoted with a simple 30-second massage when applied.Blood circulation, improve cell metabolic vitality and eliminate skin toxin waste, will greatly reduce the damage of staying up late.

Occasionally need to strengthen the maintenance, you can apply a little thicker as a good night mask, multi-purpose.

  5. Vitamin C supplements before going to bed. In the case of not getting enough sleep, nutrition will be excessively lost.

If you have the habit of taking oral beauty products every day, it is recommended to take vitamin C and oral collagen products before bedtime. This is not only better than the absorption effect during the day, but also helps the skin to get adequate nutrition and restore elastic gloss during sleep.
  Through the above sharing, I hope to provide help to friends who often stay up late during skin care.

The ceiling that women have to face-iron hands and gentleness

The ceiling that women have to face: iron hands and gentleness

Management guru Durak has clearly stated: “This change in the times is in line with the characteristics of women.”

Henry Mintzberg also mentioned in “Ten Meditations on Management”: “Organizations need to be nurtured, they need to be cared for and cared for, and they need sustained, stable care.

Caring is a more feminine approach to management, although I see many good male CEOs gradually adopting this approach.

However, women still have an advantage.

“Many people’s surveys also prove that as a leader, women have some advantages that men cannot match.

“Female managers have better coordination skills and pay more attention to the physical needs of employees.

And women are serious, careful and stable.

“Liu Haimei, vice president of Beijing Xinhuaxin Management Consulting Co., Ltd., who has been working in human resources for a long time, is a female leader.

Xiangming Ming, the deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, summarized the management style of the female managers he approached, saying: “The substitution of female managers has shown strong performance in adversity.

Women are good at communicating and it is easier to persuade others.

In addition, women are exquisite in their work and prudent in decision-making. It is not easy for companies to experience ups and downs.

These are all necessary qualities for a successful entrepreneur.

“It is undeniable that even now it is time for female managers to develop their talents, there are many aspects of women’s career development.

  The ceiling that women must face. For most female white-collar workers, to achieve a mid-level leadership position, if they want to be further promoted, they will face a transparent glass roof. The future looks close to them, but they cannot jump.

  Liu Haimei got her unique insights.

She believes that the most important point is that women do not see themselves equally in the first place.

Few women position themselves as senior management personnel in their career plans.

They want to find the best balance in their personal life and career.

Under the guidance of this kind of psychology, women’s subjective promotion is required, and their attitude towards career success will not be as positive as that of men.

  Women are also discriminated against as managers.

“Harvard Business Review” interviewed 1,000 male and 900 female senior business executives, of which two-thirds of male executives and one-fifth of female executives said they were uncomfortable working under a female boss; only9% of male executives and 15% of female executives expressed a willingness to work under a female boss.

  Experts believe that the unfavorable impression of female bosses is mainly in the inertia of people. Men are closer to the image of the ideal boss in people’s minds than women: they are energetic, decisive, they have a standard for others, they have a high degree of problemsDeal with problems to a good standard.

  The management style of a female boss is vulnerable.

If women adopt the same mode of leadership as men, the behavior of male bosses may be interpreted positively, while the gentleness of female bosses is often regarded as a lack of courage.

A female manager is deeply known as: “Sometimes when dealing with problems, some people think you are too weak for a woman; but if you are tough, people will say that you are like a man.

“Iron fist + gentle androgynous management is the future trend. In addition to the above social factors, some inherent factors of women have limited their development.

  Xiangming Ming said: “Women are inherently dependent, and it is difficult to avoid the idea of needing care from others, which makes it easy for them to shrink back when they need to be alone.

A male leader concluded: “Female managers are more suitable for in-depth and detailed work. They have less control over the macro and strategic dimensions and are not as good as men in promoting change.

As a female manager, Liu Haimei believes that the weakness of women lies in the lack of decisiveness and the lack of confidence in doing things, while women are biased and need to be rational when making decisions.

  Therefore, interviewees generally believe that female managers should have dual advantages, which is the future development direction of female talents.

Specifically, while female managers have the advantage of women, they also need some excellent qualities of men.

Affinity without losing principle, attention to detail without losing level, good at combing without losing determination, and constantly improve their leadership.

  Hu Xiaoshen, general manager of Huayuan Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd., said: “Women’s minds are not as broad as men’s, and open minds are more conducive to people’s growth. Women must learn from men in this regard.

Luo Huilan, an associate professor at the China Women’s University, has written that if women want to achieve success in their careers, they must have stronger psychological qualities than men and learn from men.

In the body of successful women, the temperament of both sexes is blended, both the gentle, delicate, and emotional side of women, and the strong, decisive, and determined side of men.

Because women have the above advantages, they are often more successful than men in seeking cooperation and implementing humanized management.

Absolutely, there is a saying in the field of management that a feminized leadership model is the future development trend.

Facts show that the authoritative and commanding male leadership model is about to be replaced by a humane and emotional leadership model, while women have the psychological characteristics of exquisite feelings and are good at integrating this advantage into management, forming women’s uniqueManagement style and therefore often easy to succeed.   Obviously, Carly Fiorina and Lu Sibo are both models in this respect.

After Carly Fiorina took over HP, she entered the traditional male field more deeply than any woman on the ladder.

This is not just piecemeal engineer work, but the real male world: drinking from a big bowl, rolling up your sleeves, and hitting wild deer on the ranch.

She combines the charm and wisdom of women’s management with the iron will of men.

  ”I have contacted some female managers. I feel colder and more obese than male managers. I should return to them. I can’t patronize the soft side and become the soft side. It should be firm and soft.

Chen Jiang, the consultant of Peking University Management Consulting Company, is the last.

There is always a large collection of masks with various effects for you_1

A large collection of masks with various functions is always suitable for you

Facial mask is the most urgent sacred product in all skin care products. More and more people like to make homemade facial masks, homemade moisturizing facial masks, homemade acne facial masks, etc. Below, I will share with you the homemade facial mask methods.There is one for you!

  Mung Bean Traditional Chinese Medicine Mask Mung Bean has anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects, and reduces swelling and swelling, while Chinese herbal medicines such as Amaranth, White Poria, Amaranth have cooling blood and swelling. This DIY mask is especially suitable for oily skin. In the spring, you can apply this mask to eliminate the acne marks in the body.

Method: Mix 2 teaspoons of mung bean powder, 1 teaspoon of white lotus root powder, 2 teaspoons of white lotus root, 1 teaspoon of white lotus root powder, add honey, and milk.

Put the mixed mask on both ends for 15 minutes and wash with water.

  Oatmeal mask material: appropriate amount of oatmeal, half of papaya, a small amount of skim milk.

Method: Put oats in water for 6 hours beforehand?
8 hours.

Squeeze the papaya into the milk and pour into the milk. After the oats are dried, pour into the papaya milk and stir.

Apply the mixture directly to it, 10 minutes?
After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

Mask effect: remove dead skin and improve acne marks.

And this DIY mask is suitable for any skin type.

  Protein in eggs: 1 egg, 1?2 lemon, and moderate salt.

Method: Break up one egg, add half a lemon juice and a little coarse salt, stir well; add olive oil to the egg juice, mix the two evenly.

Masks can be stored in the refrigerator on weekdays. Doing it 1-2 times a week can make the skin firm, improve the pores, and promote smooth and fine skin.

  Apple puree acne mask fruit is a beauty product that many people know.

If you have acne or acne marks on your skin, mash the mud with fresh apples to make a mask. Sticking to it can make the acne disappear and lighten the acne marks.

Method: First cut half of fresh apples into a juicer and crush them. Take out the apple puree and apply it on the acne marks. Leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it with water.

  Carrot flour acne mask preparation materials: Carrot amount, a small amount of flour.

Method: mash the carrot and its juice, add flour to mash it, apply carrot puree to the face, once every other day, ten minutes.

This mask has the functions of removing acne, diminishing marks, treating acne, and anti-wrinkles.

  Mint Rosemary Essential Oil Mask Mint is cool and has anti-inflammatory effects. It is also effective for blackheads and oily skin.

Facial skin is permeable to essential oils, the skin can effectively absorb essential oils, hair follicles eliminate toxins, and smoothen acne marks.

Method: First mix the essential oils of peppermint and rosemary, add the base oil to reconcile, then apply the mask liquid with a cotton pad, and apply it on the place where the acne marks and oil are serious.

Remove after 15 minutes and wash your face with water.

Happy marriage, say I’m sorry

Happy marriage, say “I’m sorry”

This conclusion comes from a survey conducted by Zogby International Survey, in which 7,590 Americans completed the questionnaire.
The results showed that married people said “sorry” to their spouse twice as often as those who were single.
Even if there is no dispute between the couple, married people believe that it is very important to apologize to the other person, and that unmarried, single, divorced or widowed people hold less than half of the former.
  American marriage expert Andrew Marshall said that the secret to maintaining the happiness of marriage is that the couple must accept the common view that you must learn to apologize spontaneously, the reason is simple, because you love him and hope he is happy.
  Experts point out that if you cannot learn to apologize to each other, then you will not be loyal to your relationship with anyone, especially marriage.
Studies have pointed out that every time a negative thing happens, you need to use five positive things to dispel its shadow.
So when something unpleasant happens between you and your lover, it’s very helpful to express your apologies sincerely.

Measure your love burnout period

Measure your love burnout period

Start the test: 1. Do you have the habit of putting change in a money box?

Yes to 3, No to 2 2 Are you still beautiful even if you stay up all night?

Go to 4 or 7 to 3. Do you want to or have you ever been to Disneyland?

Go to 6, or go to 5 4. Are the opposite sexes you like similar?

Yes, go to 7, No to 6 5. Recently, you rarely watch movies, just watch videos and video discs?

Go forward to 9, or go to 8 6. Do you think you can get along with your mother?

Go to 8, or go to 9 7. Will you buy something new to eat?

Go forward to 11, or go to 10 8. Do you not believe in superpowers?

Yes, go to 12, No. 13, do you have electric heaters?

Yes to 12, or 13 to 10. Do you think loyalty has fallen behind?

Yes, go to 13, No, go to 14 11. Have you met good gay friends recently?

Go forward to 13, or go to 14 12. Your room is stuffed?

Go to 19 or not to 15 13. Do you have to change your underwear every day?

Go to 16 or 15 to 14. Do you not have the perseverance to keep a journal?

Go to 17 or 16 to 15. Are you dressed casually?

Is it A type, if you go to 18-16, you will definitely buy the charts?

Go forward to 20, or go to 19 17. Is your stuff often lost?

Is it type E, or not advance to 20 18, do you have some fluffy dolls?

Yes A type, no B type 19, you can guess who the prisoner is when watching inference drama?

Is it C type, or B type 20, do you want to learn to ski?

YesE type, NoD type result analysis A type You are a person with keen observation and rich sensibility. Seasonal changes or other people ‘s actions can move your emotions. In the eyes of others, they are emotional.After interacting with each other for a while, you can see the nature of the other party, can not stand the other party’s shortcomings and imperfections, and finally had to say goodbye, from the realization that the breakup is only half a year!

  Type B. You are a very nervous and gentle person. You are very confident in your sixth sense. You use intuition to judge everything. If you do not like it for the first time, you will reject it subjectively.The other person is a person who has a strong sense of likes and dislikes. This is the same when you choose an object. Once you meet, if you don’t like it, you will never give the other person a chance. The burnout period is about three months.

  You are a stable person in Type C, and you wo n’t think of people in your work. As long as you are stable, it may be negative from some perspectives, but the so-called ordinary is blessing, so it ‘s not bad!

When you are looking for someone, you will also find the kind of person who is “once and forever”. It is best to talk about love before you can get married. The burnout period of your love relationship is about two years. If you want to get married, you can do so within two years.!!

  Type D You are a clever person who can understand people ‘s hearts. You do n’t have to wait for others to speak. You can read the minds of others and help people do things well. This also wins the favor of many people. In this way, you can get along with anyone, becauseYou know what other people want to do first, which also makes you a master of love. Your burnout period will vary depending on your mood, and there will be pros and cons.

  Type E You are kind and kind to people. Even the first time you meet, you will greet each other first, and make others feel comfortable.

In terms of feelings, you have a longing for love. You think of love very beautifully and sweetly. As long as you talk about love, you will always beautify the love, but after gradually gradually cooling down and fading, your love fatigueIt’s about a year or so.

Tips for interviewing newcomers in the workplace

Tips for interviewing newcomers in the workplace

For a job applicant, it should be very clear what kind of image the occupation that he is applying for needs to appear.

But it’s definitely not enough. It usually looks clean, neat, and confident. It’s always the type that most executives like.

Therefore, in addition to talking, etiquette and costume appearance, to give yourself a refreshing, generous and fresh light makeup, definitely has the effect of adding points, and heavy ink is a taboo.

  The stylist recommends that people who are looking for a job with fresh and light makeup do not prevent them from maintaining their true colors and appearing lightly.

Make-up colors should be mainly light-colored. Those red, green, and blue orthochromatic series are too eye-catching. An accidentally created a vulgar alternative image.

The foundation should also replace the natural color close to your own race. Even if it is higher and blacker, do not choose a foundation with a color lower than 2 to avoid being unnatural.

If the black people are white or yellow, then on the foundation, put some pink, pink and purple powder on them to create a red glow in the white.

Eyeshadows and lipsticks are selected based on the color of the outfit, and the overall dignified shape emphasizes the individual temperament and personality.

  The make-up artist recommends that the warm and warm-looking job makeup should focus on “spirit and vitality”, so the warm pinks, oranges and other warm tones are excellent in both blush, eye shadow, and lipstick.

In the material of cosmetics, pay attention to avoid using too many dark colors that highlight personal characteristics. The matte powder is the best, and the popular bright powder is less used.

Four recipes for stomach warming in late autumn

Four recipes for stomach warming in late autumn

According to the “Medicine and Health Care News”, in the late autumn, when the temperature drops, many elderly people are already debilitated and afraid of coldness. If they don’t pay attention to the cold again, they will have symptoms of stomach cold and stomach pain.

At this time, you can take some medicated meals with warm foods of the same origin, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of cold and stomachache.

  ● Cinnamon brown sugar drink: 15 grams of cinnamon, decoction to remove residue, add 10 grams of brown sugar, mix thoroughly and drink hot.

This drink has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, and can treat stomach pain and bloating caused by cold in the stomach.

  ● White pepper and red jujube pills: take 10 jujubes (decored), put 5 white peppers in each jujube, steam them in a steamer, and then mash them to make mung bean-sized balls. Take 7?
10 pills.

This pill has the effect of warming the stomach and nourishing blood, and can treat stomach cold pain.

  ● Nutmeg black chicken pot: 1 black bone chicken (about 500g), remove hair and internal organs and wash; put 5g each of apple and cardamom in the belly of black bone chicken, seal one with a toothpick, add water to the potCooked and seasoned.

This meal has the effect of warming and dispersing cold, strengthening the stomach and relieving pain, whether it is to feel the stomach disease caused by cold evil, or to accommodate cold stomach caused by cold food, stomach pain is an alternative to eating.

  ● Dried ginger jujube and mutton lamb: 100 grams of mutton cut into pieces, 6 grams of astragalus, 10 jujubes (pitted), 5 grams of dried ginger.

The above ingredients are cooked in water with an appropriate amount and seasoned.

This porridge has the effects of warming yang, nourishing qi, and strengthening the stomach.

Can treat deficiency cold stomach pain, chills and so on.