Hot summer yoga practice requires temperance

Hot summer yoga practice requires temperance

On a hot summer day, it’s not uncommon for your body to sweat with a little movement.

Some people scramble to drill into the air-conditioned room, but some people want to go to the gym to sweat sweat.

However, the author believes that in the summer, hot yoga practice requires temperance.

  Hot yoga makes practitioners sweat a lot, and the process of sweating is the process of detoxification of the human body, which is the most obvious health effect.

At the same time, yoga has a slimming effect originally, and hot yoga is performed at high temperature, the consumption of the human body increases, so the effect of weight loss is more obvious.

This is why hot yoga is sought after.

  However, during the practice of high-temperature yoga, it will cause a lot of sweating. Sweating also represents the development of yang, but excessive sweating will make the yang in the body empty and yin.

At this time, if there is no more diet, the imbalance of yin and yang will inevitably get sick!

The “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” went on to say: “Summer is hurt in the summer, and its sweat is very big. When it is cold in summer, it is hidden in the skin, and in the wind, it becomes sick.

“It is obvious how important it is to pay attention to the degree of perspiration and maintain the balance of yin and yang.

  High-temperature yoga, moderate exercise in cold winter, can solve the problem of no sweating in winter and balance yin and yang; normal temperature yoga in summer also becomes “high-temperature yoga” under the catalysis of high temperature, which makes people sweat more than this.It is not necessary to go to high-temperature courses again, especially after entering the small summer on the 7th of this month, the weather will become hotter. In this case, practicing high-temperature yoga in a closed room, outside heat plus internal heat, is very easy to make peopleCollapse, laying the roots for future illness.

Calculating as a normal person, practicing an hour of high-temperature yoga can consume one liter of water in the body. If you do n’t drink enough water, your body will have symptoms of dehydration, heatstroke, unconsciousness, and continual practice may lead to coma.

Therefore, it is not recommended to practice high-temperature yoga during the small summer heat, and proper practice in spring, autumn and winter is good for the body.

If you are a devout follower of hot yoga, we recommend that you practice it once a week during this season.

The phone is not only held in your hand, but also growth in your heart

The phone is not only held in your hand, but also “growth” in your heart

“Hey, what are you talking about?
The signal is bad and you can’t hear it!
“Similar scenes are common on TV and in life.
Studies have found that mobile phones have an impact on modern people more than wallets. They lose their phones, and most people will find them in less than an hour. If they lose their wallets, it may take a day or two.
A few days ago, Taiwan’s “Health” magazine reminded that mobile phones may not only be held in their hands, but may also be “grown” in their hearts, causing adverse effects on mental health.
A national survey in the UK found that on average, four out of five people lied once a day using their mobile phones. “Where are you” is the easiest problem to lie.
Professor Zhang Leijing, director of the Department of Psychology and Psychology of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, said that using a mobile phone to lie can make people feel guilty and easily form inertia.
Therefore, people should consciously conduct more face-to-face communication and get rid of “mobile phone habitual lying.”
The British “Debreit Noble Yearbook” includes mobile phone use in modern etiquette, calling for “live people to be more concerned than mobile phones.”
Many people have committed cell phone obsessive-compulsive disorder, and can’t live without their phones for a minute. Many white-collar workers at companies say that “you have to pull out your cell phone at any time to look at it, and you will be extremely nervous without a signal.”
Zhang Leijing said that modern communication methods make people have a strong and continuous demand and dependence on mobile phones.
In order to overcome it, people should restrain themselves appropriately, gradually reduce the number of times they watch mobile phones, and cultivate a peaceful mentality.
A holiday company in the United Kingdom started a trial of “mobile phoneless travel”, and participants were not allowed to travel with mobile phones.
Many people always hear the mobile phone ringing, take out the mobile phone to see, there is no incoming call or text message.
This is a type of “phone hallucination” that is common among senior white-collar workers, media personnel, and sales staff.
Prolonged auditory hearing can cause people to become overly nervous, irritable and anxious.
Therefore, those with mild symptoms may wish to develop the habit of shutting down before going to bed and use the mobile phone in a healthy way to better relieve stress.
In severe cases, you should consider seeking help from a psychologist.

To slim down, look at the six healthy food choices.

To slim down, look at the six healthy food choices.

◎Chocolate—Relieve stress and slim down with chocolate?

No way!

1 part of 50g chocolate chips, there are 280 big cards!

However, sherry tells you that in fact, the Theobroma ingredient contained in chocolate can both relieve stress and give you a happy satisfaction. Eating a little chocolate before meals can reduce the amount of food consumed during meals.You can’t eat more than half of the chocolate chips, and you can’t eat chocolate that leaks other ingredients (for example: peanuts, all kinds of stone fruits, because this chocolate calorie is really high), and eat a little chocolate before meals, otherTime, you can’t eat!

You can use this method for 4-5 days to see how it works!

  ◎ Grape seed oil — anti-aging first place after reading this report, you may no longer want to vomit after eating grapes!

In addition to some high-end skin care products, highlighting grape seed oil (phenol) is anti-aging, from the ecological and environmental point of view, grape seed oil is also very good, because it is a by-product of wine, but also linoleic acid (Linoleic Acid)One of the main sources.

Linseed oleic acid and sub-linseed oleic acid are the main components of human human cell membranes, which are not self-manufactured by the human body and can only be obtained from plants.

And grape seed oil does not need preservatives at all, because it contains very high vitamin E (80mg?
120mg / 100g) to trigger antioxidants.

  In addition to the beauty of grape seed oil, scientific research also points out other interesting facts. After adjusting for age, there are heart disease, high blood pressure diabetes and related related drugs, anger, depression, low HDL value.People with dominant personality are more likely to be impotence, so when the HDL value decreases, the chance of impotence increases.

  ◎ Olive oil—natural blood pressure lowering drugs like to eat Italian, Greek Southern European cuisine?

Want to lose weight to restart?

How about trying the Mediterranean diet?

In fact, everyone knows that olive oil also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are needed in many metabolic functions that are uninterrupted 24 hours a day. According to the latest research report, Reuters pointed out that most of the food in North AmericansInsufficient amounts of two essential carbohydrates, modern food processing, and even cooking methods can damage them or turn them into “transformed” fatty acids that are harmful to the human body (synthetics are often converted structural substances that are harmful to the human body).

  According to a study of heart disease in Helsinki and the Framingham area with a population of 1,000 people, every 1% increase in HDL can reach 3%.
4% risk of hypertension.

More importantly, people with low HDL are a potential group of cardiovascular diseases.

Increasing the excess of olive oil in the diet can help patients with high blood pressure, can reduce the amount of their blood pressure lowering drugs, and even some patients do not have to take blood pressure lowering drugs, according to past studies, Mediterranean-style vegetables, moreOlive oil conditioning methods can also prevent heart and brain vascular disease, cancer and memory loss in the elderly.

  ◎ Honey—Yangyan beauty products are afraid of the old, you know that the large amount of antioxidants contained in honey can also resist aging!

In general, the glucose and fructose in honey are very rich, can be absorbed by the intestines and stomach, can reduce the burden of digestion of the stomach, and is an excellent daily drink or seasoning.

Recently, the latest research findings from the University of Illinois (the journal of beekeeping research), the common edible honey contains many antioxidant substances effective for preventing diseases, and the darker honey contains lighter color than honey.high!

  The so-called “antioxidant substance” refers to a group of compounds, which can be used to neutralize harmful free radicals produced by normal metabolism of the human body, thereby preventing the occurrence of diseases. This substance is widely found in natural substitution, the most famous beingVitamin C, vitamin E, has long been a spokesperson for beauty and anti-aging, and newly discovered green tea, Portuguese wine and pine bark are also rich in such substances. Researchers believe that because honey comes from plants, honeyAntioxidants are also substances contained in these natural plants. It is estimated that after collecting about 20 different sources of honey, chemical analysis is carried out, which means that the honey contained in the honey varies from place to place.Deep honey contains a high content, and the difference in honey content can be as high as 20 times.

  Since the ancient Greek medical ancestors, the Greek medical pilgrimage has been regarded as a magical medicine by many different civilizations, and propolis, beeswax and other products are rich in a variety of antibacterial substances, which are regarded as strong antibacterial agents and health foods, this newThe discovery also marks the efficacy of honey.

Finally, sherry wants to remind readers that although honey is a very recommended food, it is not very suitable for feeding babies, because many natural honey contains bacteria of the genus Clostridium, and the stomach acid of adults can kill these bacteria.However, infants may not necessarily have enough stomach acid to kill these bacteria, which is especially careful.

  ◎Maize—Immunization-improving traditional doctors use corn-cooked gruel, or use cornmeal to make a variety of pastries to supplement some nutrients (plus natural herbs), because of these cereals, combinedTrace elements contained in the soil, rich in organic alkaline fertilizers and spirulina.

These ancient healers know that when people absorb the right food and enough food to produce enough energy, the body system can enhance its natural balance.

Create excellent food for cells as a “molecular food” for adults.

These phyto Nutritions, which are derived from cereals and vegetables, are effective in enhancing the body’s natural in vivo mechanisms and giving the body an optimal initial health balance by nutritionally restoring the body naturally.

  In addition, with appropriate and appropriate maturity and corn cereal plants grown on alkaline and organic soils, scientists have found that when cereals are harvested under appropriate conditions and at appropriate maturity, they will have the bestQuality and essential nutrients such as: polysacchidepeptides, organic minerals, amino acids (amino acid mode), natural vitamin B complex (natural vitamin B complex) and various flavonoids,A mechanism that enables the body system to exert the most effective natural balance.

  ◎ oligosaccharide—to promote digestive normal love to watch TV, you must know Oligo this kind of sweetener with bio-regulating properties.

The taste is similar to that of common sugars, but the sweetness and energy are only 20-70% of sucrose, and it has the advantages of multiple physiological regulation functions. Therefore, oligosaccharides have become the new darling of food industry.

Oligosaccharides can not be digested and decomposed by the human body. Physiological regulation functions include: promoting the proliferation of bifidobacteria, reducing the production of toxic metabolites in the body, preventing diarrhea or constipation, protecting the liver, lowering blood pressure, lowering the total cholesterol content of serum, and lowering blood sugar.

Three major eye problems

Three major eye problems

Working hard, quick-drying, big-drying . who knows this, the eyes are idle, itching, dryness, and flowering are frequent, and the “four cakes”, “panda”, and “mosquito-repellent eyes” all become eyesSynonymous with.

  WHAT because of the three major problems of March Eye: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spring belongs to the liver, and the organs on the surface of the liver are the eyes, and the liver is good for the eyes.

However, after one winter, the liver’s blood and blood were consumed too much, and at this time, overwork was even more costly.

In addition, March’s wind-dryness prevails, from hair, skin, and eyes to dryness.

There is a dry environment outside our eyes, and nourishment of liver qi nourishes inside, and it is particularly prone to itching, dryness, and vision problems.

  One kind of itchy eyes is that the eyes are very itchy, but not red, tears in the wind, edema of the eyes, especially the inner corners of the eyes are itchy. This is due to qi deficiency in the body, and the dry climate invades and is reflected in the eyes.

The second is that the eyes are red and itchy, or have astringent pain, or a lot of secretions, which are caused by the external wind-heat evil forces that are too powerful and actively attack the eye surface.

  Dry eyes or dry environment, too much tear evaporation in the eyes, replacement due to excessive use of the eyes, liver fatigue, loss of essence and blood, resulting in insufficient secretion of tears.

  Vision dizziness is mainly due to excessive use of the eyes, causing the eyes to use the ciliary muscle tendons that adjust the far and near focal length, the adjustment power is reduced, and blurred vision appears. If the eyes are stretched differently, double vision will occur.

In addition, the eye gradually recovers to the lack of energy in the photosensitive medium under fatigue, and even causes the excessive consumption of the photosensitive medium and insufficient production, resulting in dim vision and a heterochromatic sensation.

  HOW to do: Eye protection from inside to outside at 11:00 pm. Sleeping eye problems are basically related to liver blood deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that blood is collected into the liver when we rest, thus preserving the strength of the liver and nourishing the eyes.

11 pm-1 am is the most vigorous time for liver and gallbladder meridian operation. Staying up late beyond this time will hurt the liver and gallbladder and affect the eyes.

  Doing eye exercises is likely to cause poor blood and eye fatigue. Doing eye exercises can increase eye blood movement, ensure eye nutrition supply, promote tear secretion, and relax eye muscles.

  Damp hot eyes Apply a hot towel around 60 degrees for 20-30 minutes each time.

It can moisturize the ocular surface, promote blood circulation, pass through the pulse, and improve eyesight. It has a good effect on relieving visual fatigue.

  Keeping your eyes moist and dry is the easiest way to fatigue your eyes.

The surrounding air is best to maintain humidity. Wear goggles to prevent wind and dust when going out to reduce tear evaporation and environmental irritation.

And consciously increase the number of blinks, tears can be evenly applied to the eye surface when blinking, to maintain eye moisturization, this is the simplest eye protection trick for people who use computers.

  Itchy eyes should not be rubbed with hands, the more itchy and itchy, the more rubbed the more red.

The correct way is to use a clean paper towel or handkerchief to gently press the corner of the eye to wipe away the extra tears.

  HOW medicine: Quickly find the commonly used medicine, itching, but tryptophan sodium eye drops can be used instead of red, Na Su Da eye drops, itching, swelling, removal of red bloodshot.

  Red and itchy can be used Houttuynia eye drops, heat and detoxification, antibacterial and antiviral effects are good, can withstand most conjunctivitis.

  The dry eyes can be supplemented with musk pearl eyesight, which can form a durable and effective protective film on the eyes.

  Vision dizziness replaces obstacles and disperses eye drops, which can forcibly relax the ciliary muscles and restore fatigue.

But this eye liquid will enlarge the pupil 3?
4 hours, so it is appropriate to use before going to bed.

The best product for nourishing essence——grain cereals

The best product for nourishing essence——grain cereals

The “Second Questions on Tibetan Gas Methodology Twenty-two” states: “Grain is served to support . the smell and harmony are served to replenish energy and improve qi.
Grains, the ancients refer to five kinds of food: japonica, adzuki bean, wheat, soybean, and emperor’s pupa, and later generations generally refer to various foods, which are the staple foods for the human body.
Grains are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and the nutritional ratio is very suitable for human needs.
The dietary habits of our people are based on carbohydrates as the main source of heat energy, while the self-repair of human growth and development is mainly dependent on protein.
Therefore, “the grain is supported” is in line with modern nutritional viewpoints.
  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the so-called “grains for feeding” are the seeds of plants.
A small seed is buried in the soil, it can germinate, grow, and grow in the next spring, and eventually grow into a buried in the soil, it can germinate, grow, grow, and eventually grow into aA complete plant indicates that the seeds have a vigorous vitality and condenses all the essence of the plant.
The seeds are the essence of the plant’s shrinking and fruiting in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
Qi Ping relies on health, so our ancestors had wisdom, and set it as a staple food, which has its profound connotation!
If only from the perspective of nutrition and chemistry, it is impossible to understand the “life force” of seeds.
For example, a piece of nutrient with the exact same chemical composition as a wheat seed is buried in the soil and fertilized. I believe it will not germinate for 10,000 years.
It is because the pill has no “life”, that is, it has no vitality.
Therefore, when the ancestors observed the nature of the heavens and the earth, they naturally considered the “vitality” and called it “vitality” or “yang”.
In other words, when we eat staple foods, we not only eat a variety of chemical nutrients, but also the “yang” of grain.
  Therefore, to judge whether a food is adequately nutritious depends not only on its chemical composition, but also on whether its “qi” is balanced.
Different plants have different “qis”, and the cold, hot, and cold temperatures are biased, which cannot be detected by chemical means.
As a staple food, grains are the most important components in the diet, because wheat, japonica, rice, millet, etc. are all sweet and smooth, and have the effect of “spleen and kidney, benefit qi and blood, grow muscle, and the five internal organs.”
However, at present, refined grains such as refined rice, white flour, etc., have peeled off the skin and germ of the seeds during processing, which has damaged the vitality of the seed species and lacked vitality.
Rice can’t germinate when placed in water, and its nutritional value is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is best to eat complete seeds, that is, coarse grains, and grains that have not been carefully processed to maintain the original vitality.
  文章摘自《伤精与养精康复之道》 作者:彭鑫

Six beauty teas for beautiful spring

Six beauty teas for beautiful spring

A radiant season in spring, how can women not show their beauty?

Xiaobian recommends six detox beauty teas to make you beautiful and beautiful.


Diet constipation People who drink cassia tea with intestinal peristalsis are slow (especially for obese dieters during dieting and weight loss), and they will easily accumulate in the body, causing constipation.

It is recommended to announce cassia tea.

  Ingredients: Cassia seed tea.

  Practice: brew with hot water.

  Efficacy: clear liver and eyesight, diuretic and laxative.


The accumulation of food and drinking Pu’er tea does not melt in the stomach, which not only affects the gastrointestinal function, but also causes a small amount of sugar, which leads to obesity without normal consumption.

Recommended Pu’er tea.

  Ingredients: Pu’er tea, 5 dried chrysanthemums.

  Practice: brew with hot water.
  Efficacy: Help digestion and eliminate fat.


Clear Fire Detox Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum Tea is the most convenient drink for clearing fire and losing weight.

  Ingredients: Several dried chrysanthemums.

  Method: brew directly with hot water.

  Efficacy: Qingshu antipyretics, detoxification, lowering blood pressure.


Hawthorn tea is consumed by carnivores. Hawthorn tea is more suitable for obesity who likes to eat meat.

  Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn.

  Practice: Fry with water.

  Efficacy: It can eliminate grease, help excrete waste in the body, and disperse stasis and phlegm.


Stomach drink rose tea with multifunctional function, can make tea and dip in wine.

Drink more to protect your stomach.

  Ingredients: 5 grams of roses.

  Practice: Warm boiling water.

  Efficacy: Huoxue Sanyu, cure liver and stomachache.


Cellulite Drink Lemon Tea Lemon tea can both degrease, remove greasy, and whiten the skin.

  Ingredients: Lemon slices.

  Method: Squeeze out the lemon juice, mix with warm water, add an appropriate amount of honey.

  Efficacy: Aunt Xiao, helps digestion, whitens the skin, and nourishes the lungs.

Three young sleep habits that make you young and fifteen years old

Three young sleep habits that make you young and fifteen years old

When life and work pressures come oncoming, wrinkles, dark circles and other annoying problems are also coming.

Many people will find that no matter how good eye cream or expensive mask they use, they can’t completely cure skin problems, and it is difficult to stay young.

  Here, remind the female compatriots, do not continue to stay up late and excessive alcohol and tobacco.

In this way, no matter how good your body is, how good your skin is, your youth will soon be exhausted.

Therefore, do not sleep more than 11:30 every night, drink enough water every day, eat enough fruits and vegetables, in order to really retain youth.

  Sleeping is the golden age of beauty, and insisting on three small habits before going to bed can help you delay aging, so that the skin problems brought by age can no longer be destroyed.

  First, before going to bed, before the bodybuilder shows up, you can lie in bed and do some simple small exercises, relax your body, it is also good for human health!

  First, lie on the bed, lift your legs up and lift, and massage from top to bottom.

Do not put down your legs, or lie on the wall in an L shape. This action can help to remove excess meat from the calves.

  Then lie flat, legs hanging 90 degrees in the air, 45 degrees, and 30 degrees, each angle for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, or you can stick to the limit.

This action can shape the muscles of the thigh.

  You can also kneel on the bed, with your legs on your chest, your thighs on your chest, your hands stretched out to your ears, and your elbows above your palms on your bed.

This action can help to eliminate the stool.

  Second, five fingers into a comb, to retain the hair We know that the head concentrates several important big points on the person’s body, and the massage effect can be utilized by the stimulation during the combing process.

  First, comb the hair with a comb, starting from the forehead, combing from top to bottom, and the force is moderate.

  Using your fingers, gently massage the scalp, use your fingers to comb the hair from the root of the ear, the root of the hair and the forehead, and then focus on the top of the head.

Repeated 30 times or more, I felt the scalp numb.

  This kind of action can help clear the blood of the brain and get excess oxygen in the brain.

Thereby achieving improved memory, protecting hair roots, consolidating hair follicles, eliminating brain fatigue and other effects.

  Third, the hot water soaks the feet, the blood-assisted blood is the farthest part from the human heart, it is not easy to get oxygen and blood, and now it is winter, it is more likely to be stimulated by the cold to the blood vessels, so that the blood vessels contract, the blood supply is difficult.
  However, the foot is another concentrated area of the acupuncture points of the human body. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will affect the normal operation of the liver, kidney and other parts.

Therefore, using a warm blisters to soak your feet before going to bed is good for promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

  In particular, Chinese herbal medicine can be added to the water of the foot bath, because the veins on the feet are penetrated, and the pharmaceutical ingredients in the water can be well absorbed.

If you want to reduce the cold pain in your lower back and legs by soaking your feet, you can add Angelica, Chuanxiong; if you want to slow down the dizziness, you can put chrysanthemum, Prunella vulgaris; if you want to dry to athlete’s foot, then put wormwood and so on.

Can the female physiological cycle practice yoga?


Can the female physiological cycle practice yoga?

Can the female physiological cycle be practiced?

  During this period, you can choose to practice or take a break. This is mainly a matter of personal preference.

When you continue to practice, you should pay attention to some asanas, some are related to handstands, abdominal contraction and energy improvement energy exercises, it is best not to practice.

Because this may cause you discomfort due to physiological problems.

  What are the benefits of practicing yoga?

  1) Conditioning physiology to achieve a balanced yoga representation is a large system. The system consists of several parts, so that each part can maintain a good state in order to have a healthy body.

Yoga adjusts the physiological functions of various organs through asanas, pacing, and other methods to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

  2) Eliminate tension and calm your heart. Completely breathe, meditate, and various asanas through yoga to regulate the nervous system to eliminate tension. 3) Cultivation of mind and heart, yoga with good virtues promotes a healthy moral life attitude, so that you can naturally get ridSmoking, drinking these bad habits.

By constantly surpassing yourself, you are also confident.

  4) Special exercises and special effects Yoga has very good effects on symptoms such as weight loss, insomnia, worry and arthritis.

  Relevant matters needing attention: It is not suitable for women to practice yoga during menstrual periods and four months of pregnancy. In this case, many yoga methods should be stopped and selective forced exercise.

Yoga exercises are extremely effective for treating various gynecological diseases, and they are also beneficial for improving women’s health.

For example, menstrual disorders can be cured through yoga practice, and proper yoga practice for pregnant women can improve obesity and even achieve painless delivery.

  There are 15 things to note when practicing yoga: 1. There are no special regulations on the diet of practitioners.

One half of the stomach can be filled with food, one quarter can be filled with water, and the remaining quarter can be left vacant.

Do not avoid within one hour before or after yoga. It is best to avoid practice within two hours after meals. 2. It is not recommended to practice difficult movements six months after surgery and women’s physiological period. 3. Hypertension, hypertension patients and pregnant women only do simple movements.; 4, barefoot is better, loose and comfortable to wear, the body can move freely; 5, it should not be practiced on a hard floor or too soft bed, a mat should be laid on the ground when practicing; 6, if maintaining posture, If you feel weak or contracted, you should immediately receive power and insert a massage; 7, should practice in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but in a pleasant environment, do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove or interventional practice to avoid accidents, especially when doing head-to-handstand. Do not practice under electric fans. 8. When doing exercises, open your eyes and close your eyes.Concentrate on the sensations produced in the body; 9, if possible, eliminate bowel movements and reduce the burden; 10, do what you can, don’t be stubborn, move slowly, don’t use sudden force, and don’t deliberately pursue “standards”.

When you fracture to the maximum extent you can afford it, you are doing it right.

Warming up is important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

It’s best to do some yoga warm-ups. Before starting the exercise, walk for 5 minutes or climb the stairs to allow your body to move fully.

Step by step to avoid being frightened.

During the exercise, you can work hard and relax, and you can withstand a little soreness in your body, but don’t use excessive force or barely move; 11. Don’t laugh or talk during practice, and focus on breathing.

Maintain regular, deep breathing, which helps the body relax; 12, it is best to practice every day, after doing a complete yoga movement, remember to lie down and let the corpse rest for a rest; 13, when doing each posture, insist on 5Two complete breathing times to ensure that your inhaled and exhaled lengths are similar.

When doing this movement, use one leg first, then change the other leg, bend and relax, and breathe deeply.

If you still want to do it, you can repeat it; 14. To make the balance easier, you can find a point on the floor, about 3 in front of you?
4 feet place.

The eyes are relaxed. When you slowly come into the position, focus on that point, maintain a balanced posture and breathe deeply; 15, guaranteed exercise 3 every week?
4 times.

Although many movements may seem simple, some postures, especially balance movements, are not easy for a beginner, so don’t be afraid of these movements and modify your plan in time.

  Tips: (1) If you do n’t have special needs, use your nose to breathe all the time: nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, but also stabilize your nerves and make your body healthier.

  (2) Do not eat for an hour before or after practicing yoga: It is best to keep fasting and fullness.

  (3) Do not do yoga for half an hour before or after bathing: blood circulation is too fast, blood pressure is too high, and muscles are too soft, which can easily cause physical injury.

  (4) Grasping the slow process of body posture and the feeling of body movement is more important than completing posture.

  (5) Concentrate on a certain part of the body, not only find it easier to learn, but also better.
  (6) If there are left and right postures, remember to do the same number of times on both sides.

Can’t just do it unilaterally.
  (7) Don’t do only one posture from beginning to end: only one posture for the treatment of low back pain will only make it worse.

  (8) When the breathing frequency is not stable, the corpse can be relaxed.

Reluctantly entering another posture, not only can not achieve the effect, but it will produce a counter-effect look.

  (9) The number of breaths when maintaining the completed position is limited to one’s physical fitness.

Beginners keep three?
Just five breaths, and then slowly increase the number.

7 ways to easily get rid of office harassment

7 ways to easily get rid of office harassment

You’re harassing me, I’m hiding.

He doesn’t have a goal. What is harassing him?


Misunderstanding: Avoiding the distance does not mean that you just let such a person go, you also have to make a counterattack.

Tell the true face of someone like this.

Let others guard against this.

  The first trick: calm down when women encounter sexual harassment, remember to be calm.

Only by calming yourself down can you better let your brain work quickly to find ways to deal with sexual harassment.

  Different considerations: To calm you down is not to tolerate you just like that.

To stand up and continue to resist, the main thing is not to let your morale down.

After calmly thinking about a solution, let him unify.

In fact, the best way is to shout, “Help! —–!

“Second move: Ignore this is the most direct way.

As long as you ignore him, I think no one can treat you any more.

At first it was just sexual harassment in your words.

If it is action, of course, you must first escape from the tiger mouth, and then call the police!

  Myth: Ignoring it doesn’t mean you don’t react.

Remember, it is yourself who suffers.

Ignoring means simply harassing words.

  The third trick: psychological hint Of course, the psychological hint here is that you have to be prepared to prepare for this person “desperately”.

Then tell yourself that this person is easy to deal with, not afraid of him, he has no chance.

  Women’s train of thought: In order to be innocent, I want to defend myself.

  The fourth trick: tooth for tooth If he harassed you based on language, you don’t need to pay vengeance to him.

This can make him psychologically defeated.

Only then will he lose his “interest” in you.

  Detailed analysis: He thinks you are a beauty or a weak person, so he will go on uninterruptingly harassing you like this, so in order to let him know how powerful you are, you should hit him back.

Make him think you’re not good.

Or tell you that you are a man.

  Fifth trick: Avoid it This is the best way to save money and effort.

You’re harassing me, I’m hiding.
He doesn’t have a goal. What is harassing him?
  Misunderstanding: Avoiding the distance does not mean that you just let such a person go, you also have to make a counterattack.
Tell the true face of someone like this.
Let others guard against this.
  Sixth trick: teach the lesson this is your most defiant way.

It’s just to pick out such a person, put him under the court, and humiliate him badly.

Does it bother you?  Men’s Psychology: If your girlfriend has an encounter, it will definitely make Ya feel bad.

Take him off!

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10 points to prevent babies from getting sick with hand, foot and mouth disease in Shenyang

10 points to prevent babies from getting sick with hand, foot and mouth disease in Shenyang

On June 24, the Information Office of the Ministry of Health informed the hand, foot and mouth disease prevention and control work that the internal hand, foot and mouth disease was in an epidemic period, the prevention and control was serious and severe, and the prevention and control work was very difficult.

As of June 22, a total of 987,779 cases of hand-foot-mouth disease were reported nationwide in 2010, including 15,501 severe cases and 537 deaths.

  After entering spring each year, the incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease will gradually increase.

  According to the epidemic law, the city’s epidemic peaked in July, so parents should send their children to the hospital immediately if they find that their baby has a fever and rashes develop on their hands, feet, mouth, and buttocks.
  Hospital Outpatient-Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Children Suddenly Increased Recently, the reporter learned from the Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital, Shenyang Children’s Hospital, and other hospitals that in the past week, the hospital has seen a daily increase in the number of patients with hand, foot and mouth disease who presented a serious increase 6 months ago.Patients are mostly preschool children.

  Hu Guobin, director of pediatrics at Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital, said that hand, foot and mouth disease was caused by the virus, and most of them appeared in summer and autumn. At present, the hospital treats 6 to 7 patients with hand, foot and mouth disease every day, which is similar to 1-2 cases before mid-June.The increase in the magnitude of refraction.

  Hand, foot and mouth disease generally has mild symptoms. When most patients develop symptoms, they usually first develop fever symptoms. Macular papules and herpes (redness around the rash) may appear on the palms and feet, and herpes or ulcers may appear on the oral mucosa. The pain is obvious.

Some patients may be accompanied by cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and headaches.

A few patients are more ill and may be complicated by encephalitis, meningitis, myocarditis, pneumonia, etc. If not treated in time, they can be life-threatening.

  Experts remind-Children under the age of 3 have the highest incidence of the disease, Director of Yueyang, Shenyang Children’s Hospital, said that hand, foot and mouth disease is more common in summer and autumn, and it is common in preschool children. The incidence of infants under 3 years is the highest.

Children and occult infections replace the source of infection, mainly through the digestive tract, respiratory tract and close contact.

Hand, foot and mouth disease generally has mild symptoms and can heal itself in 7 to 10 days.

A few patients are more ill and may endanger important organs such as the heart, brain, and lungs, causing serious complications.

Adults generally do not get sick, but they can also become infected with the virus and become recessive.

  Developing good hygiene habits is the key to preventing hand, foot and mouth disease, and families and kindergartens should pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene.

Wash hands frequently, disinfect toys, tables and chairs, door handles, and other objects that children can touch. Pay attention to ventilation in the room and dry clothes.

During the epidemic of hand, foot and mouth disease, parents should not take their children to the public places of the staff. Once the children are sick and develop fever or rash, they should take them to the hospital in time.

  If a child is already sick at home, be careful not to let the sick child touch other children.

The child’s saliva and other secretions should be wrapped in toilet paper and thrown in the trash.

The child’s stool should be collected and thrown into the toilet after disinfection.

Disinfect your child’s daily utensils.

  Expert Tips-Preventing parents from doing these 10 Shenyang CDC tips: At present, Shencheng has entered the hot and hot season in summer, which is the season of high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease.

  At present, there are two main ways that the virus can be brought to children: one is the sick child in the child care institution; the other is the parents who may be in contact with the child who may be infected with the virus.

  Because parents go out every day, the contact crowd is more complicated, and the objects they touch are diverse.

Therefore, the prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease should start from parents.

  Here are some tips for parents: 1.

After returning home from work, please change the clothes you wear when you go out and place them out of the reach of children; 2.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly, it is best to wash your face at the same time to prevent your child from getting infected when kissing your cheeks; 3.

Pay attention to personal hygiene, take frequent baths and shampoos, and pay attention to changing nails and personal home clothing in a timely manner; 4.

4. When preparing food for children, allow the food to be thoroughly cleaned and heated and cooked;

Try not to give children leftovers and leftovers, and do not expose cakes, biscuits and other food to the air continuously; 6.

Clean your hands frequently, prevent nails, change clothes, and dry the bedding; 7.

Pay attention to keep your child’s toys clean; 8.

Pay attention to correct the children’s sucking fingers, picking nostrils, biting toys and other undesirable small movements; 9.

Minimize taking children to crowded public places.

In particular, try to avoid contact with other children with fever and rash, and reduce the chance of infection.


Observe the child’s health status. Once the child is found to have symptoms such as fever and rash, take the child to the hospital as soon as possible.If your doctor recommends hospitalization, you should actively cooperate.

  If your child is a kindergarten or school student, you should also tell the teacher early.

Do not rush to kindergarten or school before the child is completely cured, and prevent transmission to other children. The isolation period is one week from the time the child is found to the time when the symptoms disappear.

  Reporter You Geng